Nature Bible Giveaway

Nature Bible Giveaway

Do each of your kids have their own Bible?  Most of mine do and my 10 year old, Elijah, had been asking if he could get his own so he didn’t have to borrow one whenever he needed to look things up.  He’s also a reader and likes to sneak away by himself to read and I wanted to be sure he had a Bible that he could grab whenever the mood struck.

So I gave him this adorable Nature Bible.  It’s perfect for a boy who likes to be outside as much as possible!

He loves the zipper closure.  He’s so proud to have his own special Bible.

And you can win a Nature Bible for the outdoor loving kids in your life!

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  1. Yes, both of my boys have their own.

  2. The kids have bibles but they are ROUGH on them..they could totally use replacements!

  3. My children were each given a special engraved bible when they were dedicated, so those are being saved for when they are a bit older. They have two children’s version bibles they share.

  4. Both my children have a bible—but would love to have one that I might be able to give to a child at church that doesn’t have one. That way they could learn the Word better.

  5. Marijo Taverne :

    We give each child a Bible when that child becomes an independent reader, as a sort of prize for learning how to read.

  6. Such a fun Bible! I have a few nephews that would LOVE this =)!

  7. Oh yes – they love to read their Bibles and they take them to church and follow along as the pastor reads aloud. They also use them for family devotions and personal devos too!

  8. Yes – but, it’s a comic book bible.

  9. Two of my three boys have their own Bibles, so one more would be perfect!

  10. Very cute! The cover is perfect! Consider me entered 😉

    ~ Cinnamon

  11. sarah sandiford :

    When each of my kids turned 2, they were given a basic KJV Bible & a backpack so they could start carrying their Bibles to church every service. When they graduate from kindergarten (&can read), they are given a nicer KJV w/ their name engraved as a graduation present. They all have looked forward to receiving their Bibles-LOVE IT!

  12. What an awesome Bible! My boys would love it!!

  13. Yes, my daughter has a “princess Bible” (all pink and purple), but my son does not have one yet.

  14. My kids are 5, 3, and baby, so although they don’t have their own Bibles, our oldest, Isaac, is probably about ready for one. Great idea for an outdoors boy!

  15. My son would love this.

  16. I would love to win this!! We have several Bibles but not everyone has their own.

  17. Great bible!!

  18. Gayla Westbrook :

    Yes, my kids have their own Bible. I have a 11yr old, a 2 yr old and a 9 month old. My 11 yr daughter likes her Bible especially because she’s older.

  19. Love!

  20. Ok, commented before I saw the question. I have three boys that were given tiny “travel” bibles a year ago, and we have several children’s bibles in the house….but nothing like the one above. Love it, and I think they would too!!

  21. My middle grandson does not have his own Bible. His older brother has one.

  22. Elizabeth Willingham :

    We have a Bible for James, but I know your nephew would LOVE a this Bible! I’m thinking Christmas gift? (hint hint 🙂

  23. my youngest could use an official bible. the rest of them have their own!

  24. This sounds perfect!

  25. How much would my boys love this????

    They have their own small leather bound Bible, but they would love the design and zipper design of the Nature Bible.

  26. Tiffany Desgroseilliers :

    What a cool cover! I will look this one up. Thanks!

  27. Each of my children (except the 2-yr old) have their own Bible. Bibles are extremely important and very used in our home! We love the KJV Bible!!!

  28. The one that can read has a Bible! But we have plenty of beginner Bibles. My 4 yr old wants his own, but we are hoping to wait to give it to him as a special gift when he can read!

  29. all done but the tweeting….I’m not gonna get sucked into that whirlpool of twitterdom….hard enough keeping up with blogs and facebook 😀

  30. You can tell that he is so proud to have his own! I love that!

  31. Kim Cassanova :

    My two youngest would love this!!!!

  32. Absolutely and we have Psalms and Proverbs in a separate book.

  33. My siblings each have their own Bible for school. But these are mostly hand me downs.

  34. Great idea! I need to give my grandson a bible. Thanks for the chance to win one. Cheers.

  35. My kids do and recently my son misplaced his while during a move 🙁

  36. We litterally just spoke at dinner about getting our 7 yr old a bible! I think God has it for him!

  37. Our boys both have a Bible, although one of them is the Everyday Kids Bible – a slightly condensed version to allow them to read through it in a year..

  38. I don’t have kids yet, but they will have them when I do!

  39. Nope, no bible yet.

  40. Two of them do. One is just now ready for a children’s bible 🙂