10 Minute Christmas Table Decoration

10 Minute Christmas Table Decoration

Since this time of year is so busy, I needed to put something simple together for my school table.

This table is in my dining room right next to the table we eat on.  It’s central to everything in the house…its the room we walk through to get anywhere else.  So it’s important to me that it looks nice despite the fact that 11 people eat there and do schoolwork there everyday.

I decided to do something silly and easy.  I rounded up some jars and some leftover ribbon and spray paint, bought a few bags of marshmallows and went to town.

I spray painted the rusty old jar lids and tied ribbons to the others.  I filled the jars with marshmallows and voila!  Finished.

10 minutes…tops.  And that includes gathering the supplies and cleaning up.  Booyah!

The boys think it looks, “SNOWY!”

If you decide to make your own marshmallow wonderland, here’s a tip: PUT the marshmallows in…don’t just pour them.  If you don’t place them purposefully then all you see are the small ones and the big ones end up hidden.

Sounds like a life lesson in there somewhere.

What do you like to do on your holiday table?

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My friend Angie at Country Chic Cottage has LOTS more quick Christmas crafts!



  1. Looks great Lisa! 🙂 Thanks for playing along!

  2. I have a red table runner, open bible (Luke 2), green pine wreath with advent candles, and an angel figurine with the word Peace – that is our dining room table decor 🙂

  3. My little bedroom is kinda like an efficiency apartment. Yesterday my helper/provider (angel) helped me put up my snowman collection and some other decorations. I eat on a TV tray, so the usual centerpiece got moved to the top of the microwave…my nativity that I have had since my son was 11 and he is 35 now! I find it is the decoration I love the most, and look forward to putting it up first every year. Reason for the season and all! Gotta say though, I love the marshmallow idea and am thinking of borrowing that idea with some pastel marshmallows come Easter time 🙂

  4. a life lesson from marshmallows…=)