Chalkboard Crosses

Chalkboard Crosses

It’s Spring Hop week and the spring ideas will be flowing!  All week long the other hostesses will be sharing ideas and then on Friday I hope you’ll comeback and link your spring posts.  AND definitely come back and check out the great ideas!

I didn’t have time to do a long, complicated project, but I was in the mood for something new.  I especially wanted to add something Christ honoring.  When I saw little wooden crosses at the craft store I knew what I could do.

I got out my chalkboard paint and painted them….couldn’t be easier.

When you make your own chalkboards, be sure to “season” them before you write on them.  Take a piece of chalk and rub the cross all over with the side of the chalk.  Then erase it and your cross is ready to be written on.

After Easter I will erase the words and write something else on them.  I can think of lots of ways to use these!

I think they’d be pretty hanging with a collection of different crosses, or for a wedding, Christmas….so many uses!

Come back on Friday and join the party!

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  1. Love them Lisa! Thanks for joining us for the Spring Hop!

  2. What a beautiful decoration and such a fun use of chalkboard paint for the Easter season!

  3. Cute idea!!!

  4. That’s a wonderful idea!

  5. what a clever idea, Lisa! so beautiful. and i love that pop of yellow frame inside the other!

  6. These are absolutely beautiful, Lisa! Pinned! 🙂

  7. Hi Lisa! New to your blog (Lindsay from Makely sent me over!) and loving what I see! Especially these cute little crosses. Oh, and whatever is on the wall behind. Since I’m new, I’m not sure what you used. Is it wallpaper? Stencil?

  8. And how did I miss this when you first posted it?? Love this idea! It’s wonderful!! And it’s going right onto my Pinterest Easter board!

  9. Love this idea! And I love how you framed them. Very cute!