31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 28: A Day of Quiet

31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 28: A Day of Quiet

Kids can be loud.  Many children are extremely chatty.  With 11 people living here we have noise happening in every room, all day long.  We miss things and don’t hear all of the important moments because of all of the static noise.  So every once in a while we have….

A day of quiet.

When the volume level has been too high lately, I will tell everyone that tomorrow we are having a quiet day.  I’ll use construction paper to make little signs that I hang around the house.  The signs say things like, “No talking today” and “Shhhhhh…..”

All day long we have to be quiet, play with noiseless toys, control our mouths by not talking unless it is for purely informational purposes….like saying it is time for dinner, etc.  We will talk at the table over a meal, then go back to silence.

This is much more difficult for some children than for others, but it is good for them to do something hard.  They don’t actually NEED to talk.  What they need to do is learn to have self-control.

 “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” Proverbs 10:19

The connection with your child comes in through communicating in other ways.  If you can’t talk, you have to look at each other, smile, follow, pay attention, understand.

Try it….see what happens.

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  1. I can’t wait until my son is old enough and we can do this. He is only 2, so I think I would spend our day of quiet just telling him to be quiet.

  2. What a creative idea! I’ve never heard of that before. We have moments of quietness, but it’s more like, “Turn that down, I can’t handle it loud right now!” A whole day. That would be…sweet 🙂