Homeschooling is Back to Normal

Homeschooling is Back to Normal

First of all…congratulations to Mandi Gehman for winning my ticket giveaway to the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit!  I am so, so excited to meet you Mandi!  I hope the rest of you that entered will still go….it is going to be so encouraging and fruitful.

I have had a few email exchanges with the woman that runs the conference and I am telling you…she has lifted my spirits already.  Her kindness and prayerful heart shine through and I can’t wait to get there and see how it spreads.

If you can’t be there, I’d love to know more about how I can pray for you to encourage you in homeschooling.  Leave me a comment so we can all pray for each other.

Speaking of school, we finally got back into a rhythm this week.  The holidays really throw us off.  It’s lovely to be sitting at the table with the kids calling out spelling words or talking about the Roman empire with no Christmas decorations to distract us or parties coming up in a few days.  Just us, the books and plenty of time to discuss and share.  I love school.  My little students melt my heart.

I didn’t notice until I took that picture that I still had the Christmas verse on the chalkboard.  It’s off now.  I’m Johnny-on-the-spot.  Or at least the child that I told to erase the board is.

So NOW all of the Christmas decorations are gone.  Whew!  Wait…I just saw a vinyl Christmas tree on the platter on the piano.  We keep finding random holiday decor.  I should probably check the couch cushions before I declare it completely finished.

Speaking of finished (queen of the transition) James’ car has been in the shop since December 18.  No kidding.  The transmission went out and it is just now, today, ready to be picked up.  I have no idea why it took so long; It’s been frustrating just having one car.  I don’t mind sharing, but when he goes somewhere it’s generally for the whole day and I can’t leave the house.  Since the kids got old enough for me to leave for a few hours, I have gotten into the habit of just jumping in the car and running into town when I need one little thing and this whole car sharing thing has cramped my style.

I am sure many of you will leave comments telling me how thankful I should be to have my own car.  I know it.  I’m spoiled.  I like it that way.  So you know, I’ve been with no car and we’ve been poor and I am incredibly grateful not to be there anymore.  But I still want my car back.

We’ll be hanging around here this weekend.  Some friend are staying with us and we’re just kicking back, filling shop orders and grading school papers.  By the way….we reopened the shop and all of our darling Valentine’s Day products are back and they are already selling fast.

Now that I’ve been all over the map with this post, I want to bring it back around to letting you know I do want to pray for you if you are needing encouragement in your homeschooling, parenting, or anything really!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I had no idea about the HS Mom’s Winter Summit!! I just live in Tulsa and I so wish I could attend!! Sadly, I’m not sure it will work out since the hubster works overnights (Fri-Tue). 🙁 I just might have to work it out though. Sounds like an uplifting and encouraging weekend!! Just what I need right now! Thanks for sharing! If I end up coming, I’ll be sure to let you know so we can meet!

    • Annette, I sure hope you can make it work. And yes, PLEASE let me know if you decide to go. I’d love to meet you. Lisa~

  2. I hope that becomes a real time of encouragement for all of you. I was feeling SO discouraged just before, and then during, the holiday. But now we are ‘back to school’, and life seems a lot brighter. I know God is an answerer of prayer…. WHY do I doubt???? He has changed the attitude of one of my kids (the previous attitude was really getting me down – big style :/ ) so God’s working here has changed my greyness into a prettier shade of pink 🙂

    He is so faithful 🙂 Now me? Ah well, that’s a different story …

  3. Maybe that is why I am feeling so lost these days. I miss home schooling!!!!!So glad Wade wasn’t the one working on the vehicle! 🙂 He has moved up to the other shop. Take care of yourself!!!

  4. Oh gosh I am just about to start on the homeschooling journey with my daughter and her first year of highschool after I looked at all the schools in the area and decided I could do a much better job. Now I have to deliver on that and with our school year starting in just 3 weeks time I’m starting to freak out. Wish me luck!

  5. feels great to be getting life back to ‘regular’ (not sure there’s any such thing as normal at our house).
    Speaking of transmissions, our son spent his Christmas break from the local community college replacing the transmission in the old car he drives. So proud of him! Shows how he’s picked up that “life is education” attitude. Happy you have wheels of your own again, too :0)
    I love the peek you give us into your home and family – fun and inspiring – thank you!

  6. Please pray for me and my family. My wonderful mother died the weekend after Thanksgiving after having been hospitalized Oct. 9th from a massive heart attack. She was 67 years young. Our holidays, especially for me, my dad and siblings, have been quite gloomy, to say the least. We homeschool 4 of our 5 children but have not been able to do much since this life altering event started. I know my mom is rejoicing in heaven along with her parents(her mom only arriving 3 weeks before her). She’s no longer suffering but our pain has just begun and I can’t even begin to express the depth. Thank you for remembering me, my dad, my siblings and all 12 grandkids who longer have their Mimi to call them on their birthday and sing her various renditions of “happy birthday” to them.