The Girl’s Attic Bedroom is Finally Finished!

The Girl’s Attic Bedroom is Finally Finished!

Finally, after a month we have the girls’ room finished!  I’m not even really sure why it took so long.  We got most of it done in a week, but the little details dragged us down.  There are still a few things we want to do, but at this pace it will be a year before we are totally done so I’m just showing it to you.  As is.  No refunds.

This is what it looked like before:

That was before we moved Hope down into her own room.  Then we started painting.  And it looked like this:

girls attic room

While the girls painted, the boys and I built shelves.

And now…..this is what it looks like:

girls attic room

The biggest difference is, obviously, the back wall.  After we painted it black, the girls spent 2 days painting the words.  Their older sister Hope helped too.  It seemed to take forever, but we all just LOVE it.  They chose the words and I arranged them.  The dramatic wall is exactly what this tiny room needed.

But it also desperately needed book storage.  Before the makeover, books were stacked all along the walls.  Now they’re all tucked onto shelves with room for more!

girls attic room

The little shelf that I built for Faith’s desk holds all of her craft supplies.  It amazing what a difference it makes in storage.

girls attic room

She’s so adorable with all of her recycled containers and vintage boxes.

girls attic room

Look what she did to her chair…..this girl is full of style.

girls attic room

Patience has her own study/workspace on the other side of the room.  We took a bunch of mismatched shelves and painted them all white and put them in the corner.  She’s got it all organized.

girls attic room

We spent several months searching for bedding.  We couldn’t find anything that would work with the colors we wanted that was in our price range (which was close to $0).  Then one day I spotted a king sized quilt in the clearance section of Walmart.  So I bought it and we cut it into 2 tops and added a skirt to each piece.  That not only worked with our low budget, but it hides everything under their beds to they can use that space for storage also.

girls attic room

We all agreed that we would use a reddish-pinkish-teeny-bit-orangish as our one pop of color.  After several trips to the hardware store for paint swatches we settled on a color.  These are the old IKEA bedside tables that were up there already and we just painted them.  Believe it or not, I found the headboards in someone’s trash!  We cleaned them up, painted them with the same black paint we used on the back wall and they make such a big difference! Sing it with me, “FREE!”

The “peace” and “joy” pillows are new products in our shop.  Cute, cute, cute.

We turned the dormers into closets, so each girl has a dresser & clothes rack in her “closet”.  The curtain just covers half of the closet to give it a little privacy.  I had 2 curtains, still in packages, in the storage building.  I have no idea how old these curtains are or where I got them.  But they were free so we made them work!

girls attic room

Patience used her empty closet wall to display her photographs and artwork.

girls attic room

These 2 girls worked really hard on making over their room.  And I know they are loving having a fresh, clean space to live.

girls attic room

Thanks for keeping me on my toes and checking in with me about this room.  I am so glad to have it finished!

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  1. It’s gorgeous!! 😀 Come decorate my room, Mrs. Pennington? 😀 *puppy dog eyes*

  2. omw! such an amazing transformation! i luv it all and such ingenious ideas – esp the king size comforter.

  3. I love it! So great!
    I’m going to show it to my girls – maybe it will motivate them! I can’t wait!


  4. It looks fantastic Lisa!! I love that the girls played such a large part in this room makeover!! That black wall with the words is my absolute favorite part of the room, but there are so many great parts!! I love that you made the bedding! The skirted bottoms are so feminine & pretty! And I cannot believe that you got those headboards for FREE!! So awesome!!
    Great job friend!

    • Tonya, the girls really get all of the credit. They worked so hard and were so sweet about waiting so long to get it done! And you are so right… is hard to believe I’d find free matching headboards. JOY! Lisa~

  5. It looks soooo good! I know they’re going to enjoy it!
    Have a great day!

    • Cyndi, they told me thank you again this morning for helping lake their room so nice. It’s just a delight to have grateful children! Lisa~

  6. Oh Lisa, I don’t even know where to begin…. it is simply beautiful! The wall, the nightstands, headboards, bedding, Faith’s crafting area and Patience’s work/studying area… so in a nutshell the whole thing! It is truly lovely!! You all did a wonderful job and I am so glad you were able to work on it together!! 🙂

    • Thanks Peggy! Working on it together will make it a wonderful memory. They’ll be talking about it for years….telling their children about painting that wall for 2 whole days! 🙂 Lisa~

  7. Love the pop of coral, THE word wall, the preciousness of joyful homemaking and the unity of purpose. I can FEEL the love.

    Adorable x 18! Well done.

