Boys’ Bathroom Reveal!

Boys’ Bathroom Reveal!

It’s done!  One small step for mankind, one giant step for our little bathroom.

Having 4 boys using this one teeny bathroom with almost no storage was getting to me.  Towels stacked on the floor, toothpaste on the sink, nowhere to dry your hands…really it was like living in the wild.

We spent 5 days working, working, working and I am super pleased with the result!  What was once the slum of the house is now a place of pride.  It’s amazing what a little paint, vinyl and junk can do!

Remember the before?

Well here it is now….tada!

And from the other side before:

And now:

The walls are gray.  I couldn’t get the color to be true in the photos.  Bummer because it’s a really gorgeous color.

For such a small room I have a LOT to show you.

First, the shower.  I used a Command Forever Classic Medium Metal Hook, Oil Rubbed Bronze right on the shower glass and sewed a loop of gray ribbon to a hand towel to make the towel easy to hang.  That fixes 2 problems.  1. There was no place to hang a towel 2. I needed to make the shower look better since I can’t replace it.  I used my die-cut machine and my Expressions Vinyl to add fun words to the shower.

And speaking of vinyl words…..(do you think this will actually help them remember to flush?)

And how about that floor?  Yep, we painted it.  I designed it but three of my girls did all of the work.  Don’t worry….I rewarded them handsomely.  I will be doing a full post on the floor soon!

And there you see the bottom corner of the shelf I built.  I am so in love with the bigger storage….it makes me happy, happy, happy.

I have gotten quite a few questions about the shelf.  I will do a whole post on that too.  And the baskets across the top give me a place to put all of those towels that were on the floor before.  Neat and tidy makes a happy mom.

Behind the door I hung an old map.  I didn’t mind that it isn’t a perfect match to the rest of the room or that it has to hang behind the shelf.  In fact, that’s part of why I love it.  It’s not perfect AND maybe the boys can learn some geography while they are “sitting”.

The red metal box is full of Bandaids.  Why is it that we can never find a Bandaid when we need one?!  Well I fixed that problem.

On the other side of the new shelf is a towel rack I built with flea market junk I have collected.  Again….future post.

I love it so.

What’s better than a monogrammed towel?

I also LOVE the metal boxes that I hung over the toilet.  I found them about a year ago at the local Habitat Restore.  They are old napkin dispensers and there was no key for them, which made them seriously cheap.  I knew they’d be perfect in the boys’ bathroom, so I grabbed them up and put them away.  We found a key online and I hung them upside down to use as decorative shelves.

I spray painted a clock red and since the boxes are metal I simply added magnets to the back of the clock, then just stuck it on the metal box.  I believe you should have a clock in every bathroom.

It’s so nice to have the bathroom all fixed up.  I am hoping that this will encourage the boys to keep it clean, but I won’t be holding my breath on that.

Here are a few shopping details:

Paint: Restoration Hardware “Right White” and “Graphite”
Vinyl: Expressions Vinyl
Top Shelf Baskets: Target
Curtains: Pillowcase and magnet rod from Target

I had a budget of $200 to do the whole room and I went over by about $25.  The materials for the shelf took up about $100 and I splurged for the 4 new towels which is what put me over.  I already had all of the decor and junk that I used all around, including the 4 metal baskets on the bottom shelves, which kept my cost down.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my bathroom!  I’d love for you to pin it!

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  1. WONDERFUL job, Lisa!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is it sad that I noticed the old Band-Aid box? :) I love that shelf unit and the words!

  3. I love love LOVE it! Such a creative, cheery place now! (Do you think your boys would mind if I moved into their bathroom?) :)

  4. It’s fantastic!
    I hope you’re boys give you ( and your girls) a big THANK YOU HUG!

  5. This is fabulous! I have three girls and plain Jane bathrooms! I am inspired. Now….what to do with all the bows???

  6. Wow!! Love this transformation and especially that floor! Can’t wait for more details on that!

  7. Love this bathroom. I really love the fact that you have a bible on the shelf and an old map hanging on the wall. Beautiful job well done.

