A Wonderful Holiday!

A Wonderful Holiday!

What a wonderful holiday! Our Thanksgiving was about as perfect as I could have imagined.  The food was amazing, the fellowship filled my cup.

The kids and I spent a couple of days getting the house ready.  We needed 3 long tables to fit everyone, so we took one of the couches out onto the front porch to fit a table in the living room.  My cats thoroughly enjoyed that.  It took them about 5 minutes to discover the soft, clean surface to spread out on and take over.

I used fresh flowers, candles and small pumpkins on the tables to make them festive without having tall, distracting centerpieces.

The dining room was also ready for the guests to arrive (in case you’re wondering….those little brown things on the tables are acorns).

After we ate our enormous meal and lots of pie we played Taboo.  The kids hung around talking and playing music while the adults enjoyed the guys vs girls challenge.  I don’t want to tell you who won.  It would humiliate one of the teams.  Mostly mine.

On Friday my four daughters and I left the house at 5AM to hit the sales.  This is our 4th year to go Black Friday shopping.  While it’s completely exhausting, we really enjoy the time together.  Our first stop is always anthropologie.  My girls all love that store, but the prices are WAY out of our reach.  Their Black Friday sales are great.  We got a bunch of things and I only spent $30.  Woohoo!

Once we got home I slept for about 3 hours.  Frankly, I think I’m still recovering.  I don’t bounce back from sleeplessness like I used to.

The rest of the weekend was spent sleeping, pulling out the Christmas decorations and filling shop orders.  On Saturday night we all got together to put the ornaments on the tree in the living room.  There are so many of us that the kids stand in line and wait for James to hand them an ornament with a hook attached.

Yes, they will need therapy when they grow up and realize that most people just pull the old ornaments out of a box and hang them on the tree without standing in line.  They’ll be waiting their turn and suddenly notice they’re the only ones not just grabbing decorations.

Sorry kids.  Our Christmas traditions aren’t necessarily going to translate to your adult lives.

Sunday was nice.  Easy.  Restful.  I’m looking forward to spending time with my kids over the holidays in the shop filling shop orders.  We talk about our customers and pray for them.  It’s a really sweet time together and all of the kids get involved in some way.

We are all glad that Christmas is upon us and ready for the rush and anticipation.

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday weekend.  I’d love to hear what your favorite thing was that you did!



  1. Okay, so I don’t have my kids stand in a line, but we do take turns. One at a time. Because I have to put the hooks on. And it is just easier that way.

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend!
    So…the children will need therapy, hum? I was always
    thinking they would all sit around teary eyed sharing stories of the
    “organized” life they had living in a larger family 😉 How Momma had them all
    “wait” their turn so we could ‘enjoy’ the chaos! 🙂 Ha! You know there needs to
    be special memories in ‘all’ we do raising these sweet ones!
    Glad your holiday & weekend went went.
    How about a post with the high-light the ‘lil-shop’?
    Remember my on going “cottage-saga”? We are thinking of taking the sewing stuff over & being creative with out all the dis-tractions! (is there such a place) anyway…
    would be fun 🙂
    Blessings for a great week!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Ours was fun too, lots of food and family photo taking, etc.

    This is one of my favorite weekends because we decorate the house for Christmas. Well, mostly I do it, though my two youngest helped with the tree this year!

    Lisa, check out my big giveaway for our online store, at my blog!

  4. Your Thanksgiving tables were just lovely! And I had to smile when I saw the acorns scattered on your tables…we did that too! (Ours are faux.) We also move around the furniture every year, so that everyone can sit together in the same room. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday…made even more delightful this year as my married son and his family were able to be with us. (It was the first Thanksgiving in six years that we have all been together!)

    The part about the cats made me smile too! 🙂

  5. I am a Taboo addict/fanatic. My mild mannered, pastor’s wife self turns into a raucous competitive self as soon as the game comes out.

    It ain’t purty. But it’s fun!

    LOVED your Thanksgiving decor. Homey, lovely, elegant.

  6. The comments about the kids standing in line waiting for ornaments made me laugh. I only have four children but I have always done this with them.

  7. I’m way behind (it’s 12/5) on keeping up with your blog, so today I just read your Black Friday post. What did you purchase at Antrho?? Is it really worth going on BF (not necessarily at the pre-dawn hours…)? I, also, l.o.v.e. that store and NOT their prices, so I’m keenly curious. Don’t you always go and search out the clearance sections first? I do that in almost all stores. Tarjay is a killer. Went back this week to return $2xx.xx clearance items & the dollar spot “junk” because my Dec. bill is horrible. Credit won’t appear until Jan, but I’ve learned my lesson…My Hubs is not an accountant, but he’s Scottish…. :). We had our 2 airmen from Lackland for Thanksgiving again. Love that! Almost got a pair of girls, though. But if the Lord ever allowed us to have them, we’d be just as gracious and kind, even though our hearts would be so heavy inside. Our Thanksgiving decor is still up. Boo. I loved knowing we had a week in between Thanksgiving and Dec. 1, but alas, Th. decor is still up. Gotta attack that starting today!