It’s Been a DIY Month Around Here!

It’s Been a DIY Month Around Here!

There’s been a veritable DIY craze going on a my house for the past month.  Now that it’s too hot to actually work, it gives me a chance to slow down and take a few photos of the projects.

One of my favorites has to be the front porch.  Our front porch was looking pretty raggedy.  The floor boards at the end were all rotten and had big holes in them.  The paint on the floor was rubbed off from being pooped on by chickens then scrubbed.  So if you think having chickens is some kind of dream fantasy, remember that they don’t use a toilet and they eat the cat food.  Just sayin’.

Anyway, the porch was pitiful so we removed all of the furniture/toys and got the floor all clean.  Then we replaced the rotting boards, which was not as hard as I expected and makes me wonder why it took us so long to do it.

I changed the color a little.  I’m a change girl.  If I’m going to paint something I’m going to change the color.  It is my way.

So I went a little more gray.  After I painted it the kids kept calling it baby blue which was making me mad because it was supposed to be gray.  This would never do.

I thought maybe adding a rug would distract from the slight blue-ish tinge.  I had some black paint leftover from the back door makeover, so I painted the shutters on the front porch and some trim on the front door.  I love using leftover paint.  It makes me feel so thrifty.

Then I used same the paint to make a rug in the center of the opening from the front.  I like it….it adds charm.  And it was free.

You can see how I did it over at Life Your Way.  I’m sharing some of my home/DIY tips over there a couple of times a month.

Speaking of Home/DIY….I have something so exciting to show you.  I’ve put all of our top home and DIY projects all into one place.  There’s a new button in the “At the Point” sidebar or you can access it right here.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you’ll pop over and check out my new Home/DIY gallery.


  1. You are awesome! That is brilliant!

  2. How did I ever miss the giant “P” on your porch before?!! It is so neat! Do you have wood siding? I am trying to figure out how to hang things on our back porch but we have vinyl siding and I’m scared to death to put holes in it…. you know the whole resale value thing, voiding the warranty, etc. I know 3M hooks can be used but will give out in high heat… (yep been researching this on-line but no definite answer yet.)

    And the home/diy gallery is wonderful! Thank you for taking the time and putting everything conveniently in one place!!

    • Peggy, it’s the same “P” that’s in the header on the blog. 🙂 I like to say to people, “Have you seen the P on my porch?” (say it out loud and you’ll get it…tee-hee)

      Our house is Hardy siding. We drill holes in it all we want. I’ve never been worried about resale value. Even when we lived in houses that we were planning to sell, if it would look nice with something hanging there I just put a screw right in there and didn’t worry about it. I say go for it and don’t worry about warranties. That’s my vote (don’t I get a vote?).

      And thanks so much for commenting on the gallery. It was a ton of work, but I think it will make it easier to find projects. Thanks! Lisa~

      • Lisa, I had to laugh because I have seen the “P” on your porch many times but never really SAW the “P” on your porch! And yes I did get it… having all boys, I definitely got it.. 🙂

        Yep you definitely get a vote! Trust me I’m all about other folks having a vote or say so these days because I surely can’t seem to make up my mind on my own. I think its why my family always wants to order for me when we do go out to eat…. ha ha!

        Oh I can only imagine the work that went into the gallery! However I think it might get me in trouble…. I already spent too much time following rabbit trails when I popped in for a quick look. 🙂

        Have a wonderful weekend! Try to keep cool and definitely enjoy your “new” porch!

  3. I love it! The black on the door and the shutters adds a great touch and the painted rug! Delightful!

    I’m with you on hanging stuff that looks nice! And it often hides problem areas!


    • Deanna, what would we do if we couldn’t hide problem areas? Both on the house and on our bodies?! Lisa~

  4. This really might be the most spectacular porch I have ever seen! It makes me want to redo mine or just come and sit on yours!! 😉 Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I noticed the other day the little corner of your chevron rug turned back . Nice touch.

    • Yes, it’s my little playful way of not being “perfect.” Like the quilters do…always having a mistake in the quilt as a reminder that only God is perfect. Lisa~

  6. The chevron rug is perfect! Love it. 🙂

  7. I really like it!! 🙂 You did a great job!! 🙂 I just redid our coffee table and my next project is my ollldddd dresser! I can’t wait! 😀

    • Kristiana, You’re off to a great start toward becoming an amazing homemaker, wife and mother. I didn’t know how to do any of this stuff when I was your age. Good luck on your dresser! Thanks for the compliment. Lisa~

  8. I’m a relatively new follower to your blog, and I’m really enjoying it!

    In general, I’m not a huge fan of the whole chevron thing, but I LOVE your new painted rug!!

    I missed the picture where you have a corner turned back.

    • Ava, I am with you 100%. I would not normally do a chevron. It just really isn’t my style. But when I realized the porch needed more of a pop I decided to try it. It would be so easy to just paint over. I like that one bit of contemporary. No cost, easy, bright.

      I’m so glad you’re here! Lisa~

  9. Wow, what a difference!! I love the porch, although I’m sure I would have loved it before (sans the chicken poop, thankyouverymuch). That chevron rug makes me want to go do something wild and totally unexpected somewhere in my house. Hmmm… Now I’ve got the itch. Thanks alot, Lisa.

  10. I love it! It really does make your space feel cozy!!

  11. What an inviting and lovely space! You are very talented! I found you over at hometalk!

  12. Beautiful! Well done. Really makes you want to get up there on that porch!


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