Make Yourself a Magnetic Art Board

Make Yourself a Magnetic Art Board

I don’t know if it’s different for non-homeschoolers, but here we have an unbelievable amount of artwork that the kids want to display.  I’m all for cheering them on and giving encouragement, but I’ve worked hard to make the house relaxing and lovely and I’m just going to be honest: I don’t want torn out coloring book pages of super heroes hanging on my walls.

So I found some less obvious, but still special, ways to display their artwork.  I’m showing you 5 ideas over today at Life Your Way.

One of the ideas I posted there is a magnetic art board.  It was so easy to make and fits well with our style.

I went to the automotive section at Walmart and bought a drip pan.  It’s huge and only cost $11.  I love the size of it…..and it’s lightweight.  Perfect for this project.

The only problem with it is that one end has the words “oil drip pan” or something like that embedded into the pan.  Bummer.  I needed to think of a way to cover that up!

So I decided to do something so simple that it was hard to believe it would look good.  I took newspaper and cut out huge letters, glued them to the pan and in 10 minutes it was done.  I didn’t worry about centering the letters.  I like that they are a little bit offset.  I’m not a matchy-matchy, everything-centered kind of girl.  And you’d never guess that there’s anything behind that big T!

magnetic art board

Then I took it out to the workshop and drilled 2 small holes in the corners.  Nothing to it.  Magnetic Art Board – ready to hang.

magnetic art board

It is perfect tucked under this little window in an out of the way spot.  Elijah and Levi have already been hanging things on it.

For the magnets I took some of those button magnets (again, Walmart) and stuck old, rusty washers to them.

I think it would be so cute to put 3 or 4 drip pans together and make it a whole wall.  In a kid’s room?  Oh yeah….my mind is turning with ideas.

magnetic art board

I hope you’ll go on over to Life Your Way and check out the other ideas for displaying kids’ artwork!

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  1. super super cute! love it – need to make one. how did you stick the letters?

  2. I’ll definitely have to make this soon! :) Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. What a wonderful idea!

  4. I’m just so curious…were you changing the oil on a vehicle and this idea came to you? I so APPROVE of this craft – I might even do it. ;) Miss you!

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