My Favorite Things Giveaway!!!

My Favorite Things Giveaway!!!

Oh I’ve been so excited for this day to come!  I have been Instagramming my favorite everyday things all month and now I am going to give away a WHOLE BIG BOX full of those things…..yippee!!!  There is over $250 worth of goodness in this box!!!

This box is a simple gift…..from me to you….with love.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram you’ve seen my favorite shampoo, salad dressing, toothpaste, mascara and more!  But I am going to show you my top 10 because these are my double faves!  The winner will get all of these things plus 20 more in the prize box!

1. My FABULOUS daily planner from The Printed Planner!  This keeps my life organized with ideas and plans and all kinds of appointments.  I use it as a journal for my health journey, my blog ideas and even my prayers (not to mention my calendar!)

2. Cozi Gold…the best way to keep the whole family organized!  I love my printed planner for my private needs, but this is for the whole family!  We can all post to it from our phones and keep up with where everyone needs to be and what’s going on with the whole family.  The giveaway winner will get a one year subscription to Cozi Gold.  Cozi is free….and the Gold gives you a few extra perks that we love!

3. Of course I can’t show my faves without some beauties from my etsy shop, Shop24.  I’ll be giving away one of my pouches that I use to keep my purse organized and one of my new favorites for drinking….my 1.5 pint mason jars with straw lid and extra long acrylic straw! I big puffy heart this jar!

4. My Dayspring wallet…’s the best wallet I’ve ever had!  Not only does it have the perfect amount of pockets and storage, but its message on the outside blesses me every time I pull it out of my purse.

5. Circle E Candles — this is such a God honoring company and I love their candles.  I went to their showroom and picked out the perfect fall candle for you!

6. My silver ring from Studio Jewel.  I can’t tell you how much I love this ring made by my precious friend Lisa.  It wraps my finger in the love of a friend.  AND she’s going to give a gift certificate to her shop to the winner of this giveaway….more love to spread around!

7. Honeysuckle Soap from Simply Soap by Alyce on etsy.  Oh my heavens this soap takes me back to the lazy summer days of my childhood when the smell of honeysuckle brought me so much joy.  I love it so much.  Really.  And Alyce included a beautiful soap dish to go with it just for one of you!  Isn’t she sweet?!

8. Lift Caps… daily dose of energy and cheer!  If you haven’t read my post on why these supplements have changed my life then you need to check that out. And the winner of my giveaway will win a bottle….hooray!

9. Essential Oils….they have made such an enormous difference in my family that I can’t do a favorites list without them.  It was hard to choose which one to add to the giveaway box, but I decided on peppermint.  We definitely use it every day!  To learn more about how we use essential oils, here is what I wrote about getting started with them.

10.  Runt the Brave….our favorite read aloud.  Our whole family adores this book.  We have read it over and over and will read it again and I’ll read it to my grandchildren.  Since we’re always looking for a good book, I knew you’d love to hear about this one.

And now for the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is not sponsored, but there are some affiliate links. 

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  1. I just discovered Cozi, but I’ll have to check out all the others. ; )

  2. I found my way to your blog through our mutual friend Amber Lia! Love this!

  3. One of my favorite things is Starbuck’s iced green tea unsweetened. Yummy! It reminds me the time we lived in Japan.

  4. My current favorite thing is a stirring spoon I bought that has a smiley face in the bowl of the spoon and it is red which makes it perfect!

  5. our new favorite books for the kids are the Michael Vey series…the boys like them because the main character is a high school aged boy who is different…the series is by Richard Paul Evans and even though the series has it’s darker moments the main characters in the end are characters with character.

  6. Oooh… excited. Would love to try your faves! Already doing the Lift Caps!

  7. This is so fun! I have enjoyed you IG posts all along the way!

  8. My favorite everyday things are my bible, my slow cooker and my lavender essential oil!!

  9. My family. Ok, maybe your were talking “things” so I guess it would be my Burt’s Bees lip shimmer.

  10. I have been taking the Lift Caps for a few weeks and I am starting to feel more energy! Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. One of the things I love from your list is Cozi. It helps my husband and I stay on the same page when the little one has a doctors appointment, school schedules, and sports schedules so we don’t ever overbook! One thing I like I found just recently are Emma’s Friends soap and lotions.

