There’s a Whole Lotta Craftiness Going on Around Here!

There’s a Whole Lotta Craftiness Going on Around Here!

I haven’t been keeping y’all up to date on my craftiness lately.  The 31 day series has been filled with parenting ideas, but there’s a lot more to me than motherhood.  I wear many hats.  I am a multi-faceted woman.  James says complicated and confusing.  Tomato-tomahto.

I’ve been doing some small, easy projects, putting them in my shop and sharing them on other sites.  Then I realized that I’m not showing them to you, and you understand me best of all.  That led me to feel sorry for you.  Because if you can understand ME then there might be something sadly wrong with you and I think you need to see a doctor.

….ooops…..train of thought derailed…..back to the crafts….

Over at Mom It Forward I’m showing 7 ways to use brown lunch bags for fall.  Here’s a quick peek….be prepared for excessive cuteness.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, I am also over at Life Your Way sharing 7 ways to say “welcome” with your decorating.

I never realized before that I like lists of 7 so much.  Or maybe I just can’t think of more than that.  I do tend to get distracted easily.

But that’s not all of the creativity around here.  I’ve been cranking out some etsy orders and enjoying the process of making things for others.  I just love thinking about my customers and praying for them while I work.  I made a big batch of these on Monday and sent them off to a special bride:

And I’ve got a whole bunch of new products in the shop. These zippered pouches are so cute and they’d make great Christmas gift for friends, teachers, secret santas, church leaders, lots of folks!

I’ve got to show you just one more, then I’ll stop.  But these mason jar lids that we’re making now are just so fun. I’m using them all of the time for the whole family.

Thanks for letting me spill about all of the craftiness that’s been happening around here.  I hope you’ll pop over to Mom It Forward and Life Your Way to say hello!

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  1. This is all so cute!! “D