Embracing Modesty, No 37

Embracing Modesty, No 37

Since I’m at the Blog Elevated conference this weekend, I didn’t have time to take pictures of what I was wearing.  So I grabbed my girls and said, “Hey, go outside and take pictures of what you have on right now!”  We can show the real us….what we wear all day, every day when we are just home and hanging out.

Faith is always fixed up.  She’s a chip off the old block in her jewelry and cute shoes.  The black skirt is from Cato, the top was anthropologie Black Friday clearance, the shoes are from Shoe Carnival0

Patience has a more casual style….she’s just cuteness and comfort.  I’m 93% sure everything she has on in this picture is from Cato.  Except her Toms & headband.

This last one is Faith again.  Count on her to do something off-beat with her hair.  She likes to experiment.  Her skirt is from Cato, her t-shirt from Target, the vest she made with scraps and her necklace is a feather and a piece of ribbon….nothing gets past this scrapper.

I have had so many teen moms tell me they struggle with finding appropriate clothing for their girls.  We just keep out eye out and get it when we see it.  The spring is the best time to find skirts, the fall is good for tops.  I know.  It’s a pain.  We keep out eyes out at Cato (obviously), Target, Old Navy and sometimes when we’re really in a hunting mood we go to Ross or TJMaxx, although we are usually less successful there.

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  1. Adorable!!

  2. Your girls always looks modest and pretty – and I love they way they each have their own sense of style! My darling girl is almost 16 and just beginning to take an interest in what she wears and how she does her hair – it is so much fun to see what she comes up with! Mostly she’s pretty casual like your Patience!

  3. Y’all are great! It’s true that there is a lot of immodest clothing out there, but as you all have proven, if a person makes modesty a priority, and refuses to compromise, modest clothing can be found. I think many times people are too lazy to bother, and use it as an excuse to wear what they want to wear. *ok. off soapbox.* Y’all have a real knack for pulling outfits together. I need to take you shopping with me, haha!

  4. They both look adorable. I LOVE the vest Faith made from scraps! Makes me see my torn lace tablecloth with fresh eyes… .

  5. They look so nice! I especially like that first outfit.

  6. Georgeous!!!

  7. I love Patience’s outfit here. So cool and cute looking! And Faith’s shoes in the first picture are adorable. I love all the inspiration!

  8. Faith’s hair is gorgeous! I love all their outfits, but particularly the last one–so eclectic!