Embracing Modesty, No.32

Embracing Modesty, No.32

We’ve been in our paint clothes most of the week, so not much fashion is happening here.  Our paint clothes aren’t worth showing here except to say that we are still modest when we paint.  Dirty and messy, but modest.  You really don’t want pictures of us though; it’s not pretty.

I did get dressed one day to run some errands.  I put on my new Forever 21 tank over a black t-shirt (Cato) and pencil skirt (Target) and picked up more supplies for the bathroom.  I didn’t fix my hair but oh well…..you can’t be perfect looking all the time.

Since my daughter Grace is helping in other areas of the house while her sisters and I fix up the bathroom, she is looking pretty every day.  So we’ll show you a bit of what’s she’s been wearing this week.  At 23, she has a very sophisticated style.

And this other picture of her is my favorite of the week.  I mean let’s be real, if you have on a pair of red polka dot shoes then you look cute no matter what else you have on!


Thanks for joining us for our modesty series!  Be sure to check out the Embracing Modesty Gallery to see what else we’ve been wearing!

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  1. Oh, the polka dot outfit is dreamy…to be 23 and so adorable…

  2. You both look gorgeous as usual!!

  3. Seriously, do you chain Grace to a pole in the basement at night? She’s one gorgeous young woman. I’m so proud of the godly example that she is — it almost brings a tear. Actually, I can say that about every one of your daughters. I want to be like them when I grow up!

  4. Those polka dotted shoes are adorable!

  5. Cuties, both of you!

  6. Lisa, you look marvelous. Keep up the hard work. 🙂 And your daughter is beautiful and modest….:) Thank you for showing that it can and is being done 🙂 Keep it up!! Jane Lange

  7. Hope Pennington :

    Grace is looking super cute alright! And so are you Mommy! Thanks for teaching us how to dress nicely and modestly for those around us – and for God!

  8. I found your blog last night and have spent way more time than I should have on here…love it! Love the modesty series, parenting advice and your adorable personality! You look like so much fun! Grace reminds me so much of a Jane Austin character with that beautiful hair. She looks so classy. And I love all the outfits your girls have put together. So creative. We have the same exact standards for dress in our family and we also live in south Texas. Glad to find other like minded people :). Thank you for this wonderful blog! Can’t wait to explore it more!