White Lights and Runny Noses

White Lights and Runny Noses

The weekend was pretty normal.  It’s nice to have a normal weekend every once in a while.

Except that we were sick.  We have some kind of cold that has us all dragging around wishing for soup.  It’s not too bad, just draggy.  I kept thinking I was OK then I’d find myself sleeping in weird places.  I’d wake up and wonder when I laid down on the kitchen bench and fell asleep.

I am feeling much better today.  I’ve been dousing myself in essential oils and drinking LOTS of water.  Plus the extra sleep from the random naps has helped I’m sure.

Yesterday we got our Christmas groove on.  All morning the kids and I played around making decorations and figuring out tree light problems and singing carols.  There was plenty of cheer and glad tidings.  Sure, it took us over an hour to clean up the mess, but what’s the point of having 9 elves if you can’t make a mess every once in a while?

I am down to looking for white tree lights with white string.  Some of our tree lights are hopelessly broken and must be replaced.  I went to Walmart to buy new ones, but their light section had been obliterated.  My only options were blue icicle lights or multi-colored lights.  Neither of which I was going to entertain for more than the few minutes it took to think about blaring colors on my pretty white tree.  No-sirree.  I’ll have to look elsewhere.

I’ll be showing you our dazzling work later today.  It deserves a post all its own.

Shop 24 is hopping along with orders and the kids are helping me get it all done.  Yesterday we were ironing stockings and finishing up some orders when Patience said, “It’s so neat to think we are a part of so many people’s Christmas.”

It sure is.

I’ve got another full, but blessed week ahead.  Lots of holiday goodies to share with you and some down time with the kids sprinkled in.

Have a great week, stay well, and if you find any lights with white strings….let me know!



  1. Lisa, I love your blog and love your honesty!