  8. Cute makeover, Lisa! So many fun details!

  9. You should be SO PROUD! This is one of the best bathroom re-do’s I have ever seen. Can’t wait to see the detailed follow ups.

  10. I LOVE THIS SOOOOO MUCH! I love all the little details, the monogrammed towels, the rustic shelf for the towels, those metal boxes…I love the touch of adding the Bible in there, too. I also loved you quoting Phil Robertson: “Happy, Happy, Happy.”

    Good job to all of you!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! You did an AWESOME job! This is the kind of bathroom I’d expect to see in a magazine!

  12. You are so imaginative! And so able to put your imagination into practice. Wonderful job!

  13. Wow, I am speechless. That floor is so AWESOME!

  14. And all the metal decor pieces make me happy :)

  15. Love it Lisa!! I want to see more about that floor!!!

  16. This is most excellent – LOVE the floor and the entire color scheme – nice and masculine. Aside from your mix of magnets and clockworks I’d say it’s perfect!

  17. Love this! Especially how you decorated with all old stuff you had!

  18. This is fabulous!!!! Love every detail!

  19. LOVE!!!!! Especially the shower words!!! Great job!!

  20. Fantastic! I super love the floor!

  21. Hope Pennington :

    Turned out great! Thanks for letting us help Mommy!

  22. Great job Lisa!! This is so cute….:) Let me know how the vinyl letters help your boys out…like reminding them to flush and wash their hands. :) that is cute :) :)

  23. It’s awesome! It’s so awesome, that I would actually flush, yes I would.

  24. Love the cut outs. I actually have plans to paint and hang wooden letters spelling “flush ” and “wash” over the toilet and sink respectively.

  25. Stephanie Diego :

    Looks great! Love the floor. Great idea on the shower! I had a shower like this in a rental and it was seriously rusted and gross. I bought four magnetic rods and used curtain ring clips at top and bottom of two different curtain panels. Put the rods on top and bottom of both sides of the shower and using the ring clips I was able to attach at top and bottom of the magnetic rods. The rings made the curtains easy to move so you could open and close the door easily.

  26. Debbie Dunbar :

    Super cute! I love the vinyl lettering.

  27. Very cleverly designed. Love all the fun pops of color on the floor and love the towel holder..

  28. How fab, Lisa! And I add a hearty “amen” that every bathroom should sport a clock. Ours do! I’m also known as one who ALWAYS wears her watch. Can’t stand to not know what time it is.

  29. Fabulous makeover Lisa!! I love that floor & all of the vinyl touches throughout the room! The towel rack is pretty cool too! I bet your boys love their new space!

  30. OMG Lisa! So many cool ideas. With three kids under 11 running around our house, this gives me some thoughts. I especially love the labeling… little boys (and girls) sometimes (almost always) forget to flush and wash their hands.

  31. Love it! Favorite part: the words. I love the clean graphic feels and the colors. Great budget update.

  32. Lisa, you did an amazing job!! I love the new bathroom so much!!

  33. I absolutely LOVE this bathroom and must have you immediately drive over to my house and plan out me copycat version. LOL! But seriously, this is brilliant and perfect for boys! I am definitely sharing this! Great work, Lisa! You are such a PRO! xoxo, kel

  34. Love this makeover. You did an awesome job!

  35. Love the floor!
    I have a 3M hook on the back of every bathroom door in the house. I sewed ribbon loops on the corner of every “everyday” hand towel in the house.
    Our problem was that the kids DID use them, but shorter kids could not hang them back up. They would lay them on the sink, then someone else would turn the water on, and the towel would be wet.
    It is one kid’s job to change the hand towel everyday, and wipe up around the sink.
    3M hooks solve a world of problems=)

  36. What a great bathroom, I’m sure the boys love it! I know how little boys can be, I remember my two step-sons were arguing in the bathroom while standing there going to the bathroom and one pushed the other and he pee’d all over the wall! lol!