Gearing Up for Summer Projects

Gearing Up for Summer Projects

I’ve been planning a few summer projects and looking around the house and yard to see what I can do with basically no money.  I love a challenge and making my home nicer for free is one of my favorites!

My first stop for inspiration was Hometalk.  What I love about Hometalk is that it is more of a community, with people sharing ideas and not just a quick look.  Sometimes I want to just get an idea, but often I have questions and wonderings.  I thirst for knowledge.  Especially since I gave up Diet Dr Pepper.  I used to thirst for that.

So I hopped over to Hometalk to see what goodness I could find and there was plenty of it!  Awnings and pergolas and great plant ideas.  I’m all inspired now….so watch out!

If you haven’t tried Hometalk you should check it out.  There’s no cost, just sign up and follow people.  You can start by following me!  And if you don’t know anyone else to follow, I enjoy scrolling down the homepage and seeing all of the real people with real ideas!

I have a board on Hometalk with nothing but ideas for ways to use old wood.  Oh yes…..that’s just what I need for my free summer projects!

What projects do you have planned for the summer?



  1. I followed you on Hometalk 🙂 I LOVE your outdoor area!

  2. I love your garden ideas I am painting old battered watering cans an planting them up for the garden with summer flowers on them , then giving them a varnish so they can live out side