How Crowded is Your Brain?

How Crowded is Your Brain?

Oh boy it was nice here yesterday.  It was only in the 90’s, which for this time of year is practically arctic.

It was so lovely I forgot to announce the winner of my ebook giveaway, “4 Moms of 35+ Kids.”  Congratulations to Jenny!  You’ll be getting the book in your email very soon.  For the rest of you that didn’t win I hope you’ll consider buying the book.  It’ll be the best $7.99 you ever spent.

Speaking of ebooks, I am finally getting down to the business of writing my book about raising children.  I’ve been knocking out chapters for the past couple of months and I am rounding the corner to being finished with the first draft.  Next it gets sent out to editors who will pick through it and make red lines all over it.  Then I get it back and work on it some more.  It’s a big job for sure.  But it’s been on my heart and mind for so long that I am thrilled to finally be getting it out of my brain.

It gets crowded up there in my brain, what with all of the Pinterest recipes and the cost of random things in there taking up space.  I don’t know why, but I am obsessed with prices.  When I go into a store I look at the price tags for everything.  I don’t want to buy most of it.  I just want to know how much it costs.  I might, after all, need a surf board one day and I will need to know how much money I need and where to buy one.  It goes for anything from crackers to cars.  I like to know prices.

It used to frighten James.  Here’s this flat broke guy who’s been married for just a few months to the girl of his dreams.  All he really wants to do is please her.  They go into a store and everywhere they turn she says, “I want to see how much this costs,” as she runs toward the furniture.  He would freak out and follow after saying, “Baby, we can’t afford that stuff.”  “I know,” rolling her eyes like he said something weird, “I just want to look at it.”

He has never fully understood the sickness.

But he’s used to it now.

I think.

And I’m going to spend another day outside and try NOT getting used to the cooler weather.  It will only lead to my disappointment next week when it’s in the 100’s again.

Good thing I know how much air-conditioners cost….just in case!


  1. So glad you’re writing a book! I am with you on wanting to know what everything costs. I am also strangely curious about what people get paid for doing various jobs, even though I know it’s not good manners to want to know such things.

    • Thanks Randa! I’m with you, I LOVE to know what different jobs pay, but I would never ask. I might hint, but I’m not very good at hints. LOL! Lisa~

  2. We have a “cost of items” issue here: anytime someone comments on one of my items (be it furniture or clothing…etc) I always tell them where I got it and how much! I never noticed it until Patrick pointed it out that I “have always done it”!
    Friend or Total Stranger :”Cute top!.”
    Me: “Target, $3!”

    …alwayss. Guess I am just proud to be a Bargain Betty!

    • Mykal, you should be proud! It takes a lot of work to hunt for bargains and make them look fabulous. I do the same thing and James doesn’t care. In fact, if I don’t point it out he will! Lisa~

  3. and I am super excited about the book! Write fast!

  4. …and I am the opposite. I look at a price today, and the sum is forgotten tomorrow. Yes, I too have a crowded brain, but I fear it’s mostly packed with rubbish!

    • You’re so funny! I think knowing a bunch of random prices is a little rubbishy. You just have different rubbish. 🙂 Lisa~

  5. Oooo! I will officially know an author! I am so excited.

    For some reason this blog post made hear in my overcrowded brain, “You might be the next contest on the Price Is Right!” *cue music*

    Love and blessings!

    • Laurie no! Now you stuck that song in my head. You know if James reads this he’ll be singing it all day. Lisa~

  6. I’m excited about your book too! My reading of Grace’s book has come to a halt – not because of the book – which I am enjoying very much – but because of my crazy schedule/life! No reading lately at all! It is on my desk and I will hopefully finish it soon!


    • Deanna, I have trouble these days finding time for reading. It gets stuck between bigger jobs and life in general. Good luck with all you have to do. Lisa~

  7. I’m telling you, it’s as if a bit of Texas spread to Minnesota this summer! We’ve had high 90’s and heat indexes as high as 120 here for a few weeks now! For this MN born and raised girl, it’s just too hot… But, truth be told, I’d love to live in an area where the temps are perpetually between 45 and 65. That’s not too much to ask, is it??

    My hubby is the “numbers guy”. We’ve got a couple kids that clearly take after him. He can remember prices and stats like you wouldn’t believe. I, on the other hand, cannot remember a price from one end of the aisle to the other. LOL


    • Kristin, you crack me up. I’m like that with other things…like what I walked into the room for. Darn if I can never remember why I went in there. Lisa~

  8. Yahoo!! So excited about your book! You are going to totally rock it!!

    LOVE the graphic, Lisa!! Perfect!

    • Thanks Amanda…coming from you that’s a HUGE compliment. You’re the queen of everything. Lisa~

  9. You are too funny 🙂 …and I’m with Randa — I always want to know what certain jobs pay, but can’t ask because it’s rude!

    • I hear you Amy, I love to know salaries. I have even looked them up online. I know I’m never going to be a doctor or a telephone repairman, but I still want to know what they make. Lisa~