Great Summer Kid Activities

Great Summer Kid Activities

This week I’m mixing it up. I’m showing you some summer ideas for kids plus a couple of greats from my friends Gina and Andrea.  Don’t you just love blog friends?  They ROCK!

Now that we’ve heated up I need some fun things for the kids to do.  They can’t just swim for the next 3 months…or can they?

I am definitely going to try this game from The Taylor House.  It’s simple and the kids will LOVE it.

How about water balloon games? has some great ideas!

Oh we all need a snake….this strawberry shortcake snake from Disney’s Family Fun would be a huge hit around here.

For those long trips in the car, I love this coloring case made out of a DVD box by handmade by stacy vaughn.

For more GREAT summer ideas hop over to The Shabby Creek Cottage and see Gina’s outdoor light fixture she made.  I am amazed!

And my sweet friend Andrea at The Cottage Market has 25 outdoor ideas that will knock your socks off.

If you need a Pinterest invite let me know.  I’ll be happy to send you one!


  1. Oh I SOOOOOOO want to play with the water balloons!!!!! and a scavenger hunts i fabulous TOO~~~Gina’s light is awesome! I am beginning to like the outdoors : ) LOL!!!! hugs!

  2. these look like fun! I really envy your 3 months off in summer. In Australia we only get 6 weeks and after you take out Christmas and New Year it is really only about 4 weeks vacation time left and it just seems to go so quickly!

  3. My kids would love the water ballons. They are always asking for a water fight but it just doesn’t get warm enough here in northern Alberta.(The water balloon link goes to a picture of the scavenger hunt print.)

  4. Great ideas…I did wonder however, how many kids will chew a leaf in the scavenger hunt? LoL

  5. Thanks Lisa….I fixed the water balloon link.

    Elaine, you are so funny! My kids would definitely chew a leaf. They’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer. LOL!


  6. I’ve been “lurking” for months and have started blogging again so thought I’d comment since our iBoss no longer blocks it! Great ideas!!!!! I am definately making that colouring dvd case thingy as we have 9 hr car trip planned for this summer!

    • Hi Lindsay!

      I’m so glad you came out from lurking to say hello. Let us know how the DVD case thing works. I was thinking of trying it for when we travel a few times this summer! Lisa~


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