Getting to Know Each Other

Getting to Know Each Other

I thought I’d slow down for a second and ask a few questions.  We’ll call it, “Getting to know each other.”  Partly because I often have random things to say and mostly because I wonder about you.  I wonder who you are and what gets you through the day.

I don’t know if I’m the only person that thinks about this, but when I drive past houses I wonder about the people that live there.  I will wax rhetoric to whoever is in the car with me about the fullness of a life we will never know anything about.  The kids smile politely when I go on and on about how important that person is….whoever they are….and they have no idea we exist.  But if I’m with other adults they look at me like I’ve lost my ever-lovin-mind.

I can’t help it.  I love people.  I don’t want to hang around with them, but I love them.  Because Christ loves them.

So I wonder about you.  Who are you?  What makes you tick?  What sparks your passion?

I’ll ask a few questions, tell you my answers then, if you want to share, you can answer in the comments. Here we go!

1. Are you right or left handed?

Not a deep question, but we’re just getting started.  I am left handed.

2. How many siblings do you have? Where do you fall in line?

Again….just getting to know you.  Where you fall tells a lot about you.  I grew up with 2 siblings, one brother and one sister.  My brother passed away a few years ago so it’s just my sister and I now.  But I’ll always think of myself as one of 3.  It’s who I am.  And, if you hadn’t guessed it already, I was the oldest.

3. What do you do to relax?

Relaxing is rare for me since I never stop.  I would say I go to the movies to relax.  It makes me be still.  If I’m watching a movie at home I work on the computer at the same time.  In the theater I am forced to let everything else go for a couple of hours.  Of course, it’s not relaxing when the movie is horrible or vulgar.  I am careful about what I will watch, but I’m going to confess that I see a lot of movies.  Our little theater down the street is only $5 so I see a movie 2-3 times a month.

4. What is something you would like to change about your home?

I have a constant list running in my head.  Since I keep it in my head, James is often surprised when I blurt out things like, “We have GOT to replace that chair.  It has been irritating me for YEARS!”  Years, really?  Because I never said anything about it until now and I’m acting like it has to be done tomorrow or someone will die.

I’m not sure what would be first on my important mental list.  I’ll have to say two.  If we’re talking about something that will actually happen I’d say I want to change the furniture in my bedroom.  It needs some tweaking and moving around.  If we’re talking huge, probably never going to happen….then I’d have to say my dream of adding on a big living room.  I have the plans all ready to go in my mind, but the bank account rolls its eyes every time I mention it.

5. What is one thing you do that you REALLY have a passion for?

We’re getting deep now, right to the heart.  That thing that you get excited just thinking about.  Even if it’s hard work, you can’t wait to start.

For me it would have to be creating things.  I get such a thrill out of the spark of an idea, then the process of creating in my mind and finally turning it into an actual, touch-it-its-real object of beauty.  Once it’s done I move on to the next idea.  It’s the process that I love so deeply.

Now it’s your turn.  I want to know who you are.  Answer one or two or ALL of the questions.  Whatever you want.  Whatever you would like to share.  I love getting to know YOU!

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  1. This is GREAT!
    1. I write with my left hand,but do most other things with my right hand. I guess im ambidextrous?
    2.Its just my sister and me. Im the oldest by 3.5 years. 🙂
    3. Like you,I dont have a lot of time to really relax but when I do listening to music,playing music,anything to do with music calms me right down.I also like watching TV.
    4.Wow,There are so many things I’d like to change about my home.We are on the path to becoming debt free (and ALMOST THERE thanks to Dave Ramsey!)so needless to say we arnt decorated or painted much. We have these HUGE tall vaulted ceilings in our entry way and I have absolutely no idea how to paint them or how to decorate that space! So that would be on the top of the list.
    5.I really love to bake and cook.It makes people happy,fills their physical need and its the way I show I love and care about you!

    • Erin, we lefties have to be able to do other things with our right. It’s a right-handed world. 🙂

      I am so excited about your journey toward being debt free! We are on the same path and it has been worth every moment of not buying things to know that were are getting out from under other people. Good for you! Lisa~

      • I like to think that us Lefties are more versatile since we have to adapt to the right handed world. So far only 1 of my 4 kids are left and shes my only girl! Are any of your kids also left handed?
        Ever wonder what was so important in the past to spend money you didnt have? Its like I have a new brain! The Lord has really convicted us and given us wisdom in this area and Im so glad to almost be out from under it!