    • Thanks Kelley! But don’t tell the girls it look like coral. They said they definitely don’t want that. It’ll be our secret. :X Lisa~

  8. Every single detail is fabulous! I love the makeover! 🙂 xo

  9. Such a beautiful outcome. Who would expect anything less! You girls ROCK!

  10. Love the new look! We are transforming our boys’ room. You’ve inspired me to go a bit more dramatic. Thanks!

    • Oooh Vickie I love that! Yes, go dramatic. Something bold makes the room….especially for a boy. I can’t wait to see what you do! I’m so excited for you! Lisa~

  11. Wow – no refund required!! Looks amazing…. Come to NC – we have super Sonic Ice here and I have multiple rooms in desperate shape! 🙂

  12. Eek!!! I just knew I was going to live this one 😉 even better than I imagined … Please ask the girls when I should come over for the first sleepover!!!! totally serious. Love you all, great job. That storage piece us AWE-some

    • Stacy, you’re too late for the first sleepover. The girls all piled in there one night and had a ball. They made popcorn and watched movies and giggled all night. But I have a recliner in my bedroom with your name on it. Come on over and put your feet up! Lisa~

  13. You are simply a creative genius…& clearly, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Instead of naming each & every thing that I love … well, let’s just say that list would be longish, as I love it all! Thank you for inspiring me, again =) Blessings.

  14. Love it especially the back wall!


  15. I love how this turned out…especially the word wall, so interesting and uplifting!. Your girls must be so happy to have such a beautiful space to live in now and satisfying to know that they helped with it all. Your family is so inspiring…thank you!

  16. LLOOVVE it! It is beautiful! Seriously Lisa you are such an inspiration!!! YOur girls too!!

  17. beautiful

  18. How awesome is this! I had an attic bedroom when I was a kid too. Nothing like this though. KUDOS to you,this is fab!

  19. Super well done and I love all of their own touches. Thanks for sharing!

  20. I LOVE the Word Wall!!!

  21. Wow – that really is something else! I love it all, but the back wall really takes the biscuit. It is so clever… their hard work was worth every ounce of sweat 😉 …also *love* the shelving. Really gorgeous, the whole room. What a pleasure it must be for them 🙂

    • Croft, I don’t know what it means to take the biscuit, but if you add a little gravy then I’ll KNOW it’s a compliment. LOL! Lisa~

  22. It looks incredible!! I love that way it turned out! It has that awesome vintage vibe. I really like the back wall! Super creative and fun! I just love this room! It looks like the ideal place to sleep, craft, read, and just hang out. 🙂

  23. So inspiring…love it all

  24. That’s incredible!! I love what you did with the room and within a very strict budget. Looks great!

  25. The word wall is precious! I love seeing the words that they chose – says so much for the character of your girls. You’re an awesome mom, Lisa. This room seriously needs to be in a magazine – so resourceful. (and fun…what girl wouldn’t love to be tucked in under that slanted ceiling reading a book!?)

  26. Lovely job, ladies!

    Deb Mantik

  27. SOOO stinking cute!!! I absolutely love the wall, as I’m partial to accent attic walls. 😉 Great job, fam!!!

  28. What a fabulous makeover!! A really wonderful lesson in how to use attic space to create usable, useful and gorgeous space for your gorgeous daughters!!

  29. Just catching up with your blog and I love this Lisa!! Amazing jobs! Tell the girls that they do amazing work! 🙂

  30. YOU! ARE! AMAZING! And so are your girls! My goodness, the room is gorgeous! I really need you to come to my very plain house and help me! Seriously!!!!!!


  31. Such a great room makeover! I bet the girls really enjoyed being a part of the design and execution of the finished space. It looks as though the room was tailored to each girl’s interest. Wonderful job! (Love that word wall!)

  32. What a great room! I’m jealous – I want to live here 🙂
    Beautiful design!

  33. Very cute! 🙂 Great job.

  34. Faith and Patience look so proud of their room ;-). I love Faith’s style, I think she gets it from you. Love, love, love everything about this space!

  35. wow!! this room looks fantastic! I am truly blown away! I love the vintage look and feel of everything and that accent wall is just awesome! Also your daughters have beautiful names, my daughter is Grace, so she would fit right in! I think the thing I love most is that chair! how did she attach the burlap to it?? What an amazing idea! I have an unsightly desk chair that I would love to transform now thanks to this post! I found you through the not just a housewife contest, and am your newest follow! Good luck in the contest!

    <3 Bethany @

  36. Wow, I’m so impressed! This is a wonderful space and ya’ll were so innovative in making it work so efficiently for your needs, and it’s absolutely lovely, too! Love that wall of words — very, very creative!

  37. Thank you for linking this gorgeous room to Grace at Home, Lisa! It’s just wonderful. I featured this post! 🙂

  38. Wow! That room should be in a magazine. Love the wall, love the bedding, love the teamwork!!

    Way to go.

  39. My Word! This is fabulous! I would have never thought to do what you did for the bedspreads and I love the back wall! Amazing! Pretty girls too!

  40. Beautiful as usual!! You are so creative and your children have inherited your genes 🙂 thats good!! 🙂 I love the budget…close to $0…gotta love that price 🙂 Great idea on the king size quilt and sewing on a long skirt…love it!!! Thanks again, Lisa !!! 🙂

  41. Hello there! This looks fantastic! I was wondering if you could give any tutorials or anything similar on how to build the bookshelves and the desk?