Embracing Modesty, No. 17

Embracing Modesty, No. 17

I had planned to share some hot weather ideas with you today, but it’s been c-c-cold here this week and we couldn’t bear to wear our summer things.  So it will wait until the weather gets warm, which I am not in any hurry for.

Instead I’ll share few of the things Grace and I wore this past week.  The other girls wore mostly outfits you’ve already seen.

Grace has really embraced the scarf.  In fact, she is making a YouTube video of ways she likes to tie them.  I’ll share that with you when it’s ready.  Otherwise this outfit is a comfy skirt and top.  Easy-easy!

And I can’t leave this picture without mentioning her shoes.  Aren’t they darling?!  You can snap off the flowers and change them to others.  Cuteness!

It’s really all about the shoes, am I right?

I don’t remember what we were doing on this next day, but her little shirt vest is so cute I just had to show you.  She always looks so pretty.

This next pic is what I wore one day when I was running into town.  Just an easy day.

It’s finally getting warm enough for me to pull out my favorite Born sandals.  They are 10 years old, but I still love ’em!

Even though you have seen many of these individual pieces already, mixing them up in new ways is what we love to do.

I hope you’re having a great time finding new ways to wear your things.  We will get to those warm weather ideas asap!

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  1. Your sandals are really cute!

  2. Lisa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit on you! The skirt is fabulous and the blue color on you…..it’s YOUR color! It’s a fun cheerful color….like you! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Those are awesome sandals! That skirt is making my eyes cross. Totally cool.=)

  4. Love Grace’s gray outfit! Those shoes totally complete it!

  5. I’m kinda jealous of your skirt….so cute! And your hair and makeup look amazing…..pretty, pretty.

    • Oh yeah, I’m wearing sweatpants and a fleece pullover…in May. Not sure it’s ever gonna get warm in the South 😉

  6. Shannon Mallory :

    Whew! We live in NW Florida. We’ve been to the pool twice and the beach twice already! Wish we had some of that cold y’all are talking about!! We barely had a winter at that!!

  7. I can’t help but mention that my favorite pair of sandals ever is also Born brand. My husband bought them for me the summer before we got married as a birthday gift I think and that makes them almost 11 years old. I’ve never found another pair quite as comfortable.

    Thanks for these great posts on Embracing Modesty! I wear skirts 90% of the time – the other 10% I’m usually in cleaning/project clothes or workout pants. I love seeing examples of you can make something so pretty just by adding a few accessories. I don’t add a lot right now because I have very little people who love to pull on necklaces and dangly earrings or strangle me with my own scarf! Someday though.

  8. Grace’s shoes added the final touch to her grey outfit. I love it! 🙂

  9. Had to comment to say that that particular blue is YOUR color! It looks awesome on you and super cute with the striped skirt! Love the shoes too and would never have guessed they are already 10 years old! I look forward to seeing your posts about modesty!

  10. rebecca sinclair :

    I’m in love with your navy and white striped skirt! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? Absolutely adorable outfits. Grace is so elegant! Her name fits her perfectly!