  2. 1. I’m right handed
    2. I am the youngest of 4. My 3 brothers were all grown and out of the house by the time I came along, so I was raised like an only child.
    3. My most relaxing moments are when me and my kids are all in a room reading (or looking at pictures for my youngest) books or magazines. It is quiet. Everyone is happy. And when this happens naturally without me asking for it, it lasts a while.
    4. As far as my home, I would love to just have a few extra decoration things to make it more seasonal. We have everything the same year round, for the exception of the Christmas tree. And I would love to have an extra square foot garden box or two. We have 4, but they are pretty full…and there are still so many new plants I want to play with:)
    5. Jesus. I love his word. It’s a never ending learning experience. I love to worship Him. I love to sing loudly in my house. It is quite wonderful:) And I love the creativity I have had regarding food lately. I have always been a recipe girl. And since I’ve started on whole foods in May 2012 I have really been able to start putting things together on my own. It’s a miracle, really. And I am enjoying that:)

    • Candace, oh you made me think about those sweet moments when we’re all kind of naturally hanging out together. I love that too! If you’re on Pinterest then you’re probably seeing all of the amazing Christmas decorating ideas. I’ll think of you now when I see something great. Maybe you can add something little this year and work your way up. 🙂 Lisa~

  3. 1. Right-handed
    2. I am the oldest with two younger sisters. They both live far away and I miss them terribly!
    3. To relax, I like to read in the bathtub.
    4. I would love a new kitchen. Our cabinets are horrible; the lay-out and quality are both really bad.
    5. I have a passion for my work as a doula. I love serving women during labor and delivery and helping them bring their sweet new miracles into the world.

    • Melissa, I didn’t know you were a doula! See? This is great! I am a home-birther, so I also have a passion for the birthing process.

      But reading in the bathtub, I had to give that up when I got my Kindle. I’m too scared to drop it! Lisa~

  4. 1. Right-handed, left-brained. (You didn’t ask that second part, but I knew you would want to know.) 🙂

    2. One older brother, but we are the exception to common-knowledge birth order theories.

    3. Float in the pool, get a pedicure, or watch old TV series on DVD

    4. Finish the decorating projects for the game room. I have lots of ideas, but haven’t made it a priority.

    5. Hospitality! Cooked dinner for 60 football players yesterday. Love having weekly Bible study at my house. Currently planning a big 16th birthday party for my son and 4 of his friends, all of them with birthdays in the same two weeks in December.

    • Teri, I’m so glad you added the part about being left-brained. I’m curious about how that plays out in your life. You are amazing…60 football players! Wow. You’re the party queen! Lisa~

  5. This is so fun! Okay, I am right handed. I’m the oldest of two children…I have a younger sister. To relax, we like to order in pizza & rent movies as a family. Something I would like to change about our home is are carpet! We are hoping to replace the carpet in the living room & hallway before the end of the year….it’s been on our to-do list for a couple of years now! And I would have to say that decorating is my passion! I love seeing a room transform!

    • Oh man….decorating is a close second for me. I’m with you. But I think of that as creating. So sometimes it’s the same thing. I love having that in common! Lisa~

  6. 1. Right handed. Although my mother was left.
    2. Youngest of 7. This is probably why I’m so self-absorbed. lol
    3. Watch recorded episodes of favorite tv shows, and craft with friends.
    4. Right now it’s red, black, white, browns….Tuscan’ish. I would love it if it were country cottage/bungalow/beach getaway whites, soft blues, soft greens.
    5. Creating for me too. Planning parties, menus, crafting, scrapbooking.

    My favorite thing on this earth is when my kids are happy. Ahhhhh, no fighting, no boredom, no whining. Everyone happy & satisfied with whatever is going on at the moment. 🙂

    • Cindy, I changed my house colors a few years ago and I am so glad I did! It makes me happy. 🙂 I hope we’ll see each other in the spring! Lisa~

  7. 1. I am right handed. I was kind of expecting you to be left handed before I even read your answer. It seems to me that left handed people tend to be more creative, and you are definitely creative!. It must be that left brained, right brained thing.

    2. I have one sibling; a younger brother.

    3. My favorite thing to do to relax is read. Not thought-provoking books, ones you can read without actually having to think too much. However, I don’t allow myself to read much during the school year b/c I tend to get caught up in the book(s) and forget that anyone else in the house exists.

    4. I would LOVE to change the layout of my bedroom/bathroom. The “master” bath has double sinks, which would be very nice if they were actually in the bathroom and not the bedroom. Yes, you read that correctly. The sinks are in the bedroom, across from the closet. The shower and toilet are in their own small room. Who came up with this layout and thought it was good? I guess a better question is why did I think it would be okay when we bought the house? I would love to somehow enclose the space that includes the closet, sinks, shower and toilet and move them all around so they are more functional. It would probably be easier to move.

    5. This is a good question. I will have to think on it longer than I have right now.

    • Kristi, I am with you on reading during the school year. A couple of years ago I got so into a book that I slipped up into the girls’ attic bedroom and laid on one of their beds to read. No one ever thought to look for me up there so I could hide. I realized then that I had a problem. LOL!

      Sinks in your bedroom?! That would bug me too! Lisa~

  8. I am left handed, but do many things right handed.

    I am the oldest of 6 (4 girls – 2 boys) My baby brother is 3 years older than my son.

    To relax – I bake or read. I am not to good at relaxing. I have trouble being still because I am always thinking about things I should be doing.

