10 *FREE* Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Little Girls

10 *FREE* Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Little Girls

I am wild about filling Christmas stockings for my family.  But with 10 stockings to fill and a very small budget, I have to get creative about ways to make each one special.  This week I am linking with my friends Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage and Andrea from The Cottage Market. Be sure to check out their fabulous ideas!

My stocking stuffer ideas are all FREE!  You know how I like to save money by digging through my junk and re-purposing it.  So we’ll be pulling out old clothes, shoes, empty cans….whatever I can find to fill some fun stockings!

1. Hair bows

The Polka Dot Umbrella has a darling tutorial for making the cutest little girl hairbows!  My girls would have loved these when they were little.

2. Soda pop tab bracelet

Here in Texas we don’t say “soda pop.”  We say Coke.  It doesn’t matter if it’s actually Coke…it’s still a Coke.  We just tied Coke tabs to a piece of Valentine’s Day ribbon and had a sweet pretend charm bracelet.

3. Bean bags

We made these for a bridal shower a couple of years ago.  They were easy to whip up.  Wouldn’t it be darling to make some out of her old clothes?!

4. Sewing cards

These printable sewing cards from Just Something I made are so cute I want some for myself!

5. Mommy shoes

Forget those cheap little plastic high heels.  Give your little girl some of your old shoes that you’ve fancied up for her.  We just spray painted these with some leftover pink paint and sprinkled them with glitter.  She will love them!

6. Little purse

There’s an easy tutorial for making this sweet purse at Skip to My Lou.  Again, if you make it out of some old clothes it will be FREE!

7. Tree swing

OK, maybe a swing won’t fit in a stocking, but what little girl wouldn’t like a push on this precious swing?  Instructions at Stuff We Do, so easy to make with scraps!  Completely free!

8. Coloring pages

A few Christmas coloring pages rolled up in a tube would be a fun after Christmas dinner activity to pull from the stocking!  These from She Knows are perfect.

9. Doll blanket

This little no slip blanket from The Little Apple Seed is so cute!  You could make this out of an old skirt or sheet.

10. I spy bottle

Jill at Meet the Dubiens shows how to make this fun toy out of a leftover bottle and little things you have around the house.

I hope this list gave you some ideas for free ways to fill your little girl’s stocking this Christmas.  Be sure to visit Gina and Andrea for more great tips.

Do you have any free ideas for little girls’ Christmas stockings?

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  1. Fabulous and Free…those are GOOD F’s to get on your report card lol!!!!! You get an A PLUS PLUS for finding such imaginative and great stocking stuffers with NO pinch to the pocketbook and many RECYCLE….APPLAUSE!!!! : ) hugs!

    • Andrea, you’re so funny. 2 F’s…..I never thought of it like that. LOL! Thanks for the applause. 🙂 Lisa~

  2. Love these! Great ways to get my gears turning to make some stuff for the little girls in my life 🙂

  3. So many cute ideas. I miss having a little girl! Sniff.

    • Laura, me too! All of my girls are too big for this now. But you’ll love my suggestions later this week for older boys. They are so hard to buy for! Lisa~

  4. These are great ideas, Lisa! Will you do a similar post for boys’ stockings? I’m pinning this to my “Tips” board–for my friends who have girls!

  5. These are really neat ideas. One thing that came to mind with regard to the bean bags was to make some scented sachets instead. To make it free, fill with some leftover potpourri or leftover scented beads. If they lost their scent, use some of her own favorite spray scent you may already have around the house. Could be put in a drawer or hung with a ribbon in her closet.

    • Great ideas Tammy! I am doing scented sachets in my post about moms and dads on Friday but I am sure little girls would love that too! Thanks. 🙂 Lisa~