Finally Getting the Family Photo Taken

Finally Getting the Family Photo Taken

Ever since Shutterfly let me do a giveaway (congrats to Tammy!) I’ve been planning to take family pictures.  I watched their cute video about Family Photo Day and realized it would be pretty easy to take a unique family picture.  I’d dream of simple backdrops and little fun props.  “Let’s make a giant chalkboard and draw things on it!” I’d think.  “Everyone in red and holding jingle bells!”

But it never happened.  I just didn’t have time between school and filling shop orders and taking naps.

So this morning I cupped my hands to my mouth and shouted, “FAMILY PICTURES IN TWENTY MINUTES!!”


We dragged a couple of bales of hay over to our red storage building, hung last year’s wreath on the door and called it done.  Line up kids….let’s take your picture.  We did have fun despite my constant, “Levi, take the hay out of your mouth!  Noah, don’t tilt your head so much!”

I still have to edit the good pictures pictures, but here are a couple of the rejects.

I will definitely be printing some of this morning’s pictures through Shutterfly.  Just not these two.

I like following their Facebook page and Instagram too.  They keep showing adorable photo ideas!

A couple of nights ago I got to hang out with some local bloggers and share ideas for family photos.  I learned some great tips on nearby places that are good for pictures and maybe next year I will actually do that.  It was so nice to sit and talk and enjoy a meal together.

I hope you will take some family pictures this year.  If you can’t make it just like your dreams then just stop everything one day and do it. BAM!

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and pictures of children are my own.


  1. Since your last post on taking a family picture. I took the opportunity to be near family on a holiday. I drugged my family out and got our family photo and also grabbed a couple of my mom and the grand kids.. Thank you for the encouragement to actually do it! 😉

  2. Since I didn’t get to hang out with y’all and the other family bloggers (we do have a family blog; it is just not always updated…), would you share the tips and locations? Our family pic will be taken in Jan., when Allison’s photographer friend will be in SA. Don’t know how the weather will be then, but that’s when she’ll be available. People who “swear by” the Farmers’ Almanac predict that the SA area will have a drizzly and colder winter than normal. Glad it’s still in the 70s…. 🙂

  3. Of course, with such beautiful subjects, even your *off* pictures look great. And MY! How Noah has grown!
    We will have a photographer at my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and I have been wondering how to get an attractive backdrop. I will check out Shutterfly’s tips – thanks.
    (This is not a sponsored post, and all opinions are my own.)

  4.’ve inspired me to just do it! Love all the photos! And I love your BLING photos from the dinner! 🙂

    Beautiful kids!!!

  5. Wow, I admire the fact you made the effort to get a family photo! 😀 Our family shots are few and far between… we should take another one since I don’t want to use the same photo as last year’s on our annual update card again!

  6. We took a family pic today! My favorite one though I can’t use…Haven’s hand is in a bad spot 🙂 It’d make for a funny card though.

  7. Wonderfully blessed! 🙂