Lots Going On Around Here

Lots Going On Around Here

It’s been such a whirlwind of activity around here lately that I can barely keep up.  In between shop orders and Christmas decorating we’ve had various little colds and stomach bugs.

Last weekend I took the 6 younger kids to the city to do some shopping then go to a holiday blogger’s event.  The Westin Resort hosted us and we got to decorate cookies, do crafts, faux ice skate and see a cute little play.  As I was sitting there with my kids around me helping them make wooden toys or decorate cookies I was thinking how nice it was to just show up and participate.  I’m usually the one hosting.  There was no preparation, no clean up, no covering all surfaces, no extra cost….just show up, sit down and enjoy.

I could get used to this.  Thanks Westin!

Sunday we hung around for a while then I got the urge to finish the little details of the Christmas decorating.  A couple of weeks ago we got it mostly done then stopped.  So I made my Dollar Store Christmas Decor and we fixed a few lights, did a little sweeping, put away boxes, you know the drill.  I was thrilled to get it finished.  I’m seriously thinking of not decorating next year.  OK, I know I won’t really be able to do it, but right now I’m tired and wishing for Santa’s elves to come and fix the broken lights and put the boxes away.

Speaking of Dollar Store Christmas, tomorrow is the big link party!  You all are so clever and amazing….I hope you will link up your ideas. It can be anything related to dollar store and Christmas.  Woohoo!

All this week after school and lunch is done we’ve been heading out to the shop to fill orders.  Just to let you know, we will be closing for the holidays on Sunday, the 16th.  So if you’re planning to order from us for Christmas, you have 3 more days.  After that I will be in hibernation.

This next weekend is full again.  Parties and activities and hanging out with friends.  I just love that about this time of year.  Being together.

So what are you up to?  Staying busy?  Shopping?  What’s your favorite part of the Christmas season?

Is that too many questions?  I’m just so interested in YOU!



  1. Today is wrapping homemade candy day and (HOPEFULLY) getting packages in the mail before 5p.m. “I think I can, I think I can…”

    • Laurie, is it National Homemade Candy Day?! Or just at your house. If it’s national then I need to start making candy. If it’s just you, then I think you should bring me some. Lisa~

      • You mean YOU DON’T KNOW when National Homemade Candy Day is??? I’m disappointed. Guess I’ll hafta bring you some. ; )

  2. I made gingerbread “snowflake ” cookies today. Gifts for my parents and 5 bros and sisters……takes lots of snowflakes for that bunch lol…..now to keep the grandbabies out of them.

  3. I just wanted to say, that of all the people I met at Influence, you are right up there in the top 5! I love your heart, your industry and your sense of humor. It makes my day to read your posts. I am taught and encouraged. Thanks so much!

  4. So I really want to know–are you in hibernation??

    I thought of you and your regular nap yesterday. I’m still in a bit of sleep deprivation after Preston’s surgery. Soon, though, he’ll be sleeping through the night. . . and I’ll be snoring away!