  12. I am loving the planner idea and I already love Circle C Candles! This is a great list.

  13. I love all your favorites that I had never heard of before!!! I love Cozi though!!! Thank you for what you do!! I don’t know how you find time!!

  14. Jennifer Truitt :

    Love your blog!! Looks like a fun giveaway!!

  15. So exciting! What a lovely giveaway Lisa! This time of year my favorite thing is my ceramic travel mug – it’s perfect to take my ‘to-go’ tea with me when I’m running errands. I don’t the taste of hot tea in plastic or metal, so I was really pleased to find a ceramic covered cup that keeps my tea hot and tasty!

  16. One of my favorite things is thirty-one thermals! Make taking lunch easy!

  17. Hhhmmmm, my favorite thing? Right now I’d have to say my knitting is my fav thing! For now haha

  18. I so appreciate your posts and enjoy the way you have such a calm demeanor in the way you write and what you write about. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  19. Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been tempted to buy a bottle of the Lift Caps for my husband!

  20. I would love to win, really need to organizer my family now

  21. Love, Love, Love freebies! I would love to try everyone of these gifts from you to me.

  22. I love all your #everydayfaves. I’ve been using the liftcaps for about 3 weeks and am seeing improvement in my energy and all around general health. Hope I win, but if not….I’ll be ordering another bottle soon! 🙂 Good Luck to everyone!

  23. One of my favorite things is my hobo wallet. I can fit everything in it including my phone and keys and I often use it as a clutch.

  24. When the weather turns chilly my favorite thing is a nice cup of tea, any flavor.

  25. What a great giveaway! I hope I win your favorite things!

  26. Hi friend! I love you and your faves! You are such a blessing!

  27. I’ve been using cozi for a few weeks and love it so far!

  28. Would love to win so I can try those Lift Caps!!!

  29. My favorite thing right now is my new phone. I can’t function with out it; it’s my brain!

  30. One of my very favorite everyday things is lemon chocolate chip ice cream. 🙂

  31. I love this giveaway!! I’ve been watching all these “favorites” on Instagram think in how fun it would be to try them! Hope I win!!

  32. Eos Chapsticks are an everyday fave that I use literally everyday!

  33. Oh, I should of paid more attention…one of my favorite things is Thieves all purpose cleaner. I LOVE the stuff. Seriously!

  34. These all look great! Looked up the book on amazon and I’ve ogled your drinking lids with straws for a few months.

  35. In the give away my fav r the jar drinking glass, jewelry n candle…just to start. My fav thing at home is of vourse y family n trying to make my home look nice…as much as possible …lol

  36. One of my new favorite things are Trader Joe’s Meyer Lemon Cookies. They’re very thin and crispy and you can eat 9 of them for a 130 calorie serving!

  37. L’Oréal telescoping mascara!

  38. I am loving your favorite things. Going to use the links to check them out. 🙂

  39. Wow! There are so many amazing things on this list! I’d say you have a great eye. 🙂

  40. I really like the JuicePlus supplements. When we are taking them, my family is healthier and more energetic. 🙂

  41. One of my favorite things is good smelling soap, it can lift my whole mood!

  42. One of my favorite things is an apple fresh off a tree! It’s actually our whole families favorite things!

  43. Nichole.Contente :

    A good cup of coffee 🙂

  44. Great giveaway! I’d love to learn more about essential oils. We do use them some but I feel like there is way more to learn as to uses and what to use when! Do you recommend Young Living Oils?

  45. I love notebooks!

  46. Thank you so much for hosting such a fabulous give away!
    My favorite thing right now is Kuireg Doughnut Shop Sweet &Creamy Iced Coffee pod

  47. One of my favorite things is Bic Bands! I absolutely love that they do not move, even while doing a workout!

  48. My favorite thing right now is my Worship Jamz (2007) CD! I love to listen to it when I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up. I really love to sing along and sometimes I get to dancing so much that my kids just roll their eyes!

