Unpacking is My Least Favorite Activity

Unpacking is My Least Favorite Activity

Weekend 1 of “Lisa’s Crazy Fall” is behind me.

On Thursday I drove to Houston for the Blog Elevated conference and spent two days with some amazing, inspiring people.  I learned so much that I am a bit overwhelmed with ideas.  It’s like my brain started up for a few hours.  I haven’t felt that in a while…at least not for the blog.  It’s been all homeschool and Shop24 work around here lately.  So be prepared to be wowed soon.

I drove back home on Saturday night and got myself unpacked immediately.  What is it about unpacking that is so unpleasant?  I have to make myself do it or I know I would keep living out of that suitcase for a month.  And the car……I empty that thing pronto to avoid having to go out there looking for my stuff five times a day….where’s my phone cord?  Where’s the book I was reading?  Who took my box of Kleenex?  Oh, it’s still in the car from the trip I took last week….no way Jose.  I take everything out the minute I get home.  It’s not that I am organized….it’s that I’m too lazy to look for it later.

Sunday we had set aside for a family work day outside.  The weather was fan-tabulous and we all enjoyed being out there.  We pulled weeds and cleaned the pool and picked up rocks in the field.  My kids like to sing together when they work, so it was a concert PLUS getting weeds pulled.  My favorite combination.

And now we’re back around to Monday morning.  The cooler temps make me all giddy to get up in the morning and enjoy the day.  I love to go outside and do school.  It stimulates the mind and keeps the house clean in the process.  This is also a big selling point for me to have them eat outside.  Less cleanup.


I am highly motivated by the idea of not having to do work later.

Lastly, if you’re not yet following me on Instagram you’re missing a great series full of my favorite things.  I’ll be doing a whopper giveaway at the end of this month and giving away ALL of my favorite things from the month.  Don’t miss it!

Have a great week!


  1. I’m glad you are home safe and sound – and I agree 100% about the unpacking! Not my favorite part of being away, but a necessary ‘evil’ none the less, so why not get to it right off the bat? Then it’s over with! Yeah! Enjoy your busy fall school days outdoors – we’re loving the cooler weather here too!

  2. I’m no fan of unpacking either!

  3. I have long that the most efficient people are the laziest people. We get things done so we can be lazy later! 🙂

  4. That’s one of my rules – if you get in the car with it you have to get out with it! I enjoy your blog so much! Thanks for being a part of my mornings!

    Katy, Texas

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