Don’t Let the Little Things Get You Down

Don’t Let the Little Things Get You Down

It was a weekend of little things, stresses that weren’t really anything important and me being sleepy.

It started on Friday morning at 6:30.  Jacob needed to take his driver’s test so he could (finally!) get his license.  See, we have some weird phenomenon going on over here, none of the kids really care about getting their driver’s license.  I finally had to put my foot down and insist.  So we went up there and dropped Jacob early and he waited in line until they opened their doors at 8:30.  Around then I drove back up there to leave him my van to take the test in.  Makes sense so far?

At 8:30 I drove back up there, squeezed through the crowded DPS office, found Jacob, handed him my keys and said I’d be waiting for him at the bakery across the street.  Then I walked to the bakery and set myself up for a few hours of quietly working on my computer while Jacob waited for his turn to take the test.  A few hours later I got a text from him, “I passed!!!”  I did a little dance in the bakery then replied with, “Wahoo!  Go get your paperwork and drive yourself over here to get me.”

About half an hour later I started to wonder why it was taking so long.  Then my phone rang.  It was James, “Um, are you OK?  Because Jacob just got home.  He forgot to bring you home with him!”

He just drove himself home, leaving me at the bakery in town with no car and nowhere to go.

I started laughing SO HARD.  I was laughing so much into the phone that James kept asking me if I had lost it completely.  “Honey, I can’t tell if you think it’s really funny or if you’ve gone hysterical.”

Maybe a little of both.

After Jacob came back and picked me up I took a nap.  I was exhausted from all of the excitement.

On Saturday we worked to fill orders in the shop.  We got all caught up and even created some new products.  My new scalloped chalkboard labels are already a new favorite of mine.

Then yesterday was the big stresser of the weekend.  We woke up to NO WATER coming out of the faucets.  For a few weeks our pump (we have our own well) has been acting up and the boys have been jiggling it and messing with it, trying to keep it running.  Then yesterday it went out completely.  No amount of jiggling or rigging with coat hangers was going to fix it. Yes, we do things the redneck way around here.

James called the pump people and they came out with huge equipment and spent a couple of hours pulling the looooong, 64′ to be exact, pipe out of the ground.  Thankfully, it was just some part that had rusted at the bottom and once they replaced that it worked again.  Whew!  That could have been a major situation.

I’m not sure why, but the pump thing and all of the little disasters that take place around here every day all threw me into feeling unusually upset and irritable.  I was feeling pretty grumpy.  James had the great idea to make it all better by taking us all out for dinner…a rare treat around here.  A little Mexican food can fix any bad mood.

And now that it’s Monday I feel like we have a fresh start.  Jacob has his license and I am home from the bakery.  Orders are filled, water is running and all is well with the world.  My mood is better and I am planning to spend some time with the kids….just being together.

Have a great week!

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  1. Dear Lisa,
    We are mothers, we are many things… sometimes wonderful, sometimes crazy! My grandma would always say, “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape.” I think of that often… usually AFTER I’ve flown off the handle over some tiny thing. :p

    I can relate in many ways to this post… My brother (almost 17) lives with us and still hasn’t got too excited about going to get his license. Taking him in tomorrow. Hopefully won’t get left somewhere as a result.

    And then there is the fact that our AC stopped last night and while it is not too hot today… it is muggy and feeling sticky makes me VERY short tempered!

    The ‘all is well after all’ message of your post is good for me.
    Humid and Harried in NE

    • I love your signature….like an old Dear Abby letter. Cracks me up.

      May you get your AC repaired soon and may your little brother pass hi driver’s test and not forget anyone across the street.

      🙂 Lisa~

  2. Oh Lisa,
    Being left at the bakery is too funny. I could so see this happening to me by my kids and they are only 8 and 6 right now!!! Prayerfully I’ll handle it as gracefully as you did.
    By the way just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, I love everything about it especially your sense of humor.

    • Jess, you will be graceful. What other choice did I have? I did inform him, however, that I would be telling that story at his wedding.

      Thanks for the kind words. You made my day!!! Lisa~

  3. oh man I know how that is with a well…glad it was fixed…and Mexican food fixes EVERYTHING!

    • Amy, we should have a huge girls’ night Mexican dinner. Wouldn’t that be fun? I love torturing waiters. LOL! Lisa~

  4. I hope you got yourself an extra doughnut or cupcake to make up for having to wait longer in the Bakery 🙂

  5. Bless you heart!!! That is a hoot! Glad to know I’m not the only one who gets grumpy when things pile up! Life is crazy sometimes. And, yes, Mexican food fixes anything.

    • Brianne, you are so right. It’s out of our hands. Thanks God for comfort food and tortillas. 🙂 Lisa~

  6. I’m sorry – I’m STILL laughing (since Friday) about Jacob leaving you at the bakery. Every time I think about it I giggle all over again.

  7. What a weekend!! Glad the mexican food helped. It always helps me. 🙂

  8. It is the little things that get to us, isn’t it?

    I hope you are enjoying time with your kids! I’m actually feeling as if I could use a break from mine… with temps in the high 90’s, and heat indexes as high as 122, we’ve been housebound for a bit too long!

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my little chalkboard labels. I think I’ll use them either in my “office” or sewing area (once I get around to really organizing those areas!). 🙂