  49. WOW!!! That sounds like an awesome box of goodies. Whoever wins will be blessed. 🙂 Thanks bunches!

  50. Right now, I’m loving my Vita mix!

  51. Coconut Oil has really become one of my favorite things lately!

  52. So fun!!!! One of my favorites is L-Theanine (all natural green tea extract). I started taking this about 2 years ago when I was having trouble sleeping. One 200mg capsule about 3 hours before bed and it works like a charm.

  53. So man wonderful goodies….thanks for the chance!

  54. Lisa, you’ve outdone yourself with this giveaway! Your favorite things look like they’ll become favorites of who is lucky enough to win. Thank you so much for the chance to enter!

  55. My Keurig with different flavors of coffee!

  56. I haven’t tried any of these products yet but would love to. I am just learning about essential oils and am looking forward to trying them.

  57. My favorite thing this fall are my boots because I just love the look of dresses and boots.

  58. I have been following all month long on Instagram and have been looking forward to this giveaway! Thanks so much for the chance to win! 🙂

  59. I would love to win this wonderful giveaway. Your blog is awesome.

  60. My favorite thing would be winning…. 🙂

  61. My favorite thing would be winning all of your favorite things – you’ve got great taste! 🙂

  62. I am on my first ever diet but still need something chocolate after lunch. I found these Skinny Cow Divine Chocolates with caramel filling that are only 130 calories that are perfect.

  63. Stephanie Diego :

    This is an amazing give away! You’ve inspired me to try walking everyday, even if it’s just a short one. I’m sure that you can also convince me that some of your favorite things are soon to be some of my favorites also!

  64. Oh my Lisa! What a generous giveaway and how fun! Right now my favorite thing is the cooler weather 🙂

  65. My favorite thing you use is the essential oils.

  66. One of my favorite things is my 32 oz. Contigo water bottle. Refill it once and you are on your way to drinking 8 glasses of water!

  67. Jennifer Clardy :

    What an AWESOME giveaway!

  68. These sound like all goodies I would love! It’s like having a friend make a care package just for me. 🙂

  69. My favorite things are Burts Bees chapstick, chocolate covered caramels with sea salt, The Greek Gods honey yogurt, and Juanitas Tortilla Chips.

  70. What an awesome giveaway!! Loooove it!

  71. What a great giveaway. I have just discovered EOS lip balm. LOVE IT 🙂

  72. I love seeing other people’s favorites! I actually have a much smaller scale faves giveaway happening over on my blog right now. 🙂 I’ve recently started using YL oils and I’m enjoying learning about them. I love peppermint and lavender and thieves and valor. I love a great wallet and a new wallet. And I love how you said you big puffy heart your drinking jar!

  73. One of my favorite things is Melaleuca lip balm. Their flavors smell so good and they don’t have bad chemicals in them! Plus they work better than any other brand!

  74. I have a favorite ink pen that I love to write with. It is a Pentel EnerGel Needle Tip 0.5.

  75. I’m loving my Tervis tumbler water bottle!

  76. So many things could be my favorite!

  77. I love my Keurig!

    Thank you so much for offering the wonderful giveaway.

  78. glitter! Its one of my most favorite things

  79. New to you and your friends!! Love, Love your blog and everything you do!!

  80. One of my favorite things is plain old Jergens lotion, cherry almond scent. Maybe because this is the only one (out of many) that my husband never fails to notice and tell me I smell good:)

  81. Hope to win see so many things I want to try.

  82. Wow! A lot of awesome stuff.
    Thanks for doing this.


  83. Fun giveaway!

  84. One of my favorite things is Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Sweet Cream in my coffee. So good and all-natural. Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. I’ve been very interested in how your family uses the YL oils. I’m going to be placing my first order soon. I love all of your favorites!


  86. This is unhealthy but one of my favorite things is a coke icee on a hot afternoon….

  87. Shelley Pridgen :

    My favorite thing lately is anything PUMPKIN! Coffee, ice cream, candles, etc.

  88. What a fun giveaway!

  89. lyndi hedgecock :

    i love that ring! so simple and would go with anything! 🙂

  90. With 2 little ones I am not going to lie my afternoon nap is my favorite thing!

  91. What thoughtful gifts! One of my favorite things is my Crabtree and Evelyn rose perfume. I loveeeee it!

  92. My favorite is the Circle E Candles.

  93. One of my favorite things is my crockpot. Just couldn’t live without it. It’s great for days when I don’t have a lot of time around dinner time to make a healthy meal.

