Have y’all heard about hometalk?  It’s yet another social network.  I know, we all have enough already, but this one fits my needs really well.  It is for people doing DIY or gardening.  You can post a picture of a project you did or even ask a question and there are experts on there that will help you.  It kind of reminds me of the Saturday morning radio shows I listen to but with pictures.  And more experts.

Yesterday hometalk featured my pool deck on their Facebook page along with several other gorgeous outdoor seating areas.  They posted the question, “Ah, these outdoor sitting areas are all so relaxing! Thank you to all the wonderful Hometalkers who shared. Which one do you like best? LIKE your favorites!

I thought all of the outdoor areas were really pretty so I was clicking on them and reading through the comments.  I couldn’t believe how free a few people felt to criticize and insult the outdoor spaces.  Almost all of the comments were really nice, but then there would be one that would say something like, “this place is too cold and harsh and boring,” or, “Yeah, I’d have this kind of outdoor space too if I married a really rich man!”

I kept thinking, “Do these people realize they are commenting on someone’s actual home?  Would they say that if they were standing there in person?”  They made no effort to go read the links and see that we, for example, did ours for almost no money.  All of these outdoor spaces required really hard work and most had very tight budgets.

It’s a good reminder to me to be careful what I say online.  On the other end is a person that deserves to be treated with respect.

But back to the topic (I could disappear on a rabbit trail for hours), if you love to get opinions and expert help on your DIY or gardening projects you should check out hometalk.  The pace is nice and the people are very friendly.  I haven’t seen any criticism on there at all.  Just nice people helping each other out.

That’s all, folks

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  1. Oh friend, do I ever know what you mean!! When you were young did your mom use the phrase “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” My mom did, and I’ve found myself saying it to our boys. There are too many who say hurtful things… “speaking” without thinking. That said, yes I’m on Hometalk with one project but it has been a valuable source of information.

    Praying that you are having a wonderful day enjoying God’s creation and spending time with your family!

    • Peggy, I’m so glad to know you’re on there! Let’s be hometalk friends. 😀


  2. I am going to check out this site! Thanks!