My Summer Home Tour!

My Summer Home Tour!

I am so, so, so glad you stopped by for my tour da casa.  Life here in the Texas Hill Country is sweet and simple.  Nothing fancy, but we love every bit of it!

Right inside the front door is the living room. 

We built this room ourselves on a wing and a prayer since we had no idea what we were doing.  Even though the room is small, I worked and worked until I found an arrangement that would give all 11 of us a place to sit comfortably.

I used to wish for an entryway, but then I decided that the porch could be my entryway.  Making the most of what I have is my favorite pastime. Below you can see a chair I painted and recovered, a clock I made from an abandoned bird cage stand and some lockers I painted to use for the kids’ school books.

All of our furniture is from flea markets and hand-me-downs.  I take what I find and remake it into what fits our home.  I’ll paint anything….like our piano!

Many of the small details in my home are from my etsy shop, Shop 24.

Just through the living room is the dining room/school room.

The black table is for eating and the white table is where we homeschool with the added benefit of having plenty of extra table space when we have guests for dinner…which is pretty often.

The long buffet behind the black table serves two purposes.  The kids can use it as a desk during the day and we can serve food from it at mealtime.  I try to get as many uses out of one thing as I can.

My big chalkboard wall is constantly changing.  I can draw anything on it depending on what mood I’m in….and I can be moody.  So it changes often.

Even though we don’t do sports (you wouldn’t want to see me do sports, I run like a chicken) I used a sports theme for the summer.  It makes us want to get outside and play!

The other side of the room is the school space.

I use the giant white board for school and to write a new Bible verse every day that we try to memorize.  I also sometimes write lists or chores on the board.  You can read more about how I keep my homeschool area organized!

Around the corner from the school area is our little study room.

I enclosed part of the porch to create this teeny room.  But don’t measure its usefulness by its size….we couldn’t do without it!  The kids can go in there to read or work on their computer or do some quiet school work.  They can close the door and concentrate.  Perfect!

And the letters on the wall are not supposed to be a word.  I’m just slowly gathering all of the kids’ first initials as I see them at flea markets.  It takes time to find nine vintage letters.

On the other side of the dining room is our kitchen.  We built the kitchen all by ourselves on a shoestring budget.  Two ranges, two microwaves, two fridges….it’s perfect for a large family!

In the picture below you can see my kids’ lunch area, my stained glass that came from an old church and my beige chalkboard wall (next to the electric range) where we keep a running grocery list.  Gotta stay organized!

If you go out the kitchen door you step onto a deck that leads to our pool.

It’s a simple, above ground pool.  My son and I built the deck and we built our own outdoor furniture so I can sit right there and work on the blog while the kids swim.

I love sitting out there.  What we lack in expensive luxury, we make up for in peace and tranquility.

Before we go back inside let’s walk around to the front of the house where we have an outdoor eating area, the “Pavilion.”  I found the old sign at a church bazaar and hung it there and the name stuck.  I put the eating area in the front because that’s where the evening shade is, and I am a shade kind of girl.  We eat out there as much as possible.

We had our 25th anniversary party out there a couple of years ago and it was a beautiful evening!

The rest of the house is bedrooms and bathrooms.  With 9 kids in a small house I have to get creative about bedroom spaces.  My 19 year old daughter sleeps in an enclosed porch area.  We made it to also serve as a guest room.

This girl is a bit of a minimalist.  All she wants is a cozy place to sit and some beach things around her and she’s happy.

Two of my boys share a little western themed room complete with horse in the barn that I painted myself

And two of my teen girls live in a finished out attic.

Even though they can only stand up in the middle, they are so happy to have their own space that they don’t care one bit.  And every single thing in this room was free except the wood we bought to build the shelves.  We found the headboards in someone’s trash and just painted them!

Below the girls’ attic bedroom is the master bedroom.  It’s my oasis on a hard day of homeschooling, laundry and painting furniture (which I am usually doing all at the same time).

I do most of my work in this room.  I sit in my recliner and work online after all of the kids are in bed.

My bathroom is another place I like to hide occasionally.

For some reason the kids don’t think to look for me there, so when I need a few minutes to myself I sneak in the bathroom with a book and a Diet Dr Pepper.

That’s it for my summer home tour.  It’s been great having you visit and I hope you’ll come back again soon!

