Valentine’s Day Dice AND a Link Party!

Valentine’s Day Dice AND a Link Party!

Happy happy joy joy!  Whoop for red, pink and white!

I love Valentine’s Day so much that I can’t help myself.  I am driven to come up with new ways to decorate every year. This year I decided to add some whimsy to the mantle by making some giant red dice with white hearts for the “dots”.  It was a quick, super easy (FREE!!) project.

I cut some scrap 4x4s into blocks, sanded them a little and spray painted them red.  5 Minutes tops.

Then I borrowed my friend Sara’s heart punches and made some little white hearts with plain cardstock.  The best kind of friends lend you their punches (gee, I hope Sara isn’t expecting some Valentine’s Day blocks as a thank you).

I just glued the hearts right on there.

Then I got the easiest idea of stringing a word between the dice……LOVE.  So I made a paper clip chain.  Elementary school style.

And stapled the ends of the chain to the dice.  Hang with me here….it will make sense in a second.

I had these fabulous candlesticks that I got on clearance at Target that were begging to be used for this project.  Just set the dice up on them….doesn’t get any easier than that!

After I glued my Cricut letters to each card I simply used a safety pin to punch a little hole in the tops of the cards then slide a paper clip through.  Clip them onto my fancy chain….done.  BAM!

I pulled a few more cards from the deck (sorry kids….I hope no one wanted to play Go Fish today) and used tape to make a little house of cards.  Seriously elementary school.

I recently bought a roll of tickets from the superstore, so to finish it off I pulled off a long strip of tickets and punched hearts out of it.

And we’re done!  I heart my mantle dice and card decor.

It makes me happy every time I see it!

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  1. These are so cute!!! What a fun way to dress up a mantle and so thrifty too 🙂 Thank you for inspiring me!! xo

  2. Very cute! I need to finish mine. I started… really, I did! 🙂 When I do, I will link up with y’all. OK?

  3. I love this! We’ve been playing a lot of card games here lately, so this is perfect for us!

  4. How cute are these little guys? I love them!

  5. soooo cute!
    kisses // heather

  6. Sooo… No dice, huh?

  7. I finally linked up my barn window! 🙂 Of course, I have added a few more things since I took pics for my post, but that is OK.

    There is a whole lotta’ love going on in this linky party! 🙂 Thanks!

  8. How cute! I love easy crafts for kids AND seniors. And what a grand list of Valentine blog party fun. I’ve shared this on Pinterest and facebook. Thank you! 🙂