How Much Food Can 9 Bloggers Eat?

How Much Food Can 9 Bloggers Eat?

Before I begin to ramble on and on forgetting the point of this post I will announce the winner of the Treat VIP account giveaway!  Ready…  Here we go…that winner is Number ONE!  Congratulations to April!  I will be emailing you shortly.

I guess that proves that the early bird gets the worm.  Or in this case, the Treat.

Last Saturday night Treat gave me the blessing of taking 8 other bloggers out to dinner and treating them to a P.F. Chang’s feast!

The pictures are dark, but it wasn’t dark there….we just were so excited to be sharing the evening together that I didn’t pay enough attention to my camera.

L-R: Stacy from Kids*Stuff*World, Kim from Hope Whispers, Amy from Maker Mama, Debi from San Antonio Busy Kids, Amanda from Team Espinoza, Me, Candace from Sacred Mommyhood, Celia from Paper n Pots, Claire from The Half-Hearted Housewife.

It was a great evening!

After we stuffed ourselves and we all agreed that we could not fit one more wafer into our bellies we decided to go out for ice cream.

It is my firm belief that one can always find room for ice cream.

I hope you’ll head over to the Treat site and check it out!  I have already used it several times and am LOVING it!

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  1. what a fun night!

    their little banana dessert topped with pineapple whipped cream stuff is stinkin’ awesome!

  2. I’m still smiling over how much fun that night was! It’s been wonderful getting to know all the lovely ladies via the group! 🙂

  3. I need more nights like this in my life! It was certainly a TREAT for me, thank Lisa for putting this together and to for hosting. Really, really cool. They get major kudos points from me 🙂

  4. I so wish I could have been there!! Alas, it wasn’t in the Lord’s plan….I did try and be a light at the family reunion though ; ) Looks like y’all had a really fun time!

  5. Looks like fun! And I say yeah and amen to one always being able to eat ice cream!

  6. I had such a great night and can’t wait to do it again! Such a great group of ladies!