There’s Alway Entertainment

There’s Alway Entertainment

It was like Christmas around here last week…without the presents, or the pie.  Also no decorations, OK I guess it’s not like Christmas.  We were just really, really busy.

My Mother’s Day sale took off and I’ve been up to my elbows in monogrammed pillows and market totes.  Patience and I would sew while the boys entertained us.  They like to do plays.  It’s misery to watch, but I consider it God’s payback for all of the plays I used to make my parents watch.

I have vivid memories of standing on the fireplace hearth lip-synching and acting out scenes from my favorite comic books.  Unlike my children’s plays, mine often had musical accompaniment.  This has me convinced that my plays were actually good and super fun for my parents to watch.  I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a 10 year old’s rendition of a “Casper the Friendly” ghost comic followed by a mind blowing version of “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue”?

I do not exaggerate.  Ask my mom.  I am sure it is burned into her brain.

All day Friday the boys dragged props over to the guest house to act out the new movie, “Tin-Tin” while we worked.

Occasionally Levi would notice that I wasn’t really paying attention and draw me back in.  “Hey Mommy!  Are you listening?”  Huh?  Oh.  Yes, yes I am listening (not).

I finally got all of the Mother’s Day orders finished and am shipping the last of them today.  I am now planning to fall into my recliner and stay there for a whole day.  I will prop my feet up and turn on the TV and act like a human vegetable for 24 hours.

Or I will rearrange the living room.  I can’t decide.

I’ve  got lots more to tell you about, but I my recliner beckons.

More tomorrow, I promise.


  1. Praise God for your orders and that you were able to get them all finished!

    I absolutely LOVE your boys using creativity to entertain themselves. You my mom hero mentor!

  2. Tin Tin is huge with my son here too! As soon as I saw their hair I knew – before I even read it! 🙂

    I thank you for your sale and for the beautiful job you did on my mother’s gift!


  3. Amy Callahan :

    They are all adorable!!

  4. The boys look so cute with their Tin Tin hair!

  5. So funny – our two used to like to put on little productions as well! About as much fun as watching paint dry, but they thought they were wonderful! I love your boys TinTin hair! So cute!
    I can relate to the sewing fatigue – I upholstered my next door neighbor’s dining room chairs and my hands are a mess! I even have a blister from the staple gun – it wasn’t powerful enough to go through the fabric and into the wood frame so it was a much bigger job than I anticipated! I’m glad it’s done! Next time I need a more powerful stapler for sure. I am really looking forward to seeing my Shop 24 order – I think Mum will love it! Thanks again!