  94. Aragon oil

  95. Love this idea for a giveaway! One of my favorite things I find myself using all the time are itty bitty clothespins. So cute! They’re all over our new little homeschool classroom for my boys to display their work.

  96. Green and Black’s cocoa for hot chocolate!

  97. This is so exciting! I would love a box full of these wonderful things!! Crossing my fingers for an early Christmas!

  98. One of my favorite things is a nice hot mug of tea. I’m having one now. 🙂

  99. One of my new loves is the world of essential oils. I would love to add your favorites to my collection!

  100. It is always nice to see others favorites. Even if I don’t win the giveaway I may have to head over and snag a few of these items!!

  101. What a fantastic selection of favorite things!

    One of my favorite things is Washi tape! I COULD live without it, but I’m glad I don’t! I have found so many fun ways to decorate my house with it–from ceiling fans to light switches.

    I’m so glad you love the 1.5 pint jars. . . that’s another favorite of mine. I adore drinking out of them. I seriously plan to get one of your lids for mine one day soon!

  102. This would be awesome to win!!!!

  103. One of my newest faves is ELF cosmetics.

  104. One of favorite things is my fountain pen. It makes me feel like a serious writer!

  105. fun stuff!!

  106. My favorite thing is my big all cotton sleep. It gets softer each time I wash it.

  107. I like the variety offered in this giveaway.

  108. This is so sweet of you! Thank you for the chance!!

  109. My favorite new thing is coconut flour–love baking with it!

  110. Stepping Heavenward is my favorite book and my favorite snack is granola-topped yogurt! 😉

  111. Love your fashion sense!

  112. Gayla Westbrook :

    Love Bulk Herb Store! Which I guess is not really a thing but a store…;-) They have really great natural herbs there and some of the products are from her backyard! Also love Creamy Pumpkin Pie tea which is from Bulk Herb Store!

  113. I’m loving coconut oil at the moment, it got rid of the gigantic rash my fiance gets when he shaves, and just works wonders on my hair as a hot oil treatment. 🙂

  114. Favorite thing…..Hibiscus juice. Make a tea from hibiscus leaves and make two huge pitchers. It’s so refreshing and healthy.

  115. My iphone! Keeps me organized.

  116. Loving my planner/cozi to keep everyone on track this school year.

  117. How incredibly generous for you! My favorite thing is my iphone. I cannot imagine living without my constant dependency of it for bible ap’s, encouragement from friends, my calendar and my alerts to let me know I have something scheduled!

  118. I don’t have instagram, but I love the things you posted on here.

  119. That’s a lot of great favourite things. I guess one of mine is chocolate. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  120. A chenille throw from Restoration Hardware. I don’t think there’s a night that I’m not wrapped up in it while I snuggle on the couch and unwind.

  121. One of my current favorite things is True Blue Spa Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion. The packaging says “look ma, new hands” and seriously that is what it feels like after using this stuff.
    I loved seeing what your favorites were everyday, such a great idea!

  122. YOU are one of my favorite things! I’d love to win, but don’t find that I’m too lucky…ever, except for scoring the best husband in the whole world 😉

  123. I think many of these things could be come mine! My favorite things are the pictures of my kids and granddaughter!

  124. TWO of my fave things: BB Cream (I LOVE it!!!) and soy candles!! Yummmmm-o!!!

    GREAT giveaway!! Awesome!!

  125. Loved seeing all your faves!!

  126. Jessica Caldiero :

    I LOVE Cozi, but have never tried Cozi Gold…

  127. My favorite thing is a salon brand of products for curly hair called Ouidad! It’s not cheap but I can tell a difference in my curls when I use it and it makes my daughter’s hair amazing!

  128. Ok chocolate is a favorite. But I also love Amish books.

  129. Well first, I think I should win because we share the same name. 🙂
    Second, I am a music lover. So one of my very favorite things right now is the Rend Collective Campfire CD. Love it!