    I would love to change the carpet in my living room and buy new furniture. Last year my husband put in log cabin style siding in my living room on the wall our fireplace is on and I love it! He said we had to wait on the the carpet until our last grandchild was potty trained. She was recently potty trained, so I am hoping for carpet and furniture maybe for Christmas.

    I am passionate about Jesus….that is really my passion and my grandbabies! I just love being a mamaw. I really don’t have anything that I do that I am passionate about. I like to do lots of things like gardening, cake decorating, interior decorating, chickens….but I wouldn’t say I am passionate about any of them. I enjoy them, but not passionate. I think it is because I am not “great” at any of them. I always say I am “ok” at lots of things but not a master of anything. lol

    • Donna….I say the same thing about myself. Good at lots of things, not great. It works….at least I’m good at something. 🙂 I hope you get that carpet! Lisa~

  9. 1. right
    2. 2nd of two, brother is 6 years older and lives in the Atlanta, I live in MT, wish we were closer, but neither of us would like where the other lives, growing up he was truly a perfectionist and overachiever, hard to be his little sister……….
    3. read a book (non-fiction) or watch cooking/home improvement shows
    4. We just moved into a brand new house. I really cannot believe it is ours, God is soo good. We lost money on our house in Missouri, but were able to get a good deal here, but we have spent a lot of $$ putting in a sprinkler system, fence, sod and finishing the basement (all my husband) but not a lot of thought or $$$ have gone into decorating the upstairs so it is pretty bland right now. I am a terrible decorator/crafter/designer so I pretty much hang one picture almost centered in the wall and call it good……..I NEED HELP (and that is the first step, right, admitting you need help)……..
    5. I love to bake, breads, cookies, etc. I would love to use that in a more constructive way, but yet not an all consuming business, just blessing others in a small way……I also volunteer at a Pregnancy Resource Center, I feel like I am just kind of directionless and needing passion right now as my kids are all teens, one is at Bible college, 2 still at home, but they basically homeschool themselves and can drive, so I am not “needed” as much at this point. I guess I am looking for something that I can get involved in, but not have it become all consuming because I still have to have a clean house and cook supper, etc. etc. Does that make sense? A lot of gals in my situation have gotten mall jobs or throw themselves into volunteer work to the detriment of their families and I am trying to avoid that trap, but also still find “something”…………

    • Deb, that makes perfect sense! It’s definitely a hard balance.

      Hey, why don’t you find a friend that’s good at decorating and ask her to come over and help you arrange the upstairs in exchange for some holiday baking? Just a thought. Lisa~

  10. 1. I am right handed.
    2. I am the oldest of 5 (three sisters and the baby brother)
    3. To relax I love to read. For as long as I can remeber I have had a book on my nightstand to read before I go to bed.
    4. One thing I would change about my house is all the HIDEOUS wallpaper. Our house was wallpapered sometime in the 70s and whoever put it up did a FABULOUS job cause it is all still up and looks great, well except for the colors. They even put it up on the ceilings in my kitchen and half bath!! And NONE of it is peeling away. But it is HIDEOUS!!
    5. Right now my passion is Girl Scouts and helping my last three scouts earn their Gold Awards. It is a long process but so worthwhile. My daughter is one of the scounts on this journey and I think I eat, sleep and drink her Gold Award Project right now!

    • Mary Kay, I’ve never had Girl Scouts. I didn’t know about the Gold Awards. Is it similar to Eagle Scouts?

      Girl, I’d rip that wallpaper OFF! Even if it’s really stuck you can get it off for no cost. Maybe some of your Girls Scouts can make it a project. It sounds like the whole world would benefit from it being gone. 😉 Lisa~

  11. 1.) My Mom’s side of the family is right handed, my Daddy’s side is left handed…I’m right handed, and wondering if my son will be left or right!

    2.) I have siblings- Me, Myself and I. But they’re invisible. Which is essentially saying that I’m an only child who had WAYYY too much time on her hands growing up. I can also tell you about my invisible friends if you want!

    3.) Prior to having my son, I’d have said that my favorite way to relax was reading. Now, if I can just get in a few minutes of sewing, I’m a happy Momma! (Prior to his arrival, sewing was my secondary stay-at-home job. Now, it’s a hobby activity that doubles as my stay-at-home job!)

    4.) I’d love to have a kitchen remodel. Make it a bit roomier, more floorspace.. But, seeing as we live in a condo, that won’t actually happen as I envision. But if we DO move in the next couple months, I know I’ll be wanting to put in a high industrial weave carpet in the kitchen and bathrooms. Or anything in those. Anything but the stained concrete! (think about it. Stained CONCRETE in the kitchen? The bathrooms? Can’t you imagine, standing in there, the day before Thanksgiving, spending HOURS on that concrete? Doesn’t your back scream in agony at the thought? And then, once you get time to take a hot, relaxing shower to ease your low back muscles, you step out onto the cold, slick concrete floor in the bathroom?… can’t you just hear the sound your skull will make, upon kissing that cold, slick concrete floor?… -_- Can you tell I’m not a fan of concrete floors?…)

