Starting a New Project Despite the Heat

Starting a New Project Despite the Heat

Have I mentioned the heat yet?  Because it’s over 100° every day now and any time a kid goes outside they come immediately back in declaring, “It’s HOT out there!”  Yeah.  I know.  My sweat glands told me already.

I braved the heat on Saturday morning as I set up “Mom’s Barber Shop” on the front porch.  I lined all of the clipper attachments on the railings, scissors, comb and a makeup brush which I use to get the hair off of their necks when I’m finished.  I want to give the professional treatment.  Giving the boys a haircut is one of those tasks that I always dread but once I start it’s really kind of nice.  I mean, what mother doesn’t enjoy having her teenage son stuck in a chair in front of her for 15 minutes?  I get to ask them questions and drill them about their dreams and plans.

“Hey Noah, how are you feeling about that book I gave you to read?” or “So Jacob, how are things going at work?”

I find out all kinds of juicy details that I would otherwise never know.  So three cheers for haircutting day….even if it is so hot the hair clippings stick all over me until I look like a baby monkey.

After that we did some house cleaning while James and Jacob packed for their week long trip.  It’s their annual first week of law school and they were heading off to Oklahoma City early Sunday morning.  We played some games, got the car all ready for them and cleaned the house….in that order.

On Sunday morning we all gathered in the living room to say good-bye to the guys.  Them leaving for a week can only mean one thing.  PROJECT-TIME!

They had been gone about 20 minutes when I piled some kids in my car and headed to the hardware store.  We were going to do a boys’ bathroom makeover! I have been secretly planning it for weeks and was mentally ready for the challenge.  Plus, we have to paint when James is gone because the fumes (even low VOC) make him sick.

It’s a small bathroom that is in much need of a transformation. It is in such bad shape that when company comes I consider putting crime scene tape across the door to keep them from going in there. Here are some before pictures from both sides….

I hate that pre-fab shower and the cowboy theme has got to go.  None of my boys have been into cowboys since about the day after I decorated this bathroom 8 years ago.

And this cabinet has never really worked in there.  But that didn’t keep us from using it for the past decade.  Who needs working storage when you can have a cabinet you found in someone else’s garbage?  It’s going out and we will build shelves to to fit the space.

I divided out the jobs.  Two of the girls would empty the bathroom and clean it thoroughly, including the ceiling which was embarrassingly filthy.  Adam would prime over the red stripe that goes around the top of the ceiling.  Two of the other girls would paint the walls while Noah and I build new shelves.  I will paint the shelves outside while two girls paint all of the trim.  I will install the shelves and then spend the last day doing the fun part…the details.  I have been collecting junk for this exciting occasion and I’m ready to roll with it.

So that’s how we will spend our week.  Plus we’ve got to do school, so we will be doing grammar and math when we’re not painting/sweating.

It’s looking to be a great week.  Hot, but great.

Have a good one!



  1. You know it looks much better in person, and I never even noticed that red stripe! What was I doing in there … 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve! Miss ya

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Sounds like you are pretty handy to have around, lol!

  3. I’m still laughing over the baby monkey comment… Should’ve gotten a picture of that!

    And I can’t wait to see the ‘after’ photo’s of this bathroom! It’s gonna look so good! Praying you guys get to enjoy a slightly cooler day sometime soon. Maybe even something as low as the 80’s. And no excessive humidity!

  4. OH fun!

  5. *sigh* … I *know* it’s very warm, but I am so COLD here. That means I can’t but be a bit envious of your warmth. We had 5 warm days this summer, and they were lovely, lovely, lovely (all the better because 4 of the days were when our lovely American visitors were with us.

    But now, it’s so cool again, and we’ve already had our peat stove lit….

    Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom … oh to have your artistic flair (even a teeny weeny fraction of it 🙂 )

  6. Debbie Dunbar :

    Can’t wait to see the finished project! I had three boys so I know how their bathrooms can be! EEK!

  7. I love projects like this. Often when my husband is gone I do something like this. It helps pass the time too 🙂

    My niece is also going to OK for Law School. Small world. First you were in Palm Springs when my dtrs were and now we both have family going to the same event. Very strange 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your shelves. I love shelves. Love love love them!


  8. I hope we get to see the finished product!

  9. I found your blog via a “button” on another site. It’s fun to see what new projects you are working on. How wonderful that your children are learning home maintenance and repair by working on them too! I hope you have had a break in the weather and that temps. are lower. Here in the “delta” part of AR, we have had a week of cool temps. Overnight lows in the 60s are unheard of here in August. It’s been a mini taste of Fall weather. Blessing to you and your family.