  130. What a great giveaway very exciting and great products!

  131. What a thoughtful, creative giveaway! Thanks for the chance to enter.

  132. I love soy candles, esp. in Fall scents!!

  133. I especially love the mason jar and the soap!

  134. I love ‘They’re Real’ mascara.

  135. Awesome giveaway!!! I’ve been following intently on Instagram!

  136. LOVE it all!!!! Would love to win it all too 😉

  137. What? Is this the best giveaway ever? I think so!!!

  138. Tiffany Desgroseilliers :

    One of my favorite things is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nail polish! Because, who has time to wait for nail polish to dry!?

  139. I have enjoyed all your favorite things! One of mine is my scentsy warrmers….I love coming in to the warm, welcoming scents of fall!

  140. That first cup of coffee, early in the morning, in my favorite cup, with my Bible on my lap.

  141. I love yummy smells, so one of my favorite things is a Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle…It’s been a while since I’ve had one. Of course, one of my other favorite things has to be a good nap.

  142. My favorite thing is not an object but people. Love my family….since my sons are grown and married I don’t have as much time with them. Time together with my husband, daughter, sons and their families is my absolute favorite thing.

  143. Would love to have some of your favorite things—sounds really nice.

  144. lisa, you’re awesome. love this giveaway, love you <3

  145. I would love to enjoy your “favs”! The book caught my eye….it looks like something my family would enjoy as a read-aloud, too!

  146. I would love to try your fav things, especially the Lift Caps. My daughter has fibro and she could use some energy! Enjoy your blog!

  147. I have enjoyed your IG posts!

    One of my favorite things is my iPhone!

  148. Sounds like a fun package, pick me!

  149. What a lovely collection of faves! Candles are my favorite this time of year. Who ever wins will truly feel lucky!!

  150. My favorite things are dark chocolate, any book by M.L.Tyndall, and my family!

  151. Your favorite things are awesome.

  152. awesome favorite things!! 🙂

  153. Kristi Perkins :

    I want to try the lift caps. I’m always out of energy!

  154. sarah sandiford :

    One of my many favorite things is Ghiradelli caramel chocolate squares! YUM!

  155. It all looks so fun!!!

  156. Cool stuff, will definitely be buying some myself.

  157. I have so many but I really love my satellite radio since I live in such a rural area that we have no decent radio stations

  158. My yoga mat 🙂


  159. Three of my favorite things – a hot cup of coffee, holding my new baby, and a hug from my husband 🙂

  160. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and your views on modesty. They are very similar to my family’s views.

  161. Is this giveaway only for USA residents? I can’t see any terms and conditions

  162. My favorite thing is a mug on my desk filled with all sorts of pens and pencils. I’m big on variety. 🙂

  163. So many of your favorite things could easily be my faves too! You’re only missing some nice dark chocolate, but no worries, I have plenty here!

  164. I have enjoyed reading about all your favorites…and have even tried a few of your favorites myself. Would love to try them all!

  165. Essential oils, candles, and energy supplements…sounds like a good start to the weekend!! 😉

  166. One of my favorites–chocolate!!!

  167. Joetta Colquette :

    Sounds Wonderful!~ Thank you for the opportunity:D

  168. Your favorite things are great gift ideas!

  169. My favorite thing is a quiet sunrise.

  170. Darlene Branson :

    My favorite things are the sound of my children laughing, a new home project, and the rare quiet moments in my rowdy home! 😉

  171. Great Giveaway! I love your blog!!

  172. Dark chocolate! Also new art supplies and craft supplies. My Kitchenaid mixer =)

  173. I’m all about essential oils too. I rub lavender oil and lavender lotion all over before I sleep to calm me (yes alone and I wouldn’t care if I reeked of it, it’s so soothing!)

  174. Young Living Essential Oils are one of my favs too!!! Can’t live without Thieves Oil. The other fav is def Peace & Calm! Instant stress reliever for sure!

  175. Chocolate, boots, and cozy house shoes!

  176. What a simply generous give-away! I enter all kinds of give-aways (Trader Joe’s, etc.), and just keep trying! Someday “my ship” will come in…

  177. I love my Bible and the incredible Truth it teaches, the comforting smell of vanilla, talking with amazing and encouraging friends, and my wonderful/quirky family.

  178. I love books by Kim Harrison, and just about any kind of nail polish!