Happiness is a Peaceful Weekend

Happiness is a Peaceful Weekend

It was a peaceful weekend, quiet and low key.  We milled about doing this and that.  No trips, no rushing around.  Delightful!

On Saturday I gave a couple of haircuts on the front porch.  For some reason, even though I cut the boys’ hair myself and own all of the cutting tools, I wait until they look like orphans in a third world country before I actually cut their hair.  I will go weeks saying, “Boy, you need a HAIRCUT!” knowing that all I have to do is pull out the clippers and have it done in about 10 minutes.  Pitiful.

After the haircuts were done Patience and I decided to use the nice light on the porch to take some new photos for our shop.  My Mason Jar Straw Lids are our hottest seller these days, so we wanted to spice up their pictures.  We set one of our tables on the porch with our pretty summer dishes and took about 7000 shots.  This is Patience’s influence.  I am a just-take-a-couple-of-pictures-and-be-done kind of girl, but she likes to keep going with gusto.  My problem with taking so many is that I have to reject a bunch of good ones.

Just to show you, here’s one of the rejects….but I love it!

Mason jar straw lids from etsy shop -- Shop24

And the good ones…they are super yummy!  I love this one with our new stainless steel straws.

Cute mason jars straw lids with stainless steel straws from esty Shop24

Seriously, I could show you 6998 more!  And we have several new listings in the shop and more to come.  EEK!

Since the table was all set anyway, the 4 girls decided to eat dinner out there and had a lovely time.  Although I couldn’t tell you why they aren’t actually drinking from the mason jars with lids.  I wonder if they know they are allowed to actually USE them.

Yesterday was James’ birthday.  The kids and I pampered him as much as we could.  We did whatever he wanted, which meant spending the afternoon playing Wii Family Feud.  It was girls against boys.  The girls won.  I’m just sayin’.  Birthday or no birthday….no one lets anyone else win around here.

I had to look through my Instagram feed to remind myself of what happened over the weekend.  It’s sad when I can’t remember what I did yesterday.  Especially when I saw this picture from church of 2 of my kids singing for the Lord.  Really Mom, this is something you should remember.

Sorry for the grainy picture.  I was using my iphone and I was way in the back.  Note to self: sit in the front the next time my kids sing.

I guess that’s not a completely uneventful weekend.  A few interesting things happened.

How about you?  Did you relax?  Or go gusto?


  1. This weekend I got fed. Spiritually. We went to a Bible conference as a family. There was child care for everyone Meres on up. I was able to sit and listen to teaching without being distracted by my kids fidgeting or not. It felt like water to a thirsty soul. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was able to just sit in a church type service and not be distracted at all.
    I also got to eat great food that I didn’t cook, and chat with friends who have been in my life for years.
    It was the most amazing weekend!

    • Oh that sounds lovely! While we believe in family integrated fellowship, an occasional time of adults only is so nice for weary parents. I am so glad you had such a refreshing weekend! Lisa~

  2. Maybe they’re not using the mason jar lids because they’ve got the elegant wine glasses going? 😉 Nice picture of your girls by the way!

    • LOL! Jacqueline, those are our everyday drinking glasses. Your comment about wine glasses made me giggle. Thanks, Lisa~

  3. Boy haircuts drive me crazy! 🙂 The girls can go forever, especially when I convince them that they are ‘growing it out’. But boys? My husband cuts my sons hair, only he does it in phases! One week he might trim the top, another week the sides. So my son is always half cut! Ha! I encourage hats in public :).

    Your table and porch are so lovely! I love turning a regular night into something special! Your daughters are so blessed to have one another and share special relationships. Thanks for sharing a bit of your beauty!

    • Kendra, that is too funny! I don’t really mind doing the haircuts. It’s all of the cleanup that is such a pain for me. But then, I don’t really know why since I have the boys do it. LOL! Thanks for your kind words about the girls. You are right….they sure are blessed to have each other! Lisa~

  4. I love peaceful weekends, but we have very few of them. Seems someone always has something going on.

    Maybe I should schedule them once a month – that way I’ll be sure to have one occasionally.

    BTW, 7000 pictures is likely an exaggeration – which is also called a hyperbole. Which is from the same root word as “hyperbola” – a math thing!

    😉 Who loves ya baby?

    • Bon, you slay me! You caught me. It wasn’t really 7000 pictures. But it was a LOT. Can that me my number? A “LOT”? 😉

      I’m praying for you to have a peaceful weekend soon! Lisa~

  5. Ah yes a quiet peaceful weekend with no where to go but where you want to go. Ahhhh. Heaven. I know the feeling 🙂 It’s to be cherished!

    • Cheryl, I’ll bet you’re doubly glad these days for a peaceful weekend! Planning a conference is no small job. You were amazing! Here’s to enjoying a few more before it gets busy again! Love ya girl! Lisa~