Embracing Modesty, No. 33

Embracing Modesty, No. 33

It’s another hot summer week here in south Texas.  We are trying to stay cool, but the temps have us sweating like pigs.  (I have never understood that analogy….do pigs sweat profusely?)

Anyway, we are hot and looking for things to wear that maintain our modesty but will keep us cool.

My daughter Hope wore this simple outfit, easy and cool.  Even though it is 2 layers on top, they are so thin that she felt cool all day.  The denim skirt is one we made a few years ago.  The girls and I did some assembly line sewing and made them each 2 skirts.  She loves her dog tag necklace and flip flops.

Here she’s got her farm girls look going on.  The lightweight denim top over a tank top is still cool enough for a summer day because it lets the breeze flow under it.  This white skirt is one we got at Cato a couple of years ago.

Faith likes to wear a skirt that is a little shorter in the summer.  You’ll love this idea….she took a denim skirt and cut off the bottom and made a skirt topper with it.  So the denim part of the skirt is a separate piece that she wears with several different skirts. Her little brown top with the extra short sleeves keeps her cool and when she adds her camo flats and hair flower she adorable and cool!

Here’s something I wore last week that kept me chillin’. The skirt is super lightweight and the top covers everything I need so I don’t have to layer it.  Add a red scarf and my red Birkenstocks and you are ready for a day on the town.

And we never forget to stay hydrated using our ultra awesome mason jars from our etsy shop!

If you don’t mind my getting serious for a second, you may have noticed that we are all wearing orange, rubber bracelets.  Our whole family has been wearing them all summer and will keep wearing them until September 10th.  They have a little boy’s name on them, Peter (I won’t share his last name).  Peter has cancer that required a bone marrow transplant and the first 100 days are critical.  So we wear the bracelets to remind us all to pray for him every day for 100 days.  Please pray for Peter and his family.  He is so precious!

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  1. Great looks!

    I am having trouble figuring out Faith’s skirt topper. You said she took a denim shirt and made it? It looks like it was made from jeans or a denim skirt? Cute idea!

    Deanna´s last blog post ..The Tattoo

  2. Love the skirt topper idea – clever girls… we’ll have to try that one. My daughter has some skirts that still fit but are getting short (or the splits are too high now – maybe we just need to fill the kick pleats.)

    Your outfit is wonderful and, my oh my, aren’t you looking svelte! Way to go!

  3. I used to go to school with some teenage girls who wore only skirts for religious reasons and many of them looked very frumpy and unflattering. They were not well-received by our peers. In saying all of this — your girls are NOT like this at all. Their outfits look stylish, creative, and very flattering! I especially love Faith’s look here.
    Bethany´s last blog post ..BLOG LAUNCH

  4. Love all the cute skirts and cool blouses. Great pictures :-)

    Cinnamon´s last blog post ..How is Rosie doing?

  5. Pigs don’t sweat, which is why the old saying was…”I’m sweating like a stuck pig”! Pigs with no sweat pores really must sweat out a lot when stuck…???

  6. Oh wow–her skirt topper is amazing!
    Gypsi´s last blog post ..Looking Back

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