    5.) I’d say I’m most passionate about baking…and eating. I’m gluten free and dairy free, and since I’ve developed those allergies, food has become a whole new passion and joy in my life. I’d second that sewing/crafting is a passion. …but those I can’t eat. But I can wear clothes I’ve made while eating cookies I’ve made! So maybe we’ll say I enjoy crafting eats?…

    …I also like to talk. I enjoyed talking before Axel came, but now that I’m talking baby talk all day, I kinda jump at the chance to communicate with adults. …can you tell? >_>

    • Becky, but what do you really think about concrete floors? LOL! One of my daughters is gluten-free and we’re still trying to find things she can eat with her sensitivities. I love your last answer…crafting, eating…hilarious! Lisa~

  12. 1. I’m right hand kind of gal.
    2. I am the oldest with 2 younger brothers.
    3. Wow, not sure how to answer that one but I guess when I can I love to read.
    4 .My flooring through out the house for starters.
    5. Baking and cooking!!! I love to make/create things that I then see give so many others such pleasure.

    • Colleen, we have a lot of first born, book-lovers in here! I guess we’re drawn to each other. LOL! I wish all of you who love cooking lived a little closer to me so you could teach me a thing or two. I’m terrible at it! Lisa~

  13. So fun!
    1) I also a leftie that does most thing with my right hand.
    2) I have a brother who is 9 years older than me. We are not close, and I’ve longed for a close and large family my whole life.
    3)I love to read. I have too many books going at once! I also love LOVE going to the movies, and like you, am careful what I pick to watch.
    4) we just moved into a 1920s colonial style house this spring. There quite a bit of painting on my mind and bathrooms to be remodeled, but we have an empty second living room that I’m dreaming to make cozy for the winter and Christmas decor!
    5) I am passionate about knowing Jesus. My nose is stuck in His word, my thoughts fixed on Him. I long for Him to truly be my all. I also am so in love with my family. My amazing husband and 3 boys. I long for them to know Him as well.

    • Oh Jeana, a whole room to decorate for Christmas?! I’d be in heaven. Aren’t families amazing?! I know just what you mean about being passionate for Christ and your family. I feel the same way! Thanks, Lisa~

  14. Hey Lisa – thanks for a fun diversion on a Friday:

    1. I write right handed but anything sports related I do left handed as my brother taught me and he is a lefty…
    2. I am the youngest – one older brother who is 10 years my senior. It took us a long time to get to a place where we have stuff in common but now he is top on my list of favorite peeps. He an I live on opposite coasts – ick –
    3. Relaxing is not really my forte – I am a multi threaded driven girl who finds sleep to be a challenge because it feels like such a time waster. 🙂 I do sew, craft, blog, read – all at the same time….LOL
    4. Wow – I would change my house location – if it was on a 100 acres overlooking the sea it would be a much more fun house….
    5. CRITTERS – I have such a passion for animals – especially my own. I adore them. It is my plot in life to have as many as I can reasonably take care of and to provide them the absolute best life I can – full of happiness, fun, safety, full bellies and love. For critters that aren’t mine – I volunteer at the shelter, make most of my charitable contributions to animal causes and spend lots of time trying to convince my husband that we have more room in our house and our hearts….he gets the hearts part – maybe not the house parts. He is kind enough to let us share our lives with 8 furries at the moment. Its a lot of work but so worth it.

    Its been fun learning more about you and your readers….


    • Jen, I can just picture you in a house by the sea with acres for your animals. You would have a beautiful pet rescue center. Lisa~

  15. 1. I’m right handed
    2. I’m the first born and the youngest — my dad was a widower with two children, he married my mom and she had me. So, I’m the first born, but I grew up “the baby” I suppose since my sister is 8 years old and brother is 6 years older.
    3. To relax, I think I enjoy being on the computer {which is crazy cause I’m on there all day} but I love to get ideas on Pinterest. I also find it relaxing to fold laundry or do dishes – I don’t LIKE doing them, but when I just get into I find it’s relaxing.
    4. The floors in my kitchen–they are getting changed in two weeks!!! They are awful!
    5. I think I’m passionate about worship — I love the piano and it is one ministry that I do that just makes me feel so connected to the Lord as my fingers play and I love being the church pianist as God allows me to help others to worship and focus on Him.

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

    • Becky, I’ve always thought it would be so wonderful to play the piano. What a blessing!

      I’m so happy for your new floors….I can’t wait to see them on your blog! Lisa~

  16. 1. Right-handed
    2. First-born of 4 girls — I’ve always been closest to my baby sister (6 1/2 years younger than me). Wasn’t ever very close to my other 2 sisters, though we are very close in age, until now that we are 50-ish. Now we have a great time together!
    3. When I want to get away from it all, a hot cuppa something (coffee, tea, cocoa) and a good book is what I go to. Or maybe a bubble bath with candles and soft music — “Calgon, take me away!!!”
    4. I wish we would have built a mud-room just as you enter the house from the garage. Won’t happen, but I now can tell everyone why they SHOULD have a mudroom. What we CAN change is to add shutters on the outside windows and a railing on the front porch. One day!
    5. What am I passionate about? many things. My family, my faith, birthing babies, homeschooling my children.Tough to pick just one.

