31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 23: Save Money Together

31 Everyday Ways to Connect with Your Child, Day 23: Save Money Together

One of the coolest ways to connect together is to do something with a unified purpose.  Saving money takes sacrifice, determination and willpower.  Why not save money together as a family?

Find a good reason….a charity, a friend in need, an elderly neighbor, a missionary,there are needs in every direction.

I remember several years ago some friends had an emergency and didn’t have insurance for the huge medical bills.  So our little family decided to save all we could to help them.  It became a mission.  Do we get that drink at Sonic, or put the $1 in the jar for the medical bills.  Our kids were so generous, even more than me considering how little they had to give.  It is still a special memory for our family.

Look for ways to save money to help someone else.  It can create a solid, long lasting connection with you and your child.

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  1. We first saved as a family when our boys Marched in Russia, on The Red Square 5 years ago now! We saved and collect money in a HUGE can we can find in our Dollar Shops here in Australia and affectionately called it our Russia tin….we saved and AMAZING $4,000 dollars! Ohhhhhh wow!

    We then put away cents and dollars for our Missionary Family Trip 3 years ago where we lived in a slum for 4 months in the Philippines…..we again saved lots as a family! It has been a great success!

    It is interesting that we now STILL know our tin affectionately as OUR RUSSIA TIN! Old habits die hard! But I so agree it does give the family a focus, builds tradition and memories…I am now thinking about a tin for Weddings…..hmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

  2. My daughter went through a phase where she was painting a lot. She is an entrepreneur even at 7. She decided to sell her paintings to buy chickens through World Vision’s charity catalog. We went to Ikea and bought some brightly colored frames. She is bright in personality and and so were her pictures. They looked beautiful and she sold them all and met her goal. So proud!