Saturday Social No. 1 — Facebook

Saturday Social No. 1 — Facebook

What is the Saturday Social?

On the last Saturday of every month we will each host a different Social Followers party.

Each month we will also rotate, who holds which social party, so you will be able to meet lots of new friends.

The Team

I have the honor of working with a great group of ladies on the Saturday Social party.

The 4 hostesses will be:

Domestically Speaking

Jader Bomb

The Pennington Point

Its So Very Cheri

This month I am hosting the Facebook party

I have been having a ball over on my Facebook page.  It’s been a great way to get to know some of you better and have great conversations.  If you have a Facebook page that you’d like to promote this is a great place to do it!  We want to know you’re there and “Like” the very best pages….yours!

Just add your Facebook page below so others can find you and follow you, (and your photo or blog button) and then follow others.

The parties will start at 8am EST and close at 11:59 PST

Let’s Get SOCIAL

Once you have entered my party, head over to the other parties and get SOCIAL.
Maryann from Domestically Speaking is hosting Pinterest Followers
Jade from Jader Bomb is hosting Twitter Followers
Cheri from Its So Very Cheri is hosting Hometalk Followers


  1. Im a restaurant so I don’t really think I belong…but this is just Great!

  2. what a fun idea this social party is!! glad to be here!

  3. Such a great idea, Lisa! Thank you for hosting … I look forward to getting to know everyone! *Becca*

  4. Thanks a bunch for this great party! :) Have a great day

  5. Linked away… off to follow. Thanks for hosting!! :)

  6. This is great fun, Lisa. Thanks so much for hosting!

  7. Thank you!

  8. Thank you so much for doing this…what a great idea! I’ve visited and like every page so far. I’ll check back later for more fun!

  9. Lisa, I’m having so much fun with this!!! Totally inspired to DIY and so Mark and I just made our own photography box! No more trying to photograph in the rain and the never-ending wind over here! And, because I miss the hill country stones in my shots, I’m laying some in the bottom of the box, LOL! {hugs} Celia

  10. Thanks so much for hosting this!
    I have been wanting to get more followers on my facebook page and it’s been so hard!
    What a great idea this is!
    Love you blog btw…and this is how I found it, through Jaderbombs blog and this social party!

  11. Ack! I accidentally linked to my blog instead of my facebook page! I’m so used to typing my blog address whenever I see a box labeled “website.” Is there a way to edit it?

    P.S. Lisa – I mentioned you on my blog yesterday! Thanks for hosting the Saturday social! Fun fun!

  12. Wow… am I ever the slow one! I just figured out how to like others pages from my “page”… not my personal FB page. And I just discovered I have two FB pages for my blog…. Thank you for hosting this Lisa! I can hardly wait for the conference… see you there my friend!

  13. Okay another question… do you have your blog page linked to your personal page? I am trying to figure some things out… i.e. which is the best way to have a FB page for my blog.

  14. OH Lisa, you would be so proud of me… I just figured out the answers to my questions!! :)

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