    • A mud room would be in my dreams also. Especially when it rains and the kids drag in all kinds of yuck from the farm animals. I almost put homeschooling as my passion. I love it so much. I’m glad you have that too….it’s amazing. Lisa~

  17. 1. right-handed; husband is both
    2. I’m the third of four siblings. Older sister is 9 years older; younger sister is 9 years younger!!! Brother is 4 years older.
    3. To relax, I edit photos.
    4. I want my walls painted with a more washable paint (more washable than ultra-flat).
    5. I’m newly passionate about writing about the basic gospel – how Jesus’s salvation is connected to… everything, really. It was planned from the creation of the world.

  18. 1. I am right-handed. My left hand NEVER cooperates when I try to use it!
    2. I am #2 of six kids. 4 girls, 2 boys – ages ranging from 32 to 12. (3 birth kiddos, 3 adopted)
    3. Relax? What exactly does that mean? But I do love to sneak away with my hubby when I can. It’s relaxing just to be with him – even just to ride around for a bit. We have 4 kids that are 5 and under (home-birther here, too)…so there is no relaxing during the day!
    4. My home…hmm, I would really like Lisa from The Pennington Point to come re-do my home! My first thought would be to overhaul my bedroom.
    5. I’m still working on finding my passion. I don’t have an answer for that question, yet.

    • Leanna, 4 kids under 5….I have been there! Well, actually I think my oldest was 6…but still. I think you can relax about finding your passion for a while. You have enough on your plate. LOL! I wish I could come redo your bedroom…wouldn’t that be FUN?! Lisa~

  19. Lisa, what a cool variety of questions!

    I’m right-handed, the middle child of three girls. I’m a typical middle child, I must say.

    I’m like you in that watches movies is relaxing to me. I used to read to relax, but I rarely find time to read fiction any more. I read a lot of non-fiction, but not really for relaxing.

    Changes to make in my home? Where do I start?? Our house is fairly new, but there are still so many things I’d like to change. Some are big, such as re-doing some floors. Many are small. But one immediate thing I want to do is to have a light fixture hung above our kitchen table. This needs to be done NOW!

    As for my passion? Christian spiritual formation–doing what helps me with my own formation, and helping others in being formed into Christlikeness.

    • Richella, hanging a couple of light fixtures in my dining/school room is on my list also. I have had all of the materials for it since early summer, but haven’t gotten to it. Your comment made me think about it again. Too much to do!

      Christian spiritual formation….I love the way you put that. Lisa~

  20. Leftie, oldest of 8, momma to 10, grandma to 2. Like you, I don’t relax well, but I love to sew, cook and take pictures. I’m looking forward to getting a new kitchen floor. After 19 years of HARD use, the vinyl is SOO ugly. For my Christmas Hubby is going to make me a hardwood floor with elm he milled himself. SO excited. I’m passionate about mothering and adoption and making the most of my resources! I enjoy the projects on your blog!


    • Hi Mary! It’s been a while. I’ve missed you. Oh my goodness, that new floor is going to be beautiful. That’s the best Christmas present EVER! Lisa~

  21. 1. Right handed. Although I’ve been known to do a few left-handed things to preserve my right wrist when it hurts. I can write left-handed, but it’s kind of sloppy.
    2. I’m the oldest of two girls.
    3. Relaxing? Either reading or creating something. I, too, will do other things if the tv or a movie is on at home.
    4. I want a jacuzzi tub. And no more tile floors.
    5. Passion? Family, photography, Jesus, creating, and having a good laugh.

    • Dianne, a jacuzzi tub huh? So what kind of floor will you have around it if you don’t want tile? I’m curious now. 🙂 Lisa~

  22. Oh, fun, Lisa!

    1. I am right handed, and utterly inept in doing anything with my left hand (as I discovered yesterday when I hurt my right arm… it’s better now).

    2. I have three siblings; I fall smack-dab between my two sisters, who are 5.5 years on each side of me. My brother snuck in between me and my oldest sister.

    3. I like to read, watch a movie with the family, or hang out with friends to relax. My family would tell you that watching a movie really, really relaxes me (I often sleep thru the end).

    4. I’d love for a genie to come unpack the rest of my moving boxes! But my next project is refinishing an 1940s dresser we just picked up at the thrift shop. She’s beautiful and curvy and needs some TLC.

    5. Right now, I think my passion would be for younger women. I enjoy encouraging them and just being around them, especially my own daughter. I really enjoy writing, too, and I have a project in mind that combines both of those… if I can just find the time!

    Thanks, Lisa!

