Too Much JUNK Around Here!

Too Much JUNK Around Here!

OK, this was one exhausting weekend.  It involved 6 rooms, taking apart beds, piles and piles and piles of junk, trash bags, people being sick and weekend company.

You know how it goes….you have to clear out one of the spaces in order to move new things into it.  So you dump everything into Mom’s bedroom to get it out of the way and by the end of Saturday the whole house is in such disarray that you can’t find Levi’s pajamas.  So he goes to bed in his clothes and you hope to get it settled tomorrow.

Yesterday around lunchtime I started to get overwhelmed and was wishing we could just put it all back.  I know that’s the turning point when it’s about to get better….so I pushed through it.


We moved 6 beds and let me tell you….there was enough dust under those beds to fill a pillow.  I considered putting us all in dust masks, but that would have required being able to find them.

I was so tired by 6:00 yesterday that I considered just going straight to bed.  I thought maybe just lying down for a few minutes would help, but when I walked into my bedroom I discovered that my bed was covered in dusty books, pictures frames, toys and clothes that needed to be tried on.  So I plopped in my recliner and closed my eyes.  I hoped that when I opened them it would all be cleaned up.  It didn’t happen.  In fact, I’m pretty sure there was more piled on the bed after I opened my eyes.

The kids are a big help and they did most of the heavy lifting.  I mainly walked from room to room answering questions and helping make decisions.  Then I would check on my sickies and back to the rearranging.  Exciting, huh?

We are now down to the stuff that we don’t know where to put but can’t get rid of.  Those things always frustrate me.  I am more of a get-rid-of-it kind of person than my husband.  In my thinking, we don’t need 20 old quilts.  In his thinking we might use them someday so why not shove them in a closet somewhere.

Right now they are all piled on my bed.  Something will have to be done with them by the end of the day.

But three more kids are sick, so the rearranging will halt until we are all well again.

I’m really not as depressed as I sound in this post.  It’s just part of the process of making our home work for us.  I’ll be more chipper by the end of the week when it’s all put away and I get to move on to the fun part of fixing up all of the new spaces.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. I had a few sick kids, too, but got in a great visit with friends yesterday afternoon! Got to bed LATE but it was worth it!

    Hope all your sickies are better – mine are and so far no sign of anyone else coming down with it!

  2. Bone broth for those sickies! It helps our family to avoid illness, and when we do get sick, soup made from chicken bone broth almost always gets us healed up within a day.

    And I wish you luck with the cleaning/rearranging. My hubby and I are planning out our big cleaning in the office/sewing/if-it-doesn’t-have-a-home-it-goes-in-there room. Gonna open up the walls for a brief time to add in-ceiling lights, so we can take out the floor lights and open up a bit more floor space. Gotta take out ALL my sewing stuff (*gulp*) and clean and rearrange and organize. …I don’t expect to see light of day for a very long time. …how we’ll get all this done, with a baby, is beyond me! x_x I’m hereby using your posts as encouragement that we can do it. (“If Lisa has as many kids as she does, and she can get it done in her house, we can clean one room with one kid!)

    …I’ll be praying for your sanity. Pray for mine?… >_>

  3. I would take each and every patchwork quilt for my photos… seriously.

  4. Hope your gang feels better…..and i would LOVE to get the red and white quilt out of your way!!! HA!

    HAng in there…..

    Niki 🙂