Embracing Modesty, No.3

Embracing Modesty, No.3

One of the interesting things about discussing modest clothing is how each person has their own idea of what that means.  For one person it means being covered head to toe but wearing pants while another only wears dresses.  We are each on our own path and we must give each other room.

Some people thought a couple of the outfits my daughter was wearing in the first post were drawing too much attention to the chest area.  I appreciated the feedback.  We are very careful not to do that and we will be paying close attention.  Always be willing to take a fresh look at what you are wearing….that’s a key to modesty.

Real modesty is a matter of the heart.  What we wear is an outward sign of what is happening on the inside.  Even if it’s simply saying, “she isn’t paying enough attention to what she is doing.”  I hope to encourage by showing how we are purposeful about what we wear, thoughtful, modest and feminine.  And just enjoying being who we are!

So with that, here is what I’ve been wearing this week.  We try to look nice every day.  We think it’s important to be dressed and have your hair at least brushed and pulled back. Making an effort is a way to show that you love the people that have to see you all day and that you care about yourself.  It’s also awesome when you’re feeling low….it perks you up.

I didn’t leave the house much this week.  When I stay home I still put myself together, but without much make-up or fanciness.  I did pencil my eyebrows on for these pictures.  You don’t want to see me without my eyebrows….it’s scary.  Alien-like.

Whenever I wear a V-neck shirt I wear a tank under it so it won’t show any cleavage.  On this day I put together a little striped jacket and a floral t-shirt.  Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.  Just try them together and see how they look!

Jacket-TJMaxx, T-shirt-don’t remember it’s so old, Skirt-Cato, Tank-Cato

Here’s another stay-at-home day.  It’s my lumberjack look.  Again…eyebrows.  You’re welcome.

I got the brown skirt at a thrift store.  The lumberjack shirt is from Dillard’s, T-shirt-Target, Key Necklace-my daughter made it for me

Another day at home I was in a gray mood with a splash of color.  I had kicked my shoes off and was enjoying the warm weather on the guest house porch when my daughter snapped a quick picture.

The gray sweater and white shirt are a one piece set.  I like that.  Easy.  I got it at Macy’s.  Teal T-shirt-Target, Skirt-Target

I did go out one day and got a little more dressed up.  It was really chilly out and I don’t have any boots, so I wear thick stockings with my black Birkenstocks.  Not the most stylish, but comfy and warm.  I’m not claiming to be a fashionista….I’m just me.

Shirt-Target, T-shirt-Cato, Skirt-Coldwater Creek, Scarf-Shop24

What I like about this outfit is the shirt has a little tie attached to it.  I took one of my monogrammed scarves and just tied the shirt tie around the scarf.  It stays put and looks pretty.

For me I try to feel pretty, but also be comfortable and enjoy myself.  Life is too short to hate what you’re wearing.

I am really enjoying your comments on this series so far.  I hope you’re trying some new things with your wardrobe and finding your own path to modesty!

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  1. I love your style…I need to branch out a bit more I think in shirts – I’ve avoided some, because of the low cut but if I can make a tshirt or tank work under it, I may be able to add variety to my wardrobe!

    I’m going to check out Cato also…

    Love this series Lisa!

  2. I’m really enjoying this series, Lisa. 🙂 It’s so fun and thought-provoking to read. I do have a thought about the “chest” issue that was raised previously. I think it needs to be approached with balance. I don’t wear tight fitting shirts and I always have a tank on these days. I don’t think we should draw un-necessary attention to our bodies – ANY part of them. But at the same time, God made us ladies with….ahem…shape. Unless we walk around in feed sacks all day, some shape is going to show. I think it’s possible to wear both flattering and modest clothes and I think you and your daughters do a great job of it. 🙂

  3. Dear Erma,

    I heart your original self. You’re gorgeous.