    • Suzanne, You got my juices flowing when you mentioned refurbishing an old dresser….have fun! I love ministering to younger women also. I needed that so much when I was young. There were no blogs then to help me learn. Lisa~

  23. 1. right handed 🙂
    2. I am the oldest. I have one brother and one sister
    3. relax? read a good book, watch my telenovelas, lay in bed with tons of pillows
    4.change about home? Add cabinets in the kitchen for storage and finish the construction! screen doors and windows, new doors actually too.
    5. take pictures! I love love love photography! I always have and it makes me happy with every snap. I feel amazing when i capture an image that really speaks to me.

    It was great to know more about you!

    • Alvina, it sounds like you are under construction. How exciting, yet frustrating at the same time. 🙂 I’m not much of a photographer, but I can sure relate with the love of it. That;s cool! Lisa~

  24. 1. Right handed, but I would love to be a lefty, they are so awesome
    2. I’m the oldest. One brother living and one brother died at 6 hours old, although I do regularly think of myself as one of three.
    3. Read or go the beach. If I am really super duper lucky I can read at the beach to relax – bliss
    4. I would just love to change my home. i love love love my house, it is gorgeous. But it is too big and costs us too much money, so we are selling to downsize and I a really happy about that.
    5. What am I passionate about – I don’t know. That’s hard. I have lived so much for my children the last 12 years, I think I have forgotten I’m a separate person too. I have just sold my business and we will soon be embarking on a 6 month tour of the US. I pretty passionate about that – I think? Wow, that sounds bad in my head, not knowing what I am truly passionate about.

    • Vicki, the beach is the thing that relaxes me most in the world! But I can’t get there very often (poor me). Downsizing is a big job. It like a new adventure. it sounds like you are making a lot of changes….I’m excited for you! Lisa~

  25. Fun idea, Lisa!
    1. Right-handed.
    2. Yeah, I figured you were an oldest child. Me too, and a stereotypical one at that! I have two younger brothers and two younger sisters-in-law.
    3.Relaxing? I’m not very good at that during the week, but I love having Sunday as a day of rest. The slower pace and church, reading, singing, etc. are pretty relaxing.
    4.Ha! I’m right in the middle of redoing my living room. I finally broke down and decided to do it, after the color and decor had been bothering me for a couple years.
    5. Creating, in all different kinds of ways: writing, sewing, decorating, planning thematic units for school. Sometimes I drive myself crazy with all the creativity floating around in my brain!

    • Jacqueline, I am fascinated with people that find Sunday/church to be a slower pace. I’ve always found it to be stressful and exhausting. I must be doing something WRONG!

      I sure do understand the creativity floating around in your brain. Sometimes I wish I could turn it off! Lisa~

  26. 1. I am right handed.
    2. I come from a very mixed and blended family (several times over). I am an only child with 5 siblings. I am the oldest with three half-sisters, a step brother, and a half-brother (none of whom are fully related to each other either) ranging in ages from 27-11.
    3. I read to relax…lately it’s mostly blogs because I don’t have time for more! Or I take one of my abejas shopping to find a candle or a gift. In the summers I garden. Watering in the evening by myself is a wonderful wind-down.
    4. Oh…the list!! My big project is a mud room/laundry room make-over. I don’t think it would break the bank, but it would involve at least three days of my time which I don’t seem to have!!
    5. I also live creating things (more like repurposing) and will suddenly find 3+ hours and a whole lot of energy that I previously didn’t have when it came to cleaning (yeah, I hate cleaning…)

    • Stacie, you win the most complicated award for the answer to question #2. I can imagine you dread people asking you what they think is a simple question. Lisa~

      • Lol! Lisa, usually I just say I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. But for the fun of the game I thought I’d give the long version!

  27. 1. I am right-handed in everything, except if I’m nursing on my right side then I’ve managed to be functional with the left-hand.
    2. I have one brother who is 5 years older than me. I actually haven’t seen him for over 2 years, not because we’re estranged, but because of life I guess. We stay in touch via text and email, though, and love each other dearly.
    3. Relaxing….well, I’m not very good at it even though I know it’s good for me, but I would say curling up on the couch with my hubby on a Sunday afternoon or reading a book (uninterrupted).
    4. My kitchen/dining area needs an overhaul big time. We do nearly everything in that space all day long and it’s just not big enough or at lease not equipped the way we would ideally want it.
    5. When it comes down to it, I guess making things brings me the most joy and where I find passion. I love to cook a meal that is not only tasty to the palette but pleasing to the eyes. Baking a break that has just the right crust color and texture makes me smile! I also really enjoy sewing – making skirts for me and my girls, or making blankets or other projects.

