Instagram My Way

Instagram My Way

As y’all know, I am loving me some Instagram.  It’s a quick, fun way to share pictures of little things throughout my day.  Doesn’t it make you wonder if someday there will just be a way to speak and it goes out to the great unknown?  Or think?  Oh no.  You don’t want to know my thoughts.  Let’s just stick to pictures.


Along with Instagram comes my newfound passion for photo apps.  I have a few that I use regularly that I want to share with y’all.  I thought I’d show you the way I edit a photo before I stick it on my Instagram feed.

1. Of course, I take the picture. 

I asked Levi to stand still while I took his picture.

Come on, be serious.


OK, think of Spiderman eating ice cream.

There we go.  Snap.

2. Snapseed

I run the image through my favorite app, Snapseed.  Here I can tweak the brightness and colors and crop.  I can even add a bit of bokeh, like I did here.  Then I saved it to my camera.

3. FX Photo Studio.

I love, love, love FX Photo Studio when I am in the mood to embellish a picture.  This app has TONS of special effects for images.  I like to just try a few….


Nah, maybe this.

Finally, I settled on this one and saved it to my camera.


4. Phonto

Adding text is fun!  There are several apps I like for text, but for this I used Phonto.  It lets me create images without a picture.  I chose the voice bubble and played around with the colors.  At last I decided on this and, again, saved it to my camera.

5. Picframe

Picframe is another app I use a LOT.  I can put several images together to make a collage and it’s really easy to use!  For this image, I chose the frame with 2 vertical rectangles, on the left opened the text bubble I made and put the image on the right.  Then….yep….save to my camera.


6. Post to Instagram

Did I mention that I LOVE Instagram?  But be sure you check your text before you hit send.  In this one I meant to say, “Somebody loves to ham it up for the camera,” but instead I wrote, “Somebody lives to gam it up for the camera.”  Oh well….at least it still kind of made sense.

Instagram has several good effects also, but I didn’t use any here because I had already done so much editing it didn’t need more. 

If you didn’t really read any of this post, I want to be say that my best tip is to save each edit to your camera.  That allows you to layer edits and gives your pictures that great pop!  You can go back and just delete them after you finish.

This whole thing from picture to going on Instagram took me about 3 minutes.

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I hope you’ll join us!

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  1. 2 of those apps I haven’t tried yet… thanks for the tips!

  2. I have to check all of these out,. Very fun apps.


  3. I’m going to check these apps out too!

  4. Goood news!! When you make a goof in your comments on Instagram, simply click to add a new comment. When the screen comes up, tap the original (goofed-up) comment. It will slide to the right and you’ll see a trash can icon. Delete that puppy and type your new one!!