Do You Know That You Are Loved?

Do You Know That You Are Loved?

This past weekend was my first of 4 weekends in a row where I am busy, busy, busy.

I took 3 of my daughters to the Women of Faith Convention on Friday and Saturday.  It was supposed to be my older 3 girls and my mom going with me, but as God knows what He’s doing plans changed and it ended up being my 3 younger girls.

It turned out to be just what this mamma needed.  Worship, uplifting teaching, time with my girls and more worship (did I mention worship?  “Cuz that was some good stuff!).

Since it was assigned seating, we sat behind the same group of ladies both days and one of them really stood out to me.  She was older and seemed tired.  She would sit down during some of the times when everyone was standing and I just decided to pray for her.  There was something about her that kept her in my thoughts.

At the afternoon break on Saturday I was feeling so refreshed.  My girls went off to buy some CDs and I sat there in my seat just chillin’ with no one around me.  The woman came and sat down in her seat and I thought I should talk to her, but then I decided against it.  My mind told me, “She doesn’t want to talk to you.”  But I couldn’t shake the urge, so I leaned forward and introduced myself.  I told her I had been praying for her and I didn’t want to bother her, I just wanted her to know that.

She turned to me and started talking.  She told me her name was Bobbie and I spent the next 10 minutes listening to her story.  She shared with me about the past years of her life, about her daughter’s death and her own cancer diagnosis.  She shared with me about her recent move to a new town and her family.  An she told me all about the women she was with that practically made her come with them to the conference even though she didn’t want to.  I listened and tried to hold back tears.  I smiled as she tried to keep her composure while she talked. I don’t think I said more than 5 words.  I just let her spill it all.

When her friends came and the break was over I leaned back and I thought about how glad I was that I said something to her.  She blessed me.  I will continue to pray for her.

The rest of the conference went on and I worshiped a little deeper and thanked God for His tugging at my heart and asked Him to help me be even more bold… if just saying hello to someone is bold.  But for me it was.

Then, just as the conference was ending the whole group of ladies stood up and thousands of women were filing out.  I heard someone call, “Lisa!” and I turned to see that she was reaching back and handing me a note.  I grasped it from her hand as she whisked away down the aisle.  It said……

It ended with her phone number.

She had stepped out in faith too, I have no doubt, to give me that note.  I wonder how long she thought about giving me her phone number.  Now it’s my turn.  I will call her one day soon, when God brings it to my mind.

The conference encouraged me to live more fully for God.  I get caught up in the every day and thinking about Him fades behind the soup on the stove and math that needs to be graded.

As the busyness of the week ahead rushes in and next weekend’s plans are being made, I feel a lightening of spirit.  I want to reach out when called and stop to pray when He leads.

I pray for you all each morning as I walk down my road.  I love you so.  Do you know that?

And better yet, God loves you.  More than I ever could.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. Janet Dirmeyer :


    Thank you so much for sharing that story. I will be moving soon to you neck of the woods and will need some much needed fellowship. I’m restoring my families cabin, which they gave to me after my dad’s death, and will be living there, hopefully, the first of November. I miss you and can’t wait to see you. I sure could have used that ladies conference!

    Janet Dirmeyer

  2. That is so good Lisa!

    I know I am always so blessed when I listen to the Spirits prompting! You were a blessing and were blessed in return!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  3. God is so good to bring us tangible reminders of His tender care for us! I’m so glad you followed the Lord’s leading to talk to Bobbi! I’ll add her to my prayer time too – because God is faithful and it is just as easy for Him to heal her broken heart, her broken marriage and her ‘broken’ body without our prayers for her, but it’s a joy and a blessing to make those requests on her behalf.

  4. Lisa – thank you for this and thank you for reaching out to the woman in front of you. I have been that woman more than once. I can’t tell you how much it means when someone reaches out and allows you to share (“dump” – my word, not yours). Often those closest to you get tired of hearing it and although they love, care and pray for you, often it is nice to be able to talk to someone that is not emotinally involved. I am sitting here sobbing, just thinking about the kindness some have shown me and how emotional it is when someone reaches out like that. Please know, you probably did far more for that woman than you will ever know! And, please do follow through with that phone call – it will make her day, as well as yours, no doubt . . . Thank you –
    Hugs and blessings ~~~

  5. I love the reminder not to ignore that inner voice that talks to us.