    • Britta, (I love your name!) I remember that about nursing, I got very good at doing things right-handed. That’s a sweet memory. I admire people that love cooking. You’re welcome to make me a beautiful and tasty meal anytime. Lisa~

  28. Great questions Lisa!
    I’m right handed. I’m the oldest of three, younger sister and brother. Relax, hmmm, I’d have to say spending time with my family is my relax time, I love them!
    I love my home but I’d like a new bedroom suit. We have a very traditional look. Cherry furniture with gold knobs etc. I’d like to make it a little more relaxed and modern.
    My passion, I’m smiling because you know my personality, I’m a passionate person! But truthfully my first passion is growing closer to Christ, depending on him for everything. I pursue this daily!!! For fun, I’m passionate about fashion. 🙂

  29. Just lost my first comment to the ionosphere – so I’ll try again (sorry if my half-comment shows up somewhere!). Just found your blog this morning and have enjoyed going through it a bit! In answer to your questions:

    I am right handed and right brained. My husband is left handed and left brained. I am the youngest of five and the only girl. Can you say spoiled? I asked my mother once if I was an accident (I’m seven years younger than my youngest brother) and she said, “I prefer to think of you as a pleasant surprise.” Great answer. I relax by reading – used to be novels (before kids) then magazines, now blogs! I would love to paint the exterior of our house. It’s been pink for 20 years (my brother-in-law chose the color) and I’m ready for a change. My passion – that’s a hard one. I love creative endeavors (painting, writing, cooking, crafts), I love kids (work at a school, teach Sunday School, teach art classes), love my friends and family and I love the Lord. I am trying to go deeper every day – to be mindful instead of mindless and to step out in obedience when talking with those He brings my way.

    Thanks for sharing your life here!


  30. I am right handed. I am one of 8, of which I am #2-oldest girl. I would love to have a bigger kitchen/dining room. But, probably not going to happen in this house, and I am truly thankful for the ones I have. I am passionate about women in ministry. Not preaching, but leading Bible studies, etc. Use of the home as a hub of service-that’s what I’m all about.

  31. I’m left handed. I’m the youngest of three. I relax by reading a good book. And my biggest passion is my kids. No, not trying to be a “super mom”….cause I’m NOT! 😉 But they are my biggest passion….teaching them everyday and just getting to BE with them is fulfilling. I enjoy creating, and I enjoy sharing that with them as well. 🙂 (and yes, being a youngest, I just felt like answering a few questions….I’m carefree like that! lol)

  32. 1. I’m right handed.
    2. I’m the middle kid, with an older (by 2 years) brother and a younger (by 5 years) sister.
    3. To relax, I read your blog! And a few others. And lately, I’ve been gathering pecans. I love to wander around outside, acting like I’m doing something productive when I’m really just relaxing.
    4. The 2 chairs in the living room look nice, but they are not very comfortable – not enough lower back support. I would love to get a couple of back-friendly chairs, or figure out some way to boost the lumbar support on these.
    5. Besides my family (I’m one of those mama grizzly types), I’d have to say learning. I LOVE to learn new things.

  33. 1. Righty
    2. Youngest of 3: my brother is the oldest,name sister in the middle & then me.
    3. To relax, I love to run or soak in the tub. Or both. (Running first, then tub!)
    4. I would just love to clean my carpet & get all our rooms organized!
    5. Passionate about motherhood and TRYING to create a home atmosphere of grace & peace.

  34. Not “name” sister in the middle. A sister in the middle. Not so great at typing on the touch pad!

    P.S. Love your blog! So encouraging & downright hilarious! Thank you!

  35. I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog!

    1. I am right handed. So is my husband, and I think my 2yo daughter is, too. She proved last week that she is an Accidental Athlete at our church’s Fall Festival during Children’s Church last week. She threw a balloon up into a basketball goal, a football through a hole, and a washer into a pvc pipe goal. She sure doesn’t get it from me!

    3. I have 7 siblings total. My daddy reared two families. His first family had four girls. #1 was my sister Sherrye (Alabama) who passed away from a 4-year battle with lung cancer last December, #2 was an infant daughter who died from the Rh factor, #3 is my sister Sandi who lives in Georgia, #4 was another infant daughter who died from the Rh factor. When Sherrye and Sandi were teenagers, Daddy and his first wife divorced. My mom is 24 years younger than my dad (and only 2 and 6 years older than my sisters). I have two older brothers, Sammy (Alabama) and Tony (California). My twin sister died when we were four days old (we were born 3 months prematurely). Until last year, when asked, my simple answer would be I have two brothers and two older half-sisters. There’s no simple way to answer that now. Anyway, I’m the baby of the family and the only granddaughter on my mom’s side.

    3. My favorite way to relax is to get on the computer (or the ipad) and look at Facebook, read through the blogs I follow, Pinterest, and read.

    4. The number one thing I would like to change about my home is to finish all of the home improvement/DIY projects we’ve started since we’ve been married almost five years ago. When I get into something, I like to get it done. My husband tends to burn out mid-project. He stays busy with work so it’s hard from him to find the time and energy to work on stuff. If I could change my home with unlimited resources (not gonna happen, but I could dream), I would add on an addition along the back of our house that would have a sun room, laundry room, and extra closet space for our MBR.

    5. I am passionate about my family. I also enjoy doing projects. I get a very satisfied sense of accomplishment when I finish a project, no matter how small and even if the rest of the house is trashed because I neglected it.

