Pinterest Friday Numero Veintiquatro

It’s been a while since I showed you some of my favorite pins of the week.  But I’m still Pinning away….not stopping me.  I know what’s important in life.

Working so hard on the house and yard lately means James and I have lots of “conversations” about how things should look.  This pin from Geeks in Heels describes these conversations perfectly.

Speaking of James, this pin from imgfave describes him perfectly.

My Backyard Board on Pinterest is so full of great ideas that I couldn’t decide which one to show you.  My kids would love this simple game from Family Fun.

And Mommy loves this better….dreamy.  From Whimsical Raindrop.

And even better is this from Star of the Show.  If I had this you’d here all day long, “Where’s Mommy?”

After a hot day of working outside I need a cool drink.  Here in the Texas Hill Country the peaches are ripe, so how about some peach lemonade from my recipes?

And last but not least, some words of encouragement by More than Sayings.

If you need a Pinterest invite I’m happy to send you one!


  1. Showed the color one to my son and he laughed and nodded, then added, “And where the colors touch each other, like where blue touches green— there’s where you have conflict.” (My husband and I have a long-standing friendly argument about whether his teal/turquoise car is “blue” or “green”.) 🙂

    Mary, mom to many

  2. Isn’t Pinterest great! I’ve really enjoyed pinning, repinning, and exploring other’s pins. As I was making my meal plan and grocery list today I found some of the recipes on your pinboard appetizing. I’ll be making a couple of them this week. If my picky family likes them it will be a miracle, but they looked good to me anyway.

    BTW, that top pin with all of the different colors – that’s me and my daughter (she’s the one in the cowboy boots ; – ) She is an artsy gal. I thought I was until God gave me this wonderful girl. She probably already has this pinned to her board and is thinking “Yep, that’s Mom over there not knowing the correct names of all of these great colors!”


  3. Great pins! I haven’t been on Pinterest this week – I need to run over there and repin many of your pins! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    ps – the pin about the line from a song – that’s me and my Mom too!

  4. Haha, that one with the colors is me,on the man side. I ordered some turquoise fabric,and now I can’t tell if it’s blue or green.