    Sleepless in Tucson

  4. Thank you so much for addressing this, as well as the “why” and the heart condition behind it! I attended a very conservative Christian school growing up where we were required to wear dresses or skirts. But the “why” was never really discussed. (Or maybe it was, and I just missed it! I was a teenager after all!) All I remember was being told that good Christian women don’t wear pants. And so, of course, I rebelled! Now, some years later, as a mother- I find myself drawn to more modest clothing. I want my son to know that he shouldn’t expect women to show of everything that God gave them, and I want my daughter to have an example of being stylish and still God-honoring.
    Thank heavens for the maxi-skirt trend! 🙂

  5. Love your thoughts on this, Lisa. I need to work more and being pulled together at home. At this point, if I’m putting makeup on, my 3yo asks me if we’re going to church! 🙂
    One thing we’re opposite on is eyebrows. If we could do a transplant, I’d be glad to share mine with you – it could easily be a unibrow within a week if I didn’t frequently wax/pluck!

  6. First of all, you look beautiful and current while still modest! I just wanted to echo Myra’s thoughts on your (beautiful) daughter’s outfits. Being modest is not the same as pretending God didn’t create us with a beautiful, feminine shape! It is possible to modestly dress that shape without completely denying it, and your daughter does a great job of that!

  7. Thank you for sharing these posts. My daughter and I were thinking the same thing with the first post, and I was so thrilled to hear your heart attitude to the comments. That kind of attitude is what we all need to criticism. Shows that you all have the right heart towards the Lord in this matter 🙂 So encouraging to see your girls have a great heart about being modest! Sometimes you feel like you’re the only one who cares about pleasing the Lord in this area. It is truly a heart matter in the area of modesty as with all areas of yielding to what the Lord wants for us.

  8. I’m enjoying these posts as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to teach my girls modesty. It is soooo hard these days to find things to fit 3 teen and a couple of pre-teen girls. Whether that is tops, skirts, or even jeans. We keep plugging away tho. They’ll even recognize when something is immodest.

    Thanks for sharing all your ideas.

  9. I thought your daughters looked lovely. I did not notice any thing at all immodest in their dress in fact just the opposite! Lovely young ladies most people would be pleased to have their children model. As for you, you know I love your style and most of all your honesty! Every time I read a post you make me smile! Thanks for all your encouragement and reminding me that I can look femine in a skirt without looking frumpy! Can’t wait to see the next installment!

  10. Lisa, thank you for hosting this series. As a mother of a teenage-daughter, I (we) have found it difficult to find special occasion dresses that don’t show a lot of skin. Any insight you can offer would be appreciated. I, also, look forward to trying some of your “looks”. You look fabulous and authentic (and happy.) Can I ask why monograms are so important to you? I plan to add using them to my copycat style list. Do you monogram your own clothing? Paige

  11. wow I am SO happy that I found your blog! the Lord has put on my heart that I need to dress more modestly. I’ve been wearing more skirts etc and my friends have made some “funny” comments and of course the pants vs skirt conversation came up and I finally was just like “look ladies, the Lord needs me to clean up my heart right now and this is how HE is showing me to do it” ….. change can be difficult, some times people view change as pressure for them to do it as well. WE can only work on our own hearts and keep our friends in prayer. Thank you so much for the encouragement, and plus all of the advice for us curvy girls. Love it!

    Thank you!

    Nichole Contente

  12. Hi Lisa,
    Wonderful series; thank you for featuring this. I have a 19 yr. old daughter, and I’ve tried to teach her to be modest since she was young. I was stricter than her friends’ moms (though they were pretty conservative in this area,too). But, gee, she didn’t stand out or anything. She was even allowed to wear shorts in the summer, as long as they weren’t tight or very short. She’s off to college, now, and simply seems to refuse to understand the need for modesty. My husband and I have both tried to explain the importance of this to her, but without much success so far.
    It looks like your girls are very cooperative with you in this area. Just wondering if you have any particular insight regarding girls who are resistant to modest clothing.
    Anyway, am really enjoying your blog. And you look lovely and feminine in your outfits!

  13. I love these posts so far! I’m trying to embrace modesty in my own life, but finding it challenging. I live in a very warm part of Texas and spend a great deal of time outdoors. How does one dress modestly without dying of heatstroke?