Three Special Trees

Three Special Trees

Our Christmas tree project has been a blessing!  All of our homemade trees are spreading cheer throughout the house.

The trees I am showing you today are Grace, Jacob and Hope’s contributions.  As my 3 oldest children, they weren’t as into it as the younger set.  But they happily joined the party and made some really cute trees.

Grace decided to make a bunch of bottle trees in mason jars.  She glued them into various jars with hot glue and added epsom salt and glitter.

I love the addition of the glass.  It adds shine to the mantle.

Jacob built a small chalkboard tree.  He cut a triangle out of scraps then glued a smaller triangle to the back as a stand.  Spray paint with chalkboard paint and he was done.

Tip of the day: Be sure to season your new chalkboard by rubbing a piece of chalk sideways on it then erase it.

Hope came up with the idea of making a marshmallow tree.  She made a simple cone with cardstock and hot glued marshmallows to it.  So cute!

I love how each tree reflects its maker.  Also, knowing most of the trees we made won’t last until next year, I’m appreciating just having them more.  Next year we’ll do something different.

Are you including your kids in your decorating this year?



  1. This is great. My kids love crafting with me. My best Christmas memories are trips to Garden Ridge with my mom <3 and crafting gifts for teachers, neighbors, and friends <3 I have never considered everyone making their own version of the same element/theme. This is awesome for a mantle!

  2. I think this is an AWESOME project!!!! : ) Thanks for sharing…gave me a morning smile! : )
    hugs and see you later!