Warning: Fall Cuteness Ahead

Warning: Fall Cuteness Ahead

I sure enjoyed the slow pace of this past weekend since it’s the last free weekend I have until mid-November.  I don’t know why, but every year it gets super busy at this time.  You’d think I would have learned from the exhaustion of the previous year not to do this to myself, but then I forget and think it will be fine.  Like birth…..if I could remember the horrors I’d never have another child and numbers 2-9 would not have been born.  So I guess, despite my busyness, it’s a good thing I don’t remember.

On Friday we got a truckload of homeschool done in preparation for the full calendar ahead.  I’m grateful for my Lift Caps to help me get it all done.  I have more energy than I have had in years and I am using every bit of it.  But don’t get me wrong….I still need my afternoon nap.

Saturday morning we had a big breakfast.  Some of my girls’ had friends here so it was mostly talk about music and jewelry and favorite breakfast cereals.  After that I spent the morning cleaning my room and going through school papers. Nothing noteworthy.  But it was a relief to have my room clean.  It gets messy so fast that I should have taken a picture to prove it happened because it’s already messy again.

That afternoon, even though I had planned to get some writing done, instead I played a computer game for the rest of the day.  I don’t know what came over me.  I just couldn’t make my brain work.  Does that ever happen to you?  No matter what you do your mind won’t focus until finally you’re forced to do seek and find puzzles for three hours?  I had no other choice.  My knack for wasting time is up there with my ability to watch the same movie over and over without ever getting tired of it.  Raw talent, I tell you.

I spent Sunday bringing fall to the house.  Out went the summer decorations and in swept the fake pumpkins and wooden acorns.  I still have some tweaking to do on the porch, but it’s a start.  I couldn’t love fall more if it brought me chocolate and sang me sweet melodies.

We also spent some time photographing and  listing new items in the shop.  It’s all about fall around here!  Check out there darling buckets we made…..

We are all ready for the temps to drop, to wear sweaters and drink hot tea on the veranda.

Or at least stop sweating so much.  I’d settle for that.

It has definitely cooled down though.  For the past few evenings it’s been cool enough for us to go outside for walks or games in the yard.  Having bearable weather does not go unappreciated here in the south.  I am so happy about it finally dropping below 100° that I am thinking about declaring a holiday it its honor.  No school, no work, just lying in the hammock drinking in the breathable air.  That’s how I like to spend a holiday…..lying down.

This next week I am all a twitter because I am heading to Houston for the Blog Elevated conference.  They have some wonderful speakers lined up and I plan to learn lots if I can get my brain working again.  I hear they still have a few tickets left if you’ve been thinking about going.

How’s things at your house?



  1. I’m enjoying the reprieve from the stifling heat myself.
    I fully intended to get my fall on this weekend, but then life happened. I swear, teenagers take more time, patience and sleep than newborns!

  2. We went from having a heat wave in the 90’s last week to a high of 56 all in one week. That is Ohio for you. You never know how to dress. Looking forward to crisp temperatures and falling leaves!

  3. Oh, how I miss fall. We only have 2 seasons here – the wet season and the dry season. This is the hardest time of the year for me to be on facebook or reading blogs. My daughter’s name is Autumn. It’s our favourite time of the year. I decorate for fall in November and say its for thanksgiving. This keeps the Aussies from thinking I’m looney. 🙂

  4. Lovely! My guys just got the fall bins out of the attic for me this morning – last week was too busy, but hopefully I’ll have fun transforming our home for fall this week! It’s my most favorite season – so many lovely joys for fall!

  5. I’m completely ready to start nesting for Autumn. And wouldn’t you know it? I FINALLY got a call last night from the painters I tried to contract with. They are coming TOMORROW to paint my stamp room? Can the timing be any more awkward? Have to sometimes wonder about God’s timing, but, come to think of it, what might this adventure have up its sleeve? Right when I’m trying to make some business decisions …