Embracing Modesty, No 28

Embracing Modesty, No 28

I went shopping a couple of times over the past few weeks and was reminded of how hard it is to be young and find modest things to wear.  It’s all tight and revealing and short-shorts….not what we want to wear!

My 19 year old daughter doesn’t care for shopping, so she has a limited wardrobe.  She is good at mixing and matching to keep the looks fresh.  She does a great job with making due with what few pieces she has found that she likes.

Here she has on a cheerful t-shirt with a simple denim skirt.  It’s cute, it’s summery, it’s comfortable.  Her little addition of the dog tags makes it even more fun!

One thing we haven’t talked about yet is hair.  We all fix our hair every day.  Even if we just pull it up in a high ponytail, we always try to do something pretty.  We place importance on keeping our hair clean and brushed, pulled off of our face and feminine.  When they were young and started doing their own hair I did not let them just quickly throw it back into a rubber band at the base of their neck.  In my opinion (and this is just me) when you do that it looks like you don’t care enough to make any effort.  It only takes a couple of extra minutes to brush it up and make it look nice. It’s a blessing to those that have to look at you all day long.

In this next picture she is wearing a very lightweight jacket over a longer tank.  The little skirt is cool and comfortable for summer.  She likes to wear gray tops to match her favorite high top tennies.  And of course, a couple of long necklaces finish it off so sweetly.

Here is the same skirt again with a denim shirt and hat.  My girls love, love, love hats.

This last outfit is my favorite that she has worn lately.  It’s a coral tank under a matching t-shirt that she wears with a shorter gray denim skirt (from Cato). It’s darling with her high tops.

Back to her hair in this last picture, if you noticed, she does have it pulled to the base of her neck, but she styled it that way by giving it a little lift on top and making a cute messy bun in the back.  It took her about 5 minutes and she looked nice all day.

This girl is such a model.  Even when she was little I’d say, “Let me take your picture,” and she would strike a pose that could have been in a magazine.  She cracks me up.

So many of you have let us know that your teens are reading this series with you.  We are so glad to know that they are enjoying our posts and my girls are especially blessed to be sharing their outfits with other girls.  If you have any questions, or if your teens have any questions for my girls just ask!  We will try our best to answer.

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  1. That last outfit is my favorite too!

  2. I love the first and second outfits – y’all always look so fresh. I’m going to be 19 in a couple months as well, so it was nice to see another girl my age and what she likes to wear. I think wearing a different hairstyle every day and always taking the time to fix it is rather nice. Once I grow my hair out, I may try that. Good post, I’ll be sad when the series is over!

  3. For those who will take the time to read this, here is a great “booklet” on modesty based on Scripture, authored by Robert G. Spinney: http://www.hartsvillereformedbaptist.com/modesty.pdf.

  4. My 21 year old daughter sounds like your 19 year old! She has a very classic style with a bit of the eclectic tossed in. She loves her converse too!

    Your girls always look good, and I think that coral is smashing on this one!
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  5. Taking notes. Sweet summer skirt, denim top and a cute hat. Got it! Thanks guys, you always teach me something
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