Pinterest Friday Numero Veintinueve

Pinterest Friday Numero Veintinueve

Hello and we’re back around to another Friday edition of……My Favorite Pins! {applause}  And now heeeeere we go!

I’m not sure why I’m talking like a game show host, but I can’t seem to stop.

Behind door number one we have zucchini chips from Vittles and Bits.  I made some of these a couple of nights ago because I was starting to feel like I might kill someone in my sleep if I didn’t have a chip soon.  They were very satisfying and I will definitely be making them on a regular basis.  The only thing I did differently was to add the spices after I cooked them.

Our next contestant is this list of 30 Kid tested jokes from Childhood Beckons.  My kids love corny jokes and these will freshen up their repitoir.

Door number three is a plethora (see my fancy game show host words?) of tips for how to use Instagram from Marmalade Moon. If you haven’t joined the Instagram party yet, you’re missing out.  It’s my new obsession. (and you can follow me there @PenningtonPoint)

And our grand prize, selected especially for you, is this beach bungalow.  I searched and searched and can’t find the original source.  But I still had to show it to you because, well it will be obvious when you see it.

Just give me a week there and I will be the most relaxed woman you ever came across. I love my backyard above ground pool but it’s not exactly a beach house where no one can reach me. Even thought I sneak out there at night, tiptoeing as quietly as I can, people find me.

And that’s it folks.  I hope you’ll join us here every Friday where we will give away nothing but cheer and fun ideas!

Happy pinning!

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  1. Okay, what is the secret to the zucchini chips? I tried and didn’t have great success with them. But they look so yummy!

    • Angela, I did another thing she doesn’t do in her recipe. I “sweatted” (sweat, swat, what’s the word?) the zucchini, which I think made it a little drier. I did this by lightly salting the thin slices with sea salt and tossing that around in a bowl then let it sit for about 30 minutes. They were all sweaty when I took them out of the bowl. I laid them on paper towels and dried them off really well then baked them like in her recipe above. Hope that helps! Ours were crisp and yummy! Lisa~

  2. Love the beach house!!!

    • Oh Deanne! Can’t you just picture yourself there with the wind in your hair? It’s perfect. Lisa~

  3. I am *not* getting into Pinterest. Y’all hear me… I am *not* …

  4. Aaah! I LOVE Instagram, too! Will be following you asap. Also, I think it’s so smart of you to replace your favorite snacks with healthier versions rather than just eliminating them altogether. My family has been doing this for awhile now and have experimented with a few things. One or our favorites is Kale Chips (though it’s not for everybody) and I always try to have Ranch dip and veggies on had. It’s amazing how much you might find yourself crunching on those if there aren’t any chips, etc. in house. Anyways, I wanted to pass along a really good post I read that has a bunch of different healthy crunchy snacks including fat free microwave potato chips! Good luck in your new changes 🙂

    • Thanks MrsOgg! I will check out that site right now. I can’t eat potatoes, but I’ll bet there’s a lot on there that I can eat. I’m excited! Lisa~