Oh Shoot!

Oh Shoot!

I’ve been wanting to do this review for a month now and I keep thinking I will wait until I have completely finished the course.  But then I was learning so much that I decided to go back and watch the first few lessons over again and now I am feel I must break into 2 reviews….Part One is this, “Why I Love Shoot Fly Shoot” and Part Two will come when I have watched my last lesson and it will be called something like, “I am No Longer Afraid to Shoot in Manual.”

I’m talking about Shoot Fly Shoot.  It’s a photography website and I am in L-O-V-E with it.  These two very cool guys (the kind of cool I can never hope to be) are teaching me, the queen-of-the-inability-to-learn-anything-new, to understand my camera.  Even though I am only about half way through the lessons I am already taking better pictures and I cannot wait to see what else they will teach me.

I have been using an SLR for several years, but I never felt like I was getting the full benefit.  Their lessons are so clear and they make me feel like I can actually learn something even though I am old and my brain has a limited capacity.  Each video lesson not only teaches the concepts, but then they take a camera in their hand and SHOW you what to do.  I don’t have to be listening while juggling with my camera and trying to figure out what they mean with every step.  They actually do it with camera in hand…plain and simple.  Maybe they should have called it, “If We Can Teach Lisa We Can Teach Anyone.”

My daughter Patience and I have both grown in our photography from watching these lessons.  I took some indoor photos last week that were SO much better than what I have been doing.  Pretty soon y’all will be asking me how I did it and I will tell you to go ask mega-cool Kevin and super-hip Josh because my lack of ability to learn photography is only overshadowed by my inability to teach anyone about it.

If you want to learn how to take better pictures go check out Shoot Fly Shoot.

And I will let you know more when I finish the class.  Maybe I’ll include a few before and afters so you can see the huge difference in my photography.  And who knows, maybe some of their coolness will rub off on me in the end.  First I need one of those knit caps and a graphic tee with a snappy saying on the front.  No?  You’re right.  It will never work.


  1. i will be checking this out!