My Bedroom is My Oasis

My Bedroom is My Oasis

I just love my bedroom.  It’s my place to getaway and relax at the end of a long, hard day.  Or an easy day….either works.

The warm colors are relaxing.  I made the headboard out of ceiling tiles I found at the flea market a few years ago.  And I change the throw at the foot of the bed each season.  The furry one on there now is perfection for the winter.

I’m not in love with the bedside tables.  They function well, but I’ve always dreamed of putting mirrored bedside tables on each side.  If they didn’t cost half a thousand dollars each I just might do it.  I’m still searching for ways to make them myself. Then a couple of pretty lamps and I’d be in bedroom heaven.

Over the bed is a little door that went to the kitchen pantry when we bought the house.  Instead of throwing it out when we remodeled the kitchen I kept it and used it here.  We glued book pages to it and added a few peaceful words.  I’ve thought about adding more words.  It could turn into a collection of words that describe our life.  Of course, that might not be relaxing at all.  The bedroom is where I go to pretend my life is all good.  No bad words in there.

That chair on the left….it’s my beloved recliner where I do my work.  I get my computer in my lap and lean back, pull the furry throw over me and start typing away.

Speaking of the furry throw, I’m sharing 5 ideas for adding winter touches over at Life Your Way today.  I hope you’ll head over there and say hello.

Usually my bedroom is a mess by Sunday.  Everything from the week gets tossed in there.  Then on Sunday afternoon I clean it all up and get it ready to catch everything again next week.  The cycle of life.

So, how do you like your bedroom?

Head over to Life Your Way to see more winter decorating ideas.



  1. My poor bedroom is a mess! 3 years ago we moved into this house and this room hasn’t changed a bit since moving day. Well, it’s about to get it’s reno. Thanks for the peek into your room. Wish me luck as I finally tackle the last room in the house to be touched!

  2. I love mine too, except right now it is in the middle of my cleaning and reorganizing my closet!

    But soon it will be back to normal.


  3. I love my bedroom! I have also worked to make it our oasis. I have wingback chairs in there, in which I spend time writing and reading. Your room looks very romantic and calming.=)

  4. Your bedroom does look very cozy and inviting.
    I love our bedroom. It’s the first time since we’ve been married (almost 17 years) that it’s actually “finished”. When we moved 2 years ago I had a vision of what I wanted and it has slowly come about. It’s a “garden” oasis type theme and I love it. It’s like bringing the outside in. It’s bright and happy and that’s how I feel when I’m in it. It lifts the mood no matter what mood I’m in.
    Thanks for sharing yours today.

  5. My bedroom, although not quite as pretty as yours, is my favorite place as well. To me, the bedroom means rest, relaxation and comfort. It should be a space all your own, or to share with your significant other. No kids toys or playtime in there, there are other spaces for that. Although my room could use some aesthetic tweaks, I still feel a sense of calm every time I walk in.

  6. So beautiful! I’d love to redo our bedroom someday! Thanks for the inspiration. I love your headboard, great job! I blog at TN too! Nice to meet you I’m following you now!

    Love, Traci Michele @ Ordinary Inspirations

  7. Lisa, I love your bedroom! My colors/bedding are 12 years old and desparately need updating. This gives me inspiration.

    I’m like you, my bedroom is my sanctuary. If I’m not in the kitchen or my office, I’m in my bedroom.