31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 27: Body Outline

31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 27: Body Outline

No, this isn’t a police experiment.  I promise, it’s a fun simple way to connect with your child.  Just hang with me.

We’re going to draw an outline of our bodies.

This is such a silly, spur of the moment thing to do.  Just get some butcher paper (you can get it in a craft store or unfold a couple of brown grocery bags and tape them together) and a sharpie marker.  Lie the paper out on the floor, one piece per person.

Then, you take turns lying down on the paper and tracing around each other’s body.  It’s tickly and giggly and fun.  They will enjoy tracing you as much as they enjoy being traced.

Then color yourselves.  You can talk and tell jokes and make silly pictures of yourselves.  Then cut them out and tape them to the wall, or the back of a door, or in the garage….anywhere!

Now you’ve spent a few minutes just being together for no reason but to just hang out.  There doesn’t always have to be a reason, does there?

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  1. You’ve got some really creative ideas in this series, Lisa!

  2. This one is so fun:) We don’t have any butcher paper, but it would be fun to do it with sidewalk chalk in the driveway too:) Since it rarely rains in TX we could see our outlines everytime we go out!