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  1. LOVE your home Lisa…always lots of inspiration here 🙂

  2. You have a beautiful home!

  3. What a beautiful home. Thanks for having me over!

    • Jen, it was great to have you visit. Wouldn’t it be fun to do it in person?! Lisa~

  4. Lisa!

    How delightful to hear your voice! Your home is lovely – perfect for your family and full of love!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • Deanna, I wondered if anyone would watch the video. I’m glad you did! Thanks for your sweet comment. You always make me smile. Lisa~

  5. your living room … ah … I’m ready to sink into those cushions … and the ladder and lockers and all … sublime! thanks for welcoming me …

    • Linda, come on over! 🙂 You are welcome anytime. The ladder goes up to a loft where 2 of the boys sleep. Thanks for stopping by. Lisa~

  6. Lisa your home is AH-mazing! You have truly made it a sanctuary and your love for it is visible in all the details! Thank you for letting us peek inside!

    You are one talented lady!

  7. Lisa,
    I love your home – it has the feel of come sit at the table and play a game with my family – which I love. My favorite two things I saw were your buffet table in the dining room – I would LOVE something like that!! It has to be great for parties and large meals which with nine kids I am sure that is an every day event for you! The second thing I love is your deck by the pool. All those cushions to sit and enjoy outside – too cool! I am also so impressed with all the upcycling in your home – you do have a great eye. Thanks so much for the tour!

    • Mary Kay, I am so glad you got the feel that I am going for. That buffet table was made completely with scraps that someone gave me from their wood ceiling. Fun! I like the word upcycling….I can never think of that. Thanks! Lisa~

  8. Lisa, your Hill Country home is just beautiful. I love that your family uses every square inch of the space and it reflects everybody’s personality. It is impressive to me that you home school, raise kids, and decorate so beautifully! Thanks for sharing.

    Writing to you from Rockwall, TX.:)

    • Hi Stacey! Rockwall, TX….how far is that from San Antonio? You are so right, we use every square inch inside and as much as we can outside. LOL! Thanks for your kind words….you are an encouragement. Lisa~

  9. Gwyn Rosser @ Life with Pie :

    I could wander around your home for a long, long time and never get tired….everywhere I look there is something delightful to see….lots of eye candy! And great organization. And peace. Your home reflects a wonderful peace that is delightful! Blessings. Gwyn

    • Gwen, it does go on and on. There’s so much I didn’t show that I am considering done a follow up post. 🙂 You are right, it is really peaceful here! Lisa~

      • Gwyn Rosser @ Life with Pie :

        Oh do please — I would love seeing more of your beautiful home AND the tight organization you having going on. Very encouraging!

  10. Your home is lovely! It’s my first time here, but I am a new follower!

  11. Gwyn Rosser @ Life with Pie :

    Oh by the way, LOVED your spoken intro…. sweet! And I’m a Texas country girl too, living in a tiny farming community 20 miles outside of San Angelo in west Texas. When we think about “getting away” and relaxing, its always to the Hill Country. Love it there. 🙂

    • We are a few hours from San Angelo. Next time you head this way let me know and I’ll take you to lunch! Lisa~

      • Gwyn Rosser @ Life with Pie :

        Do not be surprised if I do just that !!! 🙂 Would LOVE that!

  12. maritza colon :

    love your house! specially the front porch…. keep up the good work!

  13. You’re home is absolutely beautiful! I love how creative you were with your spaces and how everything you have is second hand and remade. Such an inspiration!

    • Thanks Jenny! I am enjoying having you stop by for a visit. I do love second hand…if I didn’t I wouldn’t have anything! I couldn’t afford it. 🙂 Lisa~

  14. I love, love, love your home. It is one of the happiest places on earth to me {of course, that might be because it means we get to spend time together!} You already know that I love your home because not only is it filled with beautiful things, but also beautiful people whom I love. I’m seriously in tears right now. Beautiful job, sweet friend!

    Thank you for sharing one of my favorite places to be on the home tour!

