10 FREE Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Older Girls

10 FREE Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Older Girls

Since I have to fill 10 stockings on a tight budget, I try to come up with some cheap or free items to fill them to the top.  My kids don’t mind free gifts….they are grateful for anything.  I just love that about them!

Today I’m sharing ideas for older girls.  Since I have 4 daughters, I will definitely be using some of these this Christmas!

1. Embellished Socks

I found some $1 knee socks at Target that were super cute already.  But to make them fabulous I cut some flowers off of an old sweater and stitched them to the socks.  I made 2 different kinds….perfect!

2. Friendship Bracelet

You can either make some friendship bracelets or print out a few fun patterns and give her the materials to make them herself.  Friendship-Bracelets.net has some really elaborate patterns!

3. Personalized Earbuds

Last year I took a set of my daughter’s earbuds and wrapped them in variegated floss.  I had the floss from old projects and so I tried wrapping it and weaving it until I got just the look I wanted.

4. Recipe Cards

My girls are often asking me to write down some of my recipes so they will have them when they leave home.  Using plain index cards, you can share your family favorites.  And be sure to add tips and tricks….those are as precious as the recipe!

5. Coke Tab Ring

Around here we enjoy making things out of junk.  This ring is just the tabs from Coke cans and wire.  Bend the tabs a little, then 2 at a time wrap them together with wire until you have a size that you want.  Then close it up with the wire.  Super cute!

6. Cups for Pencils and Art Supplies

Sticking with the recycle theme….these empty cans spray painted black and labeled with vintage looking words would be a great gift for the artist in your life.

7. T-Shirt Scarf

Scarves are so hot right now.  These ideas from Myra at My Blessed Life give you plenty of ways to make scarves out of old t-shirts.

8. Chore Free Coupon

Who doesn’t like a day off every once in a while?

9. Key Necklace

More trash to treasure….take an old house key, spray paint it and string it onto a chain.  Funky, fun, fresh.

10. Homemade Note Cards

A set of 6-12 cards is a beautiful addition to a stocking.  This card from A Little Space of My Own is darling and my friend Celia has a Pinterest board FULL of gorgeous card ideas to inspire you!

Be sure to hop over to see what big girl stocking suggestions my friends Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage and Andrea from The Cottage Market are sharing.  We’re hoping to fill your brain with great ideas!

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  1. You got me thinking with these “free” posts. The budget will be pretty tight this year, but I’m seeing a glimmer of hope!

  2. Wow 10 stocking! These are some great ideas for free stuffers! Thanks for sharing!

  3. How awesome are these…I am in LOVE with the ring!!!!! That is such an incredibly fabulous creative idea…LOVE IT!!!!! And the key — what a sensational idea that is…they are all great — I secretly want the socks lol…I do but I think when you said older girls…you didn’t mean that old!!!!! they are just too cute : ) hugs and it is so much fun sharing these posts with you! going to go pin now : )

  4. These are such fun & CUTE ideas Lisa!! Thanks for sharing!! : )

  5. Lovely ideas! I really like the recipe cards…that is one I hadn’t thought of.

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