  36. 1. I come from a family of six kids spread out over 20 years. I’m very close to my sister that is 17 years older as well as all the rest. I miss my sister in heaven above. I had fun with all of my family as kids and as adults too! My Mom still lives and I love our daily talks too.
    2. Oops. I’m right handed. So is my whole family and my two children.
    3. I have an injury that requires lots of rest. I sometimes protest like a two year old but always feel better after a rest!! I like to read my Bible and sing songs and hymns and made up praise songs throughout my very quiet days…I am housebound….I can get lonely compared to my busy life of a few years past ! Some say I’m very artistic now that I have more time for that kind of thing but I don’t know. I always plan projects…
    4. I would like a meandering sidewalk from the street to my door and relandscape that part of my yard so that flowers would grow seasonally and could be seen as we approach our house. I can see it in my mind!
    5. I am passionate about never letting a moment of opportunity pass when I can share Jesus and His love with others. I’m not afraid to openly pray with strangers when I feel the Holy Spirit lead. But have I arrived at perfection? No, as Paul, I run the race looking toward the goal. I forget the past… I would love to show others Jesus in my eyes and in my face even though I’m now handicapped and not the same.

  37. This is great fun, Lisa!:) Here are my answers:
    1. Right-handed
    2. Youngest of 5. I have 2 brother and 2 sisters. I’m the “caboose” in the family ~ the little surprise at the end! (I’m 12 years younger than my oldest brother.)
    3. I love to read. Breakfast in bed is quite decadent, too.
    4. This answer could go on and on! I really want to appreciate and be thankful for my house at all times. However, I have a continual list in my head of things I’d like to try to make it feel more like home to us. My next big project I’d like to tackle is our tiny main bathroom.
    5. This is a hard question that used to make me quake in my shoes. I was desperate to find a “passion” like so many people talked about having. I like to do MANY things. But, now that I’ve discovered blogging…I’ve discovered my passion! I found I love the challenge of writing, blog design, editing photos, and learning through fellow bloggers that are on similar journeys to mine. It’s so fun to find something that I feel energized doing!:)

    Thanks for all the questions. I loved reading your answers, and your readers’ answers, too!

  38. I’m late coming to the party, but then again, I’m late for most things I attend, so this is Me!

    I’m right handed – no idea what side of the brain, but mostly I reckon I think like a man. I’m the kind of girl who dreams of a day out hunting, who loves watching sport, who loves politics but hates shopping!! Weird 🙂

    I have a brother and a sister. I’m in the middle, but I feel like I’m the eldest child – my older sib is a brother, so he needed looking after 😉

    Oh boy, would I *love* time to read. I’ve forgotten what relaxing is, but my dream day is being surrounded by books, coffee, cupcakes and ….nobody!

    Well, we’ve just opened up the area between the kitchen/diner and the formal dining room. I now don’t have a dining room, but have a larger kitchen/diner. We’re in the process of putting in a solid-fuel stove, in which we’ll burn the peats we cut over the summer 🙂 If I get a comfy chair, I may not leave the kitchen area for the whole winter 😉

    I am passionate about what is happening in our western world nations – our own and the US especially (this is not about your recent election – it goes WAY deeper than that). I can see our freedoms being eroded, but so many people are soooo reliant on the state for their every need and desire that they’re happy to have their rights and liberties chucked away, just to keep their ease 🙁 It makes me mad, and very very sad. I *really* fear for our kids and their children, but when you speak to people to ‘wake up and smell the coffee’, they just roll their eyes and think you’re OTT.
    *sigh* 🙂

    Anne, in bonny, but increasingly socialist, Scotland x

  39. Right. But, my hand writing is so bad that I may as well use my left.
    Brother and a sister….and I’m the baby (which you had probably already figured out)
    I love a good girl’s night out to relax. Eating, talking, laughing with my best friends (which includes my big sister).
    I always want to change something…it’s my interior design background. (I got my BS in interior design, but as you know, I am full-time raising little people) Right now I have my eye on my little girl’s room.
    I have a passion for helping people make their house feel like home. I’m often amazed at how little thought goes in to the placement of furniture, or the lack of storage solutions. I also love to help someone stage their home to sell. But, everyone I know is broke, so I never get paid for it. I view it as a ministry.
    And I love what you said about loving people, but not wanting to hang out with them – that’s funny….and I can relate!

  40. 1. I too am a SouthPaw, as have been all the women on my Mom’s side of the family (with the exception of her) and all the women on my Dad’s side of the family. Odd I know, especially when you consider that it is more rare for a woman to be left handed than a man.
    2. Only one brother who is 8 years and one day older than me… again, odd, I know but what can I say?
    3. I love to create…. mainly cakes and cookies. I love the idea of creating edible art. I don’t have to store, it makes people happy and makes great gifts.
    4. We live in the house I grew up in… the only home I’ve known. I find it hard to believe that the 4 of us lived here when just hubby and I find it too small. So, I’d love to add a room. Plus, another of my favorite things to do is decorate so it’d give me another outlet for my creativity.
    5. As I said before, I love to create…. painting, sculpting, baking, sewing… I love it all. Who knows, I may add blogging to the list some day soon. For now, I just post pics to flickr.