    • Don’t cry….just hop on a plane and come back to see me! I’ll save you a pool float. Lisa~

  15. Love it Lisa!! 🙂 I have seen a lot of these rooms on your blog but I love seeing them all together!!

    • Thanks CCC girl! It is fun to see everyone’s home all at the same time. And I left out half of the rooms! We could be here all day if I showed everything. It’s been fun doing this together! Lisa~

  16. Oh Lisa! Your home is beautiful!! It looks so peaceful, like a breath of fresh air.

  17. Love your home Lisa! Your love of family shines through in all the rooms. Thanks for sharing your home with us.

    • Sherryl, I am so glad my love of family shows through and not my fussy way of telling them to pick up their shoes. LOL! Thanks for stopping by! Lisa~

  18. Love your home! It has such a light and airy feel to it. Looks so comfy!

    • Terri, it is comfy! There are usually people sprawled all over those couches in the living room. 🙂 Lisa~

  19. That was just wonderful, Lisa! I’ve always loved your home and the little surprises around each corner, such as your livingroom wall treatment. ADORE. You’ve done a lovely job incorporating a classroom setting into your home, the chalkboard wall and black table looks super cool!

    • Thanks Donna! Next time you come to the states you need to head to Texas! I’ll take you for a real tour, we’ll lounge by the pool listening to the chickens clucking and then we can visit the Alamo. 🙂 Lisa~

  20. Loved seeing your home!! One of these days I’ll do a tour of my house!

  21. Definitely my favorite stop today! Your home is so lovely!! I am always inspired when you post pictures! 🙂 I really liked your personal welcome video 🙂

  22. Lisa-your eye for details, comfort, and style is fantastic! When can I move in?!

  23. Lisa! I love your home!!!! I LOVE your front porch… its what I dream to have one day! You made it very inviting in deed and great job on the video!

    • Katie, I always dreamed of a front porch and when we bought this old house I knew I had to make it work. It’s so great. Not only lovely and relaxing, but a place for the kids to play outside even when it’s raining! Lisa~

  24. Just beautiful, Lisa!! Boy, do you ever deserve to be in this amazing group of lovely homes. WONDERFUL tour!!

  25. What fun looking through your home tour, Lisa! I loved your daughters’ attic room and the turquoise piano, but I think my favorite was your outdoor eating area. (Perfect for BBQ’s and Summer parties!)

  26. Your home is amazing, and your routines and organization are phenomenal! How creative! I have a question about raising your children. I know they are self-sufficient. And I’m sorry, this is off-topic, but I want to know how you have instilled confidence in your children. Especially your daughters. This may be applicable with your organization etc. Thank you!

  27. Hi. This is my first time at your blog. You crack me up! I escape to the bathroom for a bit of peace, too! My mom says my wonderful grandma (mom of 5) did the same thing when she was little! I hadn’t thought to sneak a diet dr. pepper in with me. Brilliant! I love your home! we have a similar attic space that we call the bunkhouse, except it is even shorter! We have a teensie home with 4 great kids, so we have to be creative with every last inch of space as well! The kids don’t mind a bit, though, and I think the smaller space has helped to make us a closer family — nothing ‘goes down’ without momma hearing it, so good training opportunities abound. 😉

    We homeschool, too and I like the double table idea! It is sometimes a pain to have to clear off our dining table when schooling isn’t finished in order to have meals.

    I wish I could visit with you about how you incorporate all the age levels in your schooling day. This year was the first rough year we’ve run into homeschooling because I tried to do too much — joining a co-op for the older kids, while struggling to bring along their younger siblings. I think I need to stay home next year because it is too hard to find something out and about that’s appropriate for all the ages we have going on (2-11 is our age range). How do you do it??? 🙂


  28. Lisa your home is SO DREAMY. You have an eye for beauty, I wish that I could see someone’s trash and turn it into the perfect piece.

  29. Lisa I love, love, love your home and it does feel inviting. Wish I could sit on your porch for a little conversation over coffee. Thank you for sharing it with us so much to love about every room.

  30. nadya kotik :

    i follow you on facebook and saw this post so i decided to check it out. It’s like a dream house! I would love to homeschool when I get married and have a family. I never want to buy new items because it’s hard to change decor if it’s expensive. Great job on refurbishing things! I love your style

  31. Lisa, I love your home. I have seen most it before but its so fun to see it all together. Its one of the most inviting homes I have ever seen, and it still looks like your family has a great time together there. My husband is the oldest of 12 so I commend you for your leadership and being able to run such a beautifully pulled together ship! Thanks for sharing,

  32. I love how all of your spaces feel like home!!! You have great style!

  33. I appreciate this post. I’m pregnant with #5 and I also homeschool in a small house. We make every inch useable and workable! Some of these home tours I just think, “How on earth can they have so much WHITE!?” It’s nice to see so much functionality hand-in-hand with the beauty of your home.

  34. Yours is my favorite tour of all the ones I’ve seen. 🙂 Your porches look like the perfect place to sit outside and write = heaven. Double tables are also great. Sometimes it’s just difficult to be setting the table with folks still schooling on it. It looks like y’all put a lot of hard work in, and it looks beautiful!

  35. Kelly Palmer :

    I love your home Lisa and it looks so cozy and welcoming, thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  36. Your home is awesome, I love all your DIY projects. You are so talented. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  37. Don’t know what more I could say about your home after reading the other comments except I love it, too. It’s real, creative, inspiring, homey…..just what I like. Thanks for opening the doors to your home and life. I am encouraged every time I come to Pennington Point.

  38. Your home is absolutely gorgeous, and comfortable at the same time. It looks like a haven from the world. Thanks for sharing.=)

  39. I have no idea how you do what you do, and I love seeing all of your home in one place… it’s certainly inspiring! Such a lovely home, Lisa! So pretty.

  40. I love the casual, warm feel your home has. You can tell it is loved and lived in by your sweet family 🙂 There are so many special little details!

  41. Lisa, you have a beautiful home! I’m from a large family and I can honestly say our house wasn’t that beautiful, organized, and clean. You must be a bundle of energy to homeschool, run a large household, and still have time to paint furniture and decorate. You inspire me! Thank you for the tour 🙂

  42. Love the horse barn! So imaginative! Thanks for opening your home..

  43. What I love best about your home is that while it is so cute and fun to look at, I know from all your posts about REAL life that it is so LIVEABLE, too. Our homes should serve us and our guests, not the other way around!

    I’ve seen so many master bedrooms that are so beautifully decorated that they are worthy of being on the cover of a magazine, but they all bug me because so very few of them reflect BOTH people who inhabit the space. I love that your bedroom looks like your husband can be comfortable there too! It’s magazine cover worthy…and liveable, too! Way to go, Lisa! 🙂

  44. Lisa,
    Your home IS peaceful and beautiful. Without being too negative, let’s just say it is a LOT more so than the others I saw on the tour. The tour has been lots of fun though.
    One of my favorite rooms is the one behind your bedroom but I understand you couldn’t include them all. A job well done!

  45. Oh Lisa, your home is SO beautiful. Lacking in luxury??? Erm … I think not! It’s just gorgeous. And to be able to eat outside … *drool* 🙂

    Having your kind of flair is such a gift … we don’t have ‘flea market’ type things here at all, but if we did, I think I’d hire you to give my house a wee makeover. Fancy a wee trip to the wilds of Scotland? 😉

  46. Love it! I love the folk art painting in the bathroom, did you paint it?

  47. Your home is beautiful!

  48. Heather, Now I remember how I found you. You have a wonderful home. I love how you have put your special touch on each room through color or something creative. I love the blue piano, I would love to do that to ours. Have a wonderful weekend. Alaina

  49. I love all of the personal touches in your home. It’s clear that every space is filled with love!

  50. What a beautiful home

  51. Your home is just gorgeous! I love your home-school area and how awesome that you and your son built the outdoor furniture!

  52. OMG I love your front porch…amount all the letter glory, BUT I MUST know where you got the bed coverings on the attic teen girls beds?? Love them! I want one for my King bed!!

    Thanks for sharing your home although I pop in at least once a week at your lovely, creative genius!!


  53. Sonya from At Home With the Barkers, led me to HomeTalk, which led me to your blog. When I saw that you are located in Texas, I had to check out it out. I love the look and feel of your home: so warm and cozy. I love all of the wood plank walls, the colors you chose, the lockers in the living room, your comfortable wicker chairs, your ironstone collection, and your study room.

  54. What color is on the wall in master bedroom and bathroom? love your house!

  55. Lisa, Honestly! One woman can not be this darn talented! Your house is lovely! Your front porch is indeed welcoming and I love that you started this post with a video! I am so glad we met! You inspire me 🙂

  56. Dorcas Bender :

    Your home is beautiful. I have enjoyed finding your site and touring your home. I would love to see how your front door enters into the living room directly and how you decorate that. Our front door also enters into our living room directly and I would love ideas on how to make it welcoming, usable and beautiful. I bet yours is all three!