Bringing Home the Good Old Days

Bringing Home the Good Old Days

I’ve been wanting to show you a few of the things I brought home with me a couple of weeks ago when I was helping my parents pack to move.  Since they were downsizing I got to keep some things that I love.  One piece I took was a chest that had been my grandmother’s.

This, boys and girls, was what we used to have to play music on when I was a little girl.  We didn’t have ipods with 7 ka-jillion songs on it.  Nope, we had record players and radios.  If we wanted to listen to music we had to do it in the living room where everyone could hear it.

I remember thumbing through her albums and playing music while we danced around the room.  She was all of 4′ 10″ tall and so funny when she danced. She was a character.

I am not sure what I will do with this chest eventually.  But for now it’s going to sit in my living room and remind me of those bygone days of 60s music and eating Mrs. Baird’s Honey Buns while we laughed before Grandpa got home from work.  Then we had to be quiet.

The front opens up to reveal a record player on the left and a radio on the right.

I was thinking about painting it, but my family freaked out when I mentioned it.  Of course, they freaked out when I said I was going to paint the piano and that didn’t stop me.  Nothing is safe here.  I am simply not a fan of brown.

But I have other projects to get to first, so I will leave it there and let my mind fill with ideas.  Then one day I will pick one and before anyone knows what happened I will have done it.

That’s only one of the treasures I stole……I mean my mom let me have.  When I have time there are several things I got that I want to reframe or paint or cover to update them then they will feel right at home next to my flea market goodies.

And kids, the next time you’re bored at Grandma’s so you stick those earbuds in your ears to listen to your favorite songs, think of your Aunt Lisa and how she had to play all of her music through this big cabinet when she went to visit her grandmother.

Those were the good old days.

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  1. what a fantastic piece of furniture! It looks realy good in your room I think.
    Does it still work?

    • Sofia, I haven’t tried plugging it in. The old fabric covered wires and years of dust make me afraid to try. 🙂 Lisa~

  2. charming! You might consider having an electrician look at it; he may be able to tell if it’s worth replacing the cords. It looks like it’s veneered? Paint would be the easiest option but you could also try something like Formby’s refinishers. That way it would still be wood but you could make it less…brown!

  3. So funny, my grandma was 4’10” also and I couldn’t wait till I was taller than her. I made it all the way to 5′ 1 1/2″ lol…..

  4. This is so Adorable and Fun!! And I love that it has such sentimental value. Are you going to try re-wiring it?

  5. What a fun piece of family memorabilia to have.

    I like to paint furniture too!

  6. You MUST paint it — that’s just more you than the brown piece! I agree! It would look amazing in another color! Do it!! Becky B.

  7. Gwyn Rosser @ Life with Pie :

    Oh my my ! That takes me back. Love it. And your memories that go with it are priceless 🙂

  8. Love it! We had one similar, but it was longer and shorter to the ground. I want to say it was one of Mom’s first big purchases. I remember it fondly though, and now I’d love to know what happened to it.

    Isn’t it wonderful to get memory pieces like that? We recently passed on my mother-in-law’s old sewing machine to my sister-in-law and she was as tickled as could be.

    I wonder what types of things will be looked on as precious treasures by our families in 40 years or so?