An Un-interesting Week

An Un-interesting Week

There is so much going on around here and yet nothing to tell.  Seriously.  Boring.

Ever since I got home from the Summit last weekend I have been a vegetable in pajamas.  So tired, so worn out.  I just wanted to do school, take naps and ask what’s for dinner.

That’s what I WANTED to do.  I actually did get dressed and get out of my recliner, but my heart wasn’t in it.  I just don’t recover from late nights with the girls like I used to.  When I was in college I could stay up studying for a week and barely even slow down.  Now I need 6 days of my feet propped up with 2 naps per day to even think about staying up past 9:00 for a while.

I did have a few fun happenings this week.  I wrote a Valentine’s Day post on Life Your Way.  Over there I shared how I am using games for my Valentine’s Day decor this year.  If you were wondering what is on the other side of my mantle from what I showed in my dice post, go check it out.  And speaking of the dice, the link party is still going strong with over 500 links.  There are some GREAT ideas on there.  I’ve been perusing them during my much needed down time.  I am going to try some of the Valentine’s Day activities and recipes!

A few other things I’ve done this week:

1. I joined Vine.  Dangerous.  It’s a new app similar to Instagram except it’s video.  I am in LOVE with it.  There has been some controversy about there not being enough filters and people posting inappropriate videos.  I think they will get that fixed.  In the meantime I won’t let my kids look at it, which isn’t a big problem here since they don’t touch my phone.  And I will just stick to veiwing the videos of the people I follow and not search around.  If you are on Vine you can find me at The Pennington Point. FUN!

2. I bought pool chemicals.  I know on the surface this doesn’t seem interesting.  But you don’t expect to have to buy pool chemicals in the winter so you don’t budget for it, so when you spend a shocking amount of money at the pool store your husband gets a little upset and you have to sit through yet another January budget meeting even though you are barely recovered from the last one.

3. I made mailboxes.  I am not the only one with Valentine’s Day on the brain.  It’s been the week of the heart mailboxes around here.  If you’ve had them on your wishlist, you only have a few more days to get them before Valentine’s Day.

All in all a good week.  I may still need a few extra naps, but I’m getting my groove back.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Few, I’m with you. But I think in reflection, I’m accomplishing more than it felt like I had.

    We’re back on the road from Tucson to Phoenix today, then up in the air to L.A. tomorrow. I’m so excited to be back home in Manila by this time next week.

    It’s February?! Goodness!

  2. For me I feel like I am still not a 100% after the whole household went through the flu. At least we aren’t contagious anymore, everyone is back to school/work, and I am trying to get back into my groove. Love the mailboxes they are precious!

  3. Ya know…my mama’s “rule” about vacations is that you need double the days for recovery than the days you spent away from home…so you still have lots of time to take it easy